Even though we all are on our way to enlightment and so on - we all need to work? I am interested in what you do for a living? I am 21 right now, studying psychology our of pure interest, and everyone (specially family members) nag constantly... "so what ARE you gonna be when you grow up?".

The thing is, I have no idea.My only passion in life is animals and travelling, I love new people and new experiences. To afford this, I have to have a job. The jobs I chose are..the easiest ones to get. Everything else feels out of reach, I dont even know what else would be OK to chose. This sounds like I'm complaining, but I am only asking. I have had a dousin jobs since I was 17 and to every single one of them, all diverse, I have not looked forward to getting up in the morning. I have always been thinking; is this it? People actually stand working several years here? The routines! AH.

I've heard I'm caring and a people person and even though I love reading psychology and understanding humans, I hate to care for them in real life. I'm an observer, when someones in need, like my job where they use peoples bad conscious to work more hours, I dont feel guilty. I believe every being has worth and that everyone is based and made out of eternal love, but it is as if I don't feel pitty for anyone because I know we'll be safe in the end. Not a day goes by without complete frustration of how stupid human beings are. At least some of us! I told my best friend that I believe we are all energies - and she turned on me saying that's impossible, that my whole believe in the Universe is wrong. This hurts coming from my best friend, I probably shouldn't read too much into it, but it felt like she was going againts the core in me. And how can people STILL, in 20-freaking-10, not even realise we are ENERGIES?? I thought I was going to explode. My god we are slow!

So... the job feels empty, it feels like I'm going nowhere, even if I could any job in the world.. nothing would be right for me. What's wrong with me? I completely realise how spoiled I must sound saying I hate work, but its not about laziness. I am just so lost and always have been. I take the same jobs because it feels safe and I need the money, its a sad situation to be in constantly.

Tell me about you job experiences, did you ever get a wake up call, a calling at all? How can I know my path, how can the whole cycle of work be seen in a higher universal perspective? Is there any use for my inner Soul if I continue to be stuck in a job where I'm needed - but at the same time where I absolutely don't care about anyone?

My uncle and grandparents started working at 7 years of age, they where happy as long as they just had a job! I feel guilty for how I spend years of my life confused while I feel my family is 'waiting'.

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  • I am not the working kind at all. But for the moment my work is on a hospital (as a auxiliary nurse). But it's just over the summer.
  • I'm a senior mining engineer in an open cut coal mine; starting a new role in a few weeks down in NSW. I've been working in the mining industry for most of my adult life, and have also spent some time soldiering the the Australian army. Yes I know, not exactly the most fitting vocations for a spiritual person but its a means to an end, and if I wasn't doing it, someone else would be.

    I really love my job, especially the technical challenges, the people interaction and the very big toys I get to play with lol. I often wondered if I would enjoy life if I didn't have to work, and the answer was no. The experience of doing what I do I find is a very enriching one, and I learn and grow from the interactions and experiences that I have each day. It wasn't always that way though; I worked very hard to get where I am and I started with nothing. That gives you a perspective on life that is very hard to get any other way.

    @Katrine - hang in there. I'm sure you'll find some direction/inspiration soon :) Such an interesting time for you to be at the age that you are, on the eve of our change in consciousness.
  • I read an excellent book recently, called "Busting Loose from the Money Game", by Bob Schenifeld, and its all about synchronicity and operating from a place of higher consciousness. Its all about reclaiming power we have given away to the illusion of lack, poverty, limitation.... Apparently You don't have to create financial abundance... Itself already there. We just hid it from ourselves to play this human game and the goal is to rediscover the natural abundance that is our birthright and open into it.

    So the author gives us a process to bust loose from the limitations we have set up to convince ourselves that we are the exact opposite of who we really are. The key is to get into the driver's seat and get in control by appreciating your creations instead of staying in the passengers seat focusing on the limitations and giving your illusions power!

    I think it might help! Your frustrations are similar to mine, I'm not sure what I want to do (and I'm 31), but I am hoping my passion for helping others will manifest an opportunity for me to do something that will bring joy and bliss to myself and others ;-)
  • Thank you all for answering.. I am glad to see I am not alone! I have a lot of dreams and hopes in me, but I postpone until life "really begins!". But I shouldnt wait! My passion and interest has always, since I started reading, been focused on astrology, the night sky, guardians, etc. and I've had ideas for films. But these are private small 'clips' of scenes that pop into my head and then I think, - that would look SO cool in the cinemas! Haha. And books, stories, poems. There's so much.

    You all put so much positivity in me, you make me believe :) I hope you listen to your own words as well.. and I agree. I dont think its all about the job that makes you who you are, but what you make of the job. I just dont find that confidence in me yet. Keep me posted on your thoughts if theres more!
  • Try looking in to Massage Therapy, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!
    I am currently enrolled in school and am in love with everything about it, look into it, it might spark your interest ;)
  • Ive been in a similar situation for quite some time with my family as well as my gf. Basically I think we have the task of keeping one foot in the 3d world and the other in the 5d until the time comes when we can stand grounded fully in the 5d. And as for me I decided after two years of being jobless and focusing on consuming as much knowledge as possible that I would work with my stepdad at his job because I have a feeling at this point in time I will only need a job for a short while, if you catch my drift.

    But as far as sharing you views with others, understand that most people have the blinds on. So Im saying you should take what you know about psychology and utilize it to suit your friends psyche and map out the best way to introduce her delicately in a way she is capable of grasping from her limited perspective. And you'll see that theres a different approach to take with each individual. I wish you the best, namaste.
    • Hear you on the clearvoyant job. I had a friend that did just that. Helped hundreds of people, made a lot of money. One time he helped find a few tractors that were stolen from a farm, he was verry wel rewarded money wise. But at the end he told me he got tired of having to re-peat the same stuff to the same people all the time. Questions like...will i win the lottery or will i find the love of my life were a few of those he really got tired about ,especially when they would not do the effort to make it happen. I always thought he was a bit if he was my friend. He used to live full out, and manny people did not get him. He would get cars,tv's,free rooms in hotels etc just like that. He always atrackted something. It is a pitty he past away. If half the planet would live like he used to do we would be way ahaid of what we are now. He used to tell me that people live below their potential just because of fear for their own strenght. And i agree. He also told me that he started bit by bit, and one day he left his job and went clairvoyant full time. He said it was the best move he ever made in his life, so Shelly there might be some future for you in this.
  • I do not have a regular job..I went to school years ago for nursing and worked on an ambulance, later i took horticulture and arcitectual drafting. I am pretty much self sufficiant now..I call myself a handyperson and help people for what they can afford to throw at me for doing things. I work at a nursery sometimes, drive ederly and those that are handicapped and other small jobs around. Some that have jobs and no car, I drive them to appts and grocery shopping...there are some landlords around town and I clean up thier apts and repaint sometimes too. I do it when I want to and it all seems to work out in the end. Sometimes I get things..sometimes I get money ...but I make a diffrence and I am helping others. You would be so surprised at how many people need someone in thier lives to just do little projects or lend them a hand around.
    • That is how I prefer to work, and lately I've had some good luck doing just that. I did a little sign spinning gig for two days a week while looking for a better job, and now I've got another sign spinning job because someone saw me spinning and wanted to hire me. Now I almost have a full part-time thing going on, and it's not painful because it's practically freelance.

      Ja provides. =)
  • Hmm...I TOTALLY feel ya on this. I'l be 23 in passion is definitely for animals and I love traveling, however don't get to do it much off my earnings from Subway lol. Been there 2 years and have definitely mastered the job...but i need MORE! I have often pondered does our job really need to reflect what we have passion for? A jobs a job....and around here there is no opportunity to make much money...small town...and im lucky that I even have a job during this time. As far as the people loving goes I feel that way sometimes too, if I have too much of them....when I have had time to myself then I don;t mind people all around me as much...for I do have much compassion...but understanding them is more interesting. But yes it is difficult around here living in a bible belt and can't freely express what I believe except to my mother without people looking at me like I slid off my cracker. My boyfriend is a pretty devout christian, im open minded and respect his beliefs and tell him some of mine here and there...that way I don't over load him with what he probably thinks is crazy stuff lol.

    I feel that emptyness too...nothing is really exciting in this 3D reality...especially work...I want to explore the world and learn everything and play with kittens all day.....dammit...

    Lets pray we can do that soon...;D
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