21/12 - & My Update!! Share yours!

Its the 21st already over here and i Just want to wish everyone a beautiful day....!!


I had the first memories restored back tonight, of my life of ET.... which was pretty amazing... !!

 ( a time outside of our current space.)


The life of Galactic ET's Angels can be imagined about; read about... but to experience.... oh god... it was amazingggggggggggggggggg, thank the heavens....


I wanted to share even though I consider myself a very private person;(yes really!)

because god knows this site needs much positivity and encouragement... and god knows,,, i love to share the good things with fellow lovers of the divine!! :))


Today FINALLY i got to experience *that* feeling again* of being an ET; and it was beyond words!!!

  teleportation, mind over matter,
freezing *3d time*, and moving in and out of realities/ parallel dimensions...

the things i saw again... my god.... and thank god... !

I want to thank everybody for all their support & love ... and to say thank you to Rune publically and to our son... both of you are amazing...thank you for everything... thank you angels for reminding me of the ONE... OF LOVE...OF PEACE... HOPE... CALMNESS... OF ALL GOOD THINGS, I WISH TO YOU ALL...


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  • Thank you everybody for sharing !!! <3

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  • Thank You Star  for sharing you expierance an for starting this thread. For me it started on the 20th durning a meditation that became very intence with the central sun activating all my DNA strands . I could feel this all happening within my body. along with other visions an sensations. Afterwards I will say I  experianced the same as you but I think of it more like a rip in time as I can 'see' things growing, I can go in the past, future, or walk around in the presant. I now go to bed an I get these flashes of pictures geometric, its even woken me up at night. they are so intence.I had the headaches they are gone now however I'm real tired now. Other than that I'm a happy camper... enjoying the moments of now...  Love & Light to You ~ Mystic   

  • Thank you Star for sharing such a wonderful experience. I'm a bit late..I didn't check my mail for a while. Merry Christmas to you and to whole the Ashtar family. I prayed around 11:11 am on 12/21/12. I made the same prayer as on the 12/12/12 related to my soul's alignment to the divine love and light of the Christ consciousness coming from the center of the galaxy.. alignment with mother gaia, the inner sun at the core, father sol, Alcion the central sun, Sirius the great central sun.. and the galactic central sun.. I went into meditation for a couple of hours.. I was in a state of consciousness expansion with my spiritual guides and my higher self ..back to source, but no recall of past lives.. not yet..

    Thank you again for your divine experience.. you're an Angel on a divine mission..

    much light and love


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  • Blessings to you Star and thank you for sharing your experience!  Previously, I have had experience of remembering some Star Family 'activity' :) but nothing like that on December 21st for me.  For me on the morning of December 21st, I spent several hours channeling the frequencies and energies of Great Central Sun, Central Sun, Father Sun into our beloved Gaia Mother Earth.  I have been channeling Divine frequency/energy into Gaia and her Light Grid for the past several months and I can definitely say that the magnitude and strength of the frequency/energy coming in during the Galactic alignment was 'off the charts' :o) !!!    The energy was strong for many hours before the peak energy surge which occurred around the time of Winter Solstice at approx 11:12 UT.

    Blessings to you and your family !!

    • Thank you for sharing with us Wavecrest, i too prayed around 11:11... its so lovely to connect in this way :) wishing you a wonderful xmas time and new year! (",)

  • aww...


  • Dawn, your daughter cut her hair, ooooo she is brave!

    i cut my own hair too, but that took a technique & a while to learn myself ^ ^ lol...

    haha ! as long as she loves her brand new self cut haircut,!! lol

    Music is stress buster, and your the best person to advise your son ;)

    OOoo crying i think is *normal* considering all the energies and changes floating around....

    ------------it so nice we can all share our experiences :)--------------------

    • i just thought i throw santa in since king J mentioned him earlier... lol


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