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A Great Tip! Upload a personal & unique profile picture! It gets more "real" if you
upload a picture of yourself. A profile picture should symbolize who you
Ofcourse there is an energy behind everything, and some just want
to have a "simple profile picture". And privacy is important. Thats
respected! =)

If not a picture of yourself, maybe a symbol you love, or something else.

Its not dead serious, but a personal and unique profile picture
makes it more real. That there is actually a person typing behind a computer.

I just wanted you to really think about your profile picture. Does it really symbolize who you are? =) If not, its easy to change, over here:

I hope more people wants to share their faces and personality a little bit more.
Do you agree, or is it just silly, Im open for your feedback.

As an Admin of AshtarCommandCrew I want your feedback. Its really helpful.
Without all of you, there would be nothing.

All the best to all of you! Youre all amazing.

Thank you for Connecting to and making it such a wonderful expanding place. Lets continue to build this website in Love, understanding and unity.

Invite your friends, maybe post a a comment in your status bar on facebook.

You get the idea, you are the gods. =)




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I already have a picture, but should I put up a closer one of my face? Great idea dear brother, we are all beautiful in unique ways, cosmic people in these beautiful bodies, part of mother Earth, very very valuable and powerful. ~* =)

Love, light and freedom ~*
--<-@ AUM* =)
Yes, there is great intent in your profile picture Alahi! Really beautiful =) Much love*
I agree Brother Ben. A profile picture is very helpful in getting a sense of who is behind the computer typing & what their energy is like.
Please look at mine, as well as my profile. LOVE THE WEBSITE! Namaste
Yes yes indeed. When socialising on net seeing the other persons face/energy definitely adds more personal aspect to it.
I want to see their faces =) To see who I'm talking to. Whether ugly or not, oft times beauty is seen within through their eyes, face and text. I want to see that beauty.
You're all so beautiful. Let me see it! =D
Aum Shalom Shanti Peace

Aum Shalom Shanti Peace
To My Cosmic Cousins and Galatic Brothers &Sisters
Yes, indeed Ben I agree with you. I always look for energy to connect with whenever I see a pictures. A lot of times they reveal what words can't. Whether that would be a symbol, colors, a person's smile, eyes, profile shot or whole body picture.

Light & Love
Dear brother Ben.
I am glad you are bringing this up. I also wonder why people not show who they are. But I respect if they are too shy to put a photo out. I personally have a profile photo. I am who I am. The present and future brothers and sisters I communicate with is because of the energy flowing between us, through the profile text or sometimes from the photo. I can connect with symbols as well.
Thank you for shaking us up, and for your love for us all.
Love and Light
Soli Trinsia of Sirius,
Just like we load an image that represents us in this website, so have we all loaded an image of ourselves in this 3D hologram we call reality. It is but a reflection of you. As we progress into higher densities and experience, we will have the opportunity to load various other images suited for that particular experience. Ultimately we will return to the True Self, of all that is and all that will be. No image can you load there.
Love and Light


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