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Let's not become the devils we are trying to kill. 

It's fine to show support for a system you love but let's not forget that if that new system is victorious it can not be sustained by promoting violence hate and further division. The whole left vs right Is the new civil war. Its here. Dont feed that. 


no violence!!! Just get rid of cnn and other propaganda tools for the nwo

by supporting mr orange imbecile and his extreme views that he was told to promote , you support violance . 

tomasz-you weenies can't fool the general public anymore;

ANTIFA are really anti free speech fascists-and cnn sucks

Image result for pics of antifa

you must be retarded if you dont remember I did not give any credence to antifa nor democrats . I cant stand either but you are the one fooled into believing that that orange imbecile is gonna change anything in the system designed to divide. and you are stuck defending the moran who cant stop lying pretty much about everything. so get off your high horse and except the reality. Mr idiot in WH is already skating on thin ice and soon gonna become somebodies b**** in correction facilities..........

Cut the crap Michal, Trump does NOT support violence.  (You watch too much TV - probably CNN).

too much tv ? I see............go take a crap shallow darkprincess..............

HEY! WHERE ARE THE NAZIS AND THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS AT THE RALLY, PET???....... maybe Adolf Hitler would know...he sure sounds like a lot of Democrats!

yeah and hitler ended up living like the kaiser-for awhile-squashed free speech and other human rights-started ww2 that killed 50 million including genocide against 11 million Jews-very progressive, you think?

and remember what one testicle Rothchild goon had created defending those lies.

all traditional msm 'sucks. nothing new. what changes is the dark cabal's chosen minions, in any phase of their mischief. their current useful idiots being cnn [left leaning.] just after 911, with dubya, they used fox news [right leaning. useful, corrupt and stupid in 2002, as cnn is presently....yes it sucks

we are entering an era in which a media 'pole shift' manifests, in which the dark wanes, as the light of truth waxes....the fringe becomes central....the storm arrives and the cobwebs/dark hairy spiders blow in the squall [white.]



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