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This man was researching ways to combat/cure malaria-I heard a program on the radio last night about how malaria kills 620,000 per year-knowing too much or doing something good can get get you killed -now more than ever

John Rogers, Tropical Disease expert with the National Institutes of Health.
Martin John Rogers was found "near" his wrecked car down in an embankment in western Maryland on Thursday, September 4, 2014, after disappearing on August 21, 2014 when he left home for work at the world-renowned research center near Washington, D.C. No word yet on the cause of death, an autopsy will be performed to determine the manner of death, according to LA Times' The Baxter Bulletin.

Here is where the mystery comes in. According to the report the search for Rogers didn't start until a "few days after he failed to show up for work," ....

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Yes, the government wants you DEAD.  It seems like anyone who wants to improve the human condition ends up DEAD.  (I guess it interfers with big pharma, etc.  Contrary to popular belief, the government are NOT our Benevolent Benefactors).

it's like Americans are the enemy of those behind the fed gov., darkstar

That is so true.

Here's the New World religion carved in stone:

And here's the proper response to it:

File:Georgia Guidestones vandalism.jpg

Malcolm-it really looks like a conspiracy to murder researchers who may have found oddities during research-polluted dna or something-several astronomers died mysteriously-some of these people brutalized including women-is that the masonic memorial thing?

But, that message basically tells the reader to live in concert with the nature instead of in competition with it. What's wrong with that?

You better stop dying! damn it.

By the way, don't set up your mind on a "victim" role. Because you're gonna die. And you know who will be the killer?

Yourself... Yeap. Some years ago I was trying to summon my own death. Three different situations, which I came up alive in each one of them. The last one was particular interesting. Because my wanna-be "killer" was driving a motorcycle, which didn't make any sound at all. In the middle of the night. A track was on my sigh of view, so I couldn't know he was driving a that speed in the darkness.

I'm about walk into him, when something suddenly pulls me back from behind, like a hug, but there wasn't anyone there. Then the guy in black stops, looking at me over his shoulder. He made a signal with his hand, pointing out at me, and then at the skies. Then it was gone. Damn hacked vehicles and virtual assassins, or time travelers.

So probably that driver was me, or someone sent by me. Because I was tired of living inside this little game between good and evil, I wanted to find my family. But I did get why the signal. So yeap, basically you have the control over your life as long as you're able to realize your true nature.

As long as keep saying to yourself "I'm a mortal, a human being, a citizen" You're allowing this kind of things to happen.

Ah, I was shot a while ago too. I was traveling on car. But a subtle voice said, inside my heart, "let that window half open" I did it without even thinking about it, and the bullet was stoped by that window. People was scared. I was like "damn it, not again"

I kept looking for a safe way to do it myself... and then it happened. That day I met her...

So, do keep in mind how powerful your thought are.

Apologies for my english, it isn't my native language.

I'm not smarmy enough to understand your dunderheaded reply-sirius?

Suirius, what kind of drugs have you been taking dude?  This is great poetry, but it makes no sense in regards  to the story posted.

Lovely story. :)

Don't mind the anti-intellectuals here that don't understand anything.

I could understand your text with no problems whatsoever and from the way you express yourself, I could not tell that english is not your native language. You're That good. :)

...I Agree....Mr Acute....I Removed My Original Comment.....Just Cant Be Dealing With....The Close Minded Attack Stuff.....By The Way Suirius......Do You Have Any Drugs ?.....Im A Bit Short At The Moment.....:).....Hugs....<3.....Hmm Is That Smarmy....:)......Feel Free To Delete My Comment.....After All It Is Of No Relevance To This Post....xx....

I could add that I believe his story actually, because I've had a similar life and therefore know by experience alone  that the things he describe actually happen. :)

The only difference between his life-story and mine is the one who changed my mind from "trying to die" to "will live" which were not a woman but a 7 year old boy. :)



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