Even though we all are on our way to enlightment and so on - we all need to work? I am interested in what you do for a living? I am 21 right now, studying psychology our of pure interest, and everyone (specially family members) nag constantly... "so what ARE you gonna be when you grow up?".

The thing is, I have no idea.My only passion in life is animals and travelling, I love new people and new experiences. To afford this, I have to have a job. The jobs I chose are..the easiest ones to get. Everything else feels out of reach, I dont even know what else would be OK to chose. This sounds like I'm complaining, but I am only asking. I have had a dousin jobs since I was 17 and to every single one of them, all diverse, I have not looked forward to getting up in the morning. I have always been thinking; is this it? People actually stand working several years here? The routines! AH.

I've heard I'm caring and a people person and even though I love reading psychology and understanding humans, I hate to care for them in real life. I'm an observer, when someones in need, like my job where they use peoples bad conscious to work more hours, I dont feel guilty. I believe every being has worth and that everyone is based and made out of eternal love, but it is as if I don't feel pitty for anyone because I know we'll be safe in the end. Not a day goes by without complete frustration of how stupid human beings are. At least some of us! I told my best friend that I believe we are all energies - and she turned on me saying that's impossible, that my whole believe in the Universe is wrong. This hurts coming from my best friend, I probably shouldn't read too much into it, but it felt like she was going againts the core in me. And how can people STILL, in 20-freaking-10, not even realise we are ENERGIES?? I thought I was going to explode. My god we are slow!

So... the job feels empty, it feels like I'm going nowhere, even if I could any job in the world.. nothing would be right for me. What's wrong with me? I completely realise how spoiled I must sound saying I hate work, but its not about laziness. I am just so lost and always have been. I take the same jobs because it feels safe and I need the money, its a sad situation to be in constantly.

Tell me about you job experiences, did you ever get a wake up call, a calling at all? How can I know my path, how can the whole cycle of work be seen in a higher universal perspective? Is there any use for my inner Soul if I continue to be stuck in a job where I'm needed - but at the same time where I absolutely don't care about anyone?

My uncle and grandparents started working at 7 years of age, they where happy as long as they just had a job! I feel guilty for how I spend years of my life confused while I feel my family is 'waiting'.

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  • Im 21. Parents ask me the same thing all the time. I acted through high school and some college so my mom wants me to pursue acting at any cost. My dad wants me to get a really good job, save money, buy a house, raise a family. (same thing he did). I feel the same as you. i've had a dozen jobs since i was 16. I used to feel the same way you do about how everyone seems a little stupid and unaware of what everything truly and simply is. I try to remind myself everyday that everyone must be forgiven for theyre bad habits, language, behavior. At any moment, even this moment now, anything can change. one person can be inspired by another and that person could change a whole country. i think the biggest problem with people in todays world is that most of us think that we have reached a point in time where we seem to know everything. our materials that surround us "remind" us that we are superior and that we are the best. no other being that we see on a regular basis can beat our level of skill. It is important to see how strong we are and how much potential we have.. but it is MORE important to see how small we are and what little we know. what little we know of ourselves and the world around us. Since you have this view of the world and you see things much more broad than others... i suggest to you and repeatedly to myself that we must remind ourselves we are the light. we cannot ball the light up inside us we must shine onto others. i do have a spiritual guide but i have recently realized that i should not force my "religion" or "path" onto others. i can only learn from myself, the world, and my guide so that i can shine to others with love. let your observation and your books and your research be your fuel for compassion. if we try to convince others of our way of thinking it is usually a way of force unwillingly. Lets try to be leaders to the people whos eyes are not as open, and look up to those who see clearly. I hope this helps. thank you for posting this, know that you are not alone.
  • Hi Katrine

    I had my 84th birthday last June.

    So far I have never had a "day job".

    My only advice is to find something you really like to do and do well that brings you joy.

    Then find out what people need and want that what you do fulfills.

    Put the two together and go for it.

    LOve, B
    • Interesting to have a member here in Puerto rico. Interesting story is yours. A big hello from Ramey Base.
      • Yeah, I'm here in Luquillo in an old beat up pad right on the beach.

        Love, B
    • I visited your page :) your such an inspiration! Thank you for your words :)
  • I know exactly how you feel. I still have nightmares about my old eight-hours a day routine, and I wasn't even completely full time! It is complete slavery and it needs a constructive way to change.
  • i dont like work, and i wish there was a way to totally avoid it...
    for now im looking to find a part-time internet job, just to get some money for to get around...
    The only work that is good is the work u can do without to get even a single $ from it...
    if u like to do such a job, then this is a good job for you...
    if u are working just because it gives you money, then this is an unhealthy job.
    This is also one of the reasons i support the Venus Project ideas....
    work will be obsolete in the society that it is talking about....and everybody will be as he/she is
    really mend to be...pursuing his/her own personal interests, cause we will move beyond the survival mode that we now have... ;)
    • Good points venus...I recommend a great free online book that talks about money and if you google 'Mary Croft' you can read it...excellent reading. All about how the Powers that be have influenced things and money. We've been taught we need to earn a living"", etc, which is bogus...really cool...:-)
      • yup...i wouldn't put it any better.."working just feels so unnatural"
        the only good work is the work that keeps u interested in doing it...whether u get 1, or 100.000 $ from it...
        or for to put it better...our hobbies should be our jobs... ;)
      • tnx...i found this book..i'll have a look at it...i also found some clips of her in you-tube... :)
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