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HJ: In order to truly understand what occurs when cleansing the aura (also known as the subtle body), one must comprehend how Energy flows through consciousness and into physical form.

Energy flows according to the following pathways: all energy initially originates in the spiritual realms.
It then flows down through the mind and ultimately into the body and physical form.

Therefore any bodily or physical disturbances have roots in the mental and spiritual planes.

Based on this framework, it can be understood that working at the level of the subtle body/aura and higher is ultimately the source of all deep and lasting healing.
While the physical body is incredibly intelligent and does have basic needs that must be met, beyond that, it is wise to focus our energies on the spiritual, mental and energetic planes
in which a disturbance will echo out through all other aspects of the self.

The aura/subtle body are where the spirit, mind and body meet and interact and are in large part responsible for our health and wellbeing.
Therefore any healing efforts directed there are usually quite effective.

The 6 powerful techniques outlined below eloquently and beautifully by Cyndi Dale are therefore key tools in ones healing arsenal to be practiced regularly.

The maintenance of the Aura is an ongoing process as the stressors of daily living in this modern world do have a typically detrimental effect on it, generally speaking.

- Truth



~ By Cyndi Dale

This text is excerpted from the new book by Cyndi Dale The Subtle Body Practice Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing

These excerpts are from different parts of the book but are selected for flow. The first is an exercise for awakening and experimenting with subtle energy. The next two are “must use” processes.

The first-Spirit-to-Spirit, can introduce any healing session and be used to attune to information in your everyday life. Healing Streams of Grace is a one-size fits all healing tool for any and all situations. The last two exercises are based on the Incan and Egyptian communities. Enjoy!


As a subtle energy healer, you are essentially a torch-bearer. If we are all healers-and we all are-we participate in our own Olympic Games, carrying forward and passing on the most important torch of all: that of hope.

Only by working with subtle energies, in addition to the physical body, can we shift medicine, healing, and this world out of its current constrictions into the truth of wholeness. Indeed, as a subtle energy healer, you are a bridge between the past and the future, a collaborative healer who values more than the healing process-a healer who values life.


This solo exercise is a simple yet potent way to feel the subtle energy within and around your own body. It is also a method for bringing the healing, balancing, and energizing qualities of color into your body.

Step 1: The energy in your hands. Rub the palms of your hands together for ten seconds, like you’re vigorously scrubbing them. Then hold your hands in a vertical position about one inch apart, palms facing each other, but not touching, and feel the energy you have created between your two hands.

Step 2: Flowing red energy. With this energy now flowing, imagine that you are bringing red energy through the back of your heart, into your chest, down your arms, and through your hands. Do you feel a marked difference between your hands?

Step 3: Flowing blue energy. Imagine blue energy streaming in through the back of your heart, streaming into your chest and arms, and through your hands. What sensations do you experience in your hands with this blue energy?

Do you experience anything markedly different in your hands with blue versus red? Do you experience sensation anywhere else in your body? (Know that you can practice with any other color, in addition to red and blue.)

Step 4: Making an energy ball. Now return to a neutral zone, dissipating your colored energies. Pat your hands together as if you are gathering energy and make an energy ball (like a snowball of light). Mindfully create this energy ball, seeing how far you can spread your hands before you can no longer sense the energy.

Step 5: Noting your solo experience. What did you experience with each step of this exercise? You may find it helpful to jot down your thoughts in a journal. You can also experiment with doing this exercise at various times of the day and in different physical locations if you want to take the exploration to another level.


I developed this exercise to use during sessions with clients, but have gone on to employ it in every area of my life. At workshops, I teach it to professional healers, doctors, nurses, therapists, and intuitives, and afterward, most of them say, “This is the only technique I really need-for anything!”

Spirit-to-Spirit is a three-step process for establishing the spiritual borders needed to engage in any activity with another person or a group. They ensure clean and pure boundaries, leaving us able to receive highly accurate and clear information, guidance, directives, or healing for ourselves or to offer to another person.

I also suggest you use this exercise whenever you are engaged with a client or group that is sending you into an energetic tailspin, causing you to lose your personal or professional sense of self. It will immediately shift your energetic boundaries, disengage unhealthy connections, support loving bonds, and call in the assistance of a greater presence.

The three steps of Spirit-to-Spirit:

1. Affirm that you are a full, powerful, and loving spiritual being. Breathe into your heart while making this affirmation, and feel the resulting shifts in your energetic fields.

2. Affirm that the other person is also a fully developed and loving spiritual being. Sense the presence of his or her personal spirit and engage with this aspect of the other.

Feel how the unhealthy connections release and only love remains. (This step can also be done between you and an entire group of people, such as your family or business community, or even between you and an animal.)

3. Call upon the presence of the Great or Holy Spirit, which immediately shifts the situation into whatever it is supposed to be, providing any necessary insight, protection, healing, or act of grace.

Can you still use this process outside of the professional setting, such as when you’re by yourself? Absolutely. When I’m alone, I do the following for step 2: I affirm the presence of a spiritual guide, angel, or master who is there to love and assist me. Personally, I use Christ.

Several of my clients call upon the Virgin Mother Mary; others affirm a quality of the Divine, and still others connect with the Buddha, the goddess Kwan Yin, or a guardian angel. If in doubt, ask for the Divine to attend you in step 2 as well as in step 3.
Healing Streams of Grace: The Unstoppablew Flow of Empowered Love

The technique that I call Healing Streams of Grace is one of my most treasured allies in my counseling work. In fact, it is far more than a technique for me; it’s become more like a state of being that permeates how I work and how I interact with clients throughout each day, whether I’m working with them in person or over the phone.

For me, the healing streams are incredibly practical, while deeply moving and inspiring too. Grace, as a force of the Divine, is empowered love. It is love in motion, continually available to us in every moment and ready to be used for our greatest benefit.

We could say that the overflow of this empowered love is the divine tributary that we can access in any situation, for any reason. And allowing that love to do its job is the greatest type of subtle energy medicine in the universe.

As I invoke this energy in my work, I perceive it as infinite streams of grace or healing waves. Not simply “energetics,” the streams are conscious aspects of the Divine; they are living. My job, whether I’m healing myself or another, is to open to the needed streams of grace.

This is why I don’t decide which streams are needed and what they need to do. I let Spirit decide. Spirit might assign one stream to my cause, and spirit might assign many streams.

When I ask for streams to be put in place, I trust that they will do whatever is needed. Because they flow from the infinite, I figure they are smarter than me. But that doesn’t mean that there is no skill involved in working with the streams. As with all techniques described in this book, the human element is an important part of the equation.

Although there are no limits to how you can use the healing streams with your clients, here are a few of the ways that I frequently employ this technique.

ILLNESS. If you are working with an illness, or with a manifestation of an illness, such as a tumor, you can ask that the organisms of the illness be replaced with healing streams of grace.

MEDICATIONS. If you are working with someone who is on medications (whether allopathic or natural), you can infuse the medicine with grace so that the medicine is most optimally useful.

EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL BLOCKS If you are working with a client who is struggling with an emotional or mental block, you can ask that the block be dissipated by or replaced with a healing stream or wave.

ENERGY CLEARING. If your work involves energetic clearing, such as cord release work, you can ask the Divine to substitute a stream of grace for that particular interference.

ADDICTION AT THE PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL LEVEL. If you’re working with someone who is struggling with an addiction, you can ask that the aspect of the person that holds the emotional or spiritual wound be bathed in healing streams of grace.

ADDICTION AT THE PHYSIOLOGICAL LEVEL. When working with an addiction, you can envision the healing streams of grace serving as an antidote or medicine that responds to the physiological compulsion taking place in the brain. You can ask that the streams soothe the neurological response.

PROTECTION. If a client is in need of protection (or if you don’t feel safe at some level while working on someone), ask to be surrounded with a bubble, sheath, or wave of protection made of the healing streams-the strongest protection available.

As you can see from these examples, there is no need to label the stream that is needed. Calling on the healing streams of grace is a way to step into that place of compassion, actively holdiholding an intention for the best outcome for each client, and let Spirit do the rest.


Within the exquisite cosmology of the Incans, each of us has a luminous energy field called a popo, which surrounds our physical body. Composed of light, it transfers information in and out of the body.

The popo has four layers: the causal, the soul, the mind, and the physical body. The nine chakras of the Incan system are known as pukios, meaning “light wells.” Because our personal and inherited memories and traumas are stored in the popo, it serves as a template for how we live our lives.

The following brief meditation will help ensure a beautiful flow between you, the natural world, and the divine world by unblocking and balancing your popo. You can use this meditation on your own or guide your clients through it.

1. Begin with Spirit-to-Spirit, affirming that you (or your client) are a full, powerful, and loving spiritual being. Breathe into your heart while making this affirmation, and feel the resulting shifts in your energetic fields. Call on a spiritual guide, angel, or master to be present to love and assist you as you continue.

2. Notice your luminous energy field, your popo. Allow your awareness to flow with it down into the earth about one foot and up over your head about one foot.

3. Breathe deeply into the core of your heart. From here, notice luminousthreads emanating from your heart pukio, as well as the other eight pukios.

4. See divine energy emanating from the core of your heart through the luminous threads. Allow this healing light to unfurl, unblocking and clearing any of the pukios that are obstructed or undeveloped.

5. With all of your energy centers clear and humming, allow yourself to feel your connection with all of nature through the five sources of energy that sustain human life:

• Plants and animals
• Water
• Air
• Sunlight
• Biomagnetic energy

Open your popo only to nourish and be nourished by these natural forces.

6. Now move your awareness to the eighth chakra or pukio-called wiracocha in the Incan language-a luminous globe just above the physical body. This is where your soul connects to the Creator.

Feel the subtle energy radiating from this center, and open to receiving a message from your soul. That message may come as an image, a symbol, a word or phrase, or a sensation.

7. Notice the refreshment and balance you now feel, as your soul, through your eighth pukio, accepts the message, even while it basks in the forces of nature shimmering inside and around you.

8. Breathe into the ninth pukio-causay-your sacred connection to the Creator. This energy center lies outside the luminous energy field and extends through the cosmos. Having never entered the river of time, it can renew your sacred connection with the Divine.

With your awareness on this eternal field, ask for an insight that you need at this time. Breathe deeply, in and out, allowing yourself to receive the insight as a gift from the source of all love.

9. With deep gratitude, affirm the loving assistance of the guide who appeared at the beginning of this meditation. Accept in return its appreciation of your unique personality and contribution to this world.

For detailed information about the Incan energy model, the popo, and the pukios, refer to The Subtle Body.


The ancient Egyptians envisioned several different energy bodies. Though these bodies were separate, each interacts with the others. All nine bodies are described in The Subtle Body.

The following meditation is a compact, yet powerful inner process that provides quick access to two of the most potent energy bodies of the Egyptian system: the ahk and the ren.

1. Begin with Spirit-to-Spirit, affirming that you (or your client) are a full, powerful, and loving spiritual being. Breathe into your heart while making this affirmation, and feel the resulting shifts in your energetic fields. Call on the presence of a spiritual guide, angel, or master, who is there to love and assist.

2. Bring your awareness to the akh-your higher self. To the ancient Egyptians, the akh referred to the higher aspect of you that is forever the “shining one,” the “luminous one.”

The akh is the energy body that oversees the healing of the physical self, whether that healing is physical, emotional, or mental. Think of what you would like to have assistance healing, and ask the akh to show you what needs to be known, opened to, or understood for healing to occur right now.

3. Now bring your awareness and focus to the ren. This is the part of you that makes things real. The word ren means “name,” and in many cultures, naming is considered an important manifestation process, whole unto itself.

To name something is to manifest it. What do you want to manifest in your life right now? What needs to be named so that it may be brought forth? Tell the ren in words, written or spoken, what you want to call into being-naming it specifically-and ask that it be according to divine will.

4. Turn to your guide and ask if there is anything else you need to know or be shown to complete the manifestation process in everyday life. Thank this guide and Spirit for the love and assistance that have led you this far and will carry you forward in light. Breathe deeply and return to your natural state of consciousness.

The above are excerpts I selected out of my new book, The Subtle Body Practice Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing.This book features dozens of energy healing techniques from around the world and across time.

Open its pages and learn about chakras, meridians, and energy fields-but also color and sound healing, intuitive eating, the ten main type of prayer, ways to balance the electromagnetic fields in your house, and how to conduct a safe remote viewing session.

If you’re a practitioner, you will be guided to establish your own code of ethics and establish an energizing office. And for everyone,

Source:www.thehealersjournal.comyou’ll learn how to safely conduct energy healing and what to expect from a session.

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  • This is some great stuff. Very useful and I'm always striving to seek more knowledge and methods of channeling my energy. This is essential for maintaining a very healthy spiritual existence. Thank you. This knowledge I will add to my own. 

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