Latest word from our fellow light worker Candice at Abundanthope.net  (her blog)

..."We have chosen for a variety of reasons to bring this on SLOWLY to reduce panic and help people prepare. We DO LOVE EVERYONE and consider circumstances. The dark thugs had planned redundant backup in the media to cause great fright, (invasion, planet x flipping the planet etc), and major media in a few western countries (US of A in particular) were refusing to cooperate. We do not want this to be a surprise. It must be done. These extra days of "dimming" as some people start to notice it, will jump start that process of people wanting to do a soul review. It means everything, and we hope many will decide to climb off that fence.."

In addition, Greg Giles latest blog post offers a similar conclusion..

..."We say to you that something is going to happen in your world that will facilitate this event. Something huge is about to happen, something stupendous, something so unbelievable that all of you that are reading these words no matter what your beliefs are today are going to be absolutely stunned, absolutely shocked and amazed in complete disbelief.."

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  • @Kelly, well dis-appointment is apart of life..I would hope that God has a place for ALL my feelings of dis-appointment, and not just one related to 3DD

  • "My point of view is, this whole new age love and light thing is false."

    Really? Wouldn't this then be the completely wrong site for anyone who thinks so? You are surely aware that convincing others does not work.

    And a path of questioning must be one of humility and humbleness without the distraction of drama... So why remain here then, if this is the instance?

    Second, you as well as anyone else can experience that all elusive love and light for yourselves - through discipline.

    But if you can't discipline yourself enough with the various spiritual practices in order to start experiencing love and light, then why not try go the quick and easy route, of some teacher plants?

    Either way, you'll experience that which you say eludes you so much.

    In fact it'll completely destroy your ego and put it back together so that it becomes in service to you & others in an infinitely more compassionate way.

    Many of the things you spend so much time writing, would be swept away as if they never were and you'd be almost be embarrassed at some of things you thought, esp the way you went about your life.

    Either way, the quick way or the slow way, (findimg your answers through the slower path, the path of day to day life), you'll get there. Your choice.

  • I,Myself am a believer and I will explain shortly but first a congratulation to all of you for keeping your kool. As this has become like the many others blogs''a controversy issue'' .It is good to see people respecting one another views without attacking or name calling to any extent. That means that we are progressing out of the mind games that the DC had us in. It is a very confusing time even for us Elders who have been into all of this nearly sense the beginning. Back then we didn't have all the fake channelers using the names of the ones we know so well. Over the yrs I have probably read hundreds of thousands of reports and there was no great confusion, such as we have now. The good thing is we are learning to communicate with each other as we try to figure out what the hell is really going on. And this takes a lot of work on our part as the DC is playing us for all that they can. We are being pulled in many different directions at the same time. Its a awful mess that we are in! But together we can work it all out. And we do have to be very careful not to step on anyones feet, so to speak.

    I met Nancy Tate many yrs ago and I do receive her news letters for some yrs now but to tell the truth , I think they are right when they say she is being used so I don't read them anymore but just in case I keep them. As for Candice ,well she is new to me, I watched the very long print out on the vid from Kelly and I fell fine with the most of it but not all, as I am a avid URANTIA book reader and some of the things said just don't jive with the UB. Also I followed the links with were poor by printing in the same colors as the background and the same as the first short vid that Kelly posted, can't read it, red against red. Another thing that got me is why is all of this stuff so old. that 2nd vid was from 2005 to 09.nothing up to date  and why not , where did they go?. Do you have more up to date kelly like the blog you reposted cause as you know for us on the net in these last days, thats really old stuff. Also the new sun was finally seen in the west but again shot through a window in England last wk. But MSM is still not reporting. Some of the other stuff in those vids and links still have not happened and that is some time ago now, so where are they?From what I gathered the 3DD will not happen till next Jan. and not the way we have been told.

    Maybe the best thing to do is keep discussing it till we come up with a answer. I stuck my neck out again and told some people but not all because we have had way to many false flags. And it was Steve B. report that interceded that it would occur on the 21st which was yesterday or the day before if your down under. But I thought it would be more likely the last thursday of Oct., when they said ''Harvest time''.Now the real reason I believe it will happen is that 41 yrs ago my spirit guide took me and many others to the future and one of the main events that I remember was when everything went dark. That was the sign to get ready for the ''Event''. Today I would say we need some kind of Disclosure or a event such as this to jump start all of those who are asleep or mind drugged by the negative media.Sorry this got so long but it had to come out now. Adonai

  • You got it right this time Mr.ED

    • We'll have to remember the date.

  • I myself is confused as to from other blogs saying that 3DD is merely not going to happen. We must perceive and with positive mind to manifest and it is the only way to awakened the whole humanity. In this way, we the lightworkers as to many think that we are all out of our mind.

    In love and much light


  • People, wake up.  Is it not the official Fall Equinox?

  • It is not a matter of believing. It is a KNOWING. My response here shows that I am number 444 to view this post. I KNOW they speak the truth.

    • My view is number 1244 (11 numerology, My number) so I also KNOW I'm speaking the truth ... But.. We have 2 different truths that are true now. How do we sort'em out?

      Or.. Numerology can't be used to determine truth, it can only be used to determine pattern and "belonging". ;)

      What do you think? :)

  • I recommend going to the Galactic free press web page and searching for the video Mega Monster CME flares and Ufo's. Be no more than 12 hours old.

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