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2018 ELECTION ASTROLOGY PREDICTION NAILED-now onto voting fraud that took place that President Trump will not look at since his Democratic Party family members & advisers told him "there is no fraud."

For those who missed it, here is the exact prediction per astrology analysis that I made on this site..... PREDICTION: I WILL SAY THIS >>>> THE REPUBLICANS WILL PROBABLY REGAIN THE MAJORITY OF THE U.S. SENATE (and that seems to almost be a given). BUT THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WILL BE A VERY CLOSE AND CONTESTED RACE BETWEEN THESE TWO PARTIES. Because of the complacency of President Trump and the Republican Party (and their voters), I suspect that the more forceful and daring Democratic Party (who are willing to break election rules and laws if necessary) may pull off a win of the U.S. House of Representatives simply because "they want it more" than the Republicans do, and also will "stoop to all levels and pull all the stops" to assure that they indeed win it. And thus, there will probably be election fraud and deception involved with this election that may be legally challenged, unless President Trump is still listening to his Democratic Party advisers within his family and within his White House circles of advisors. BUT IF PRESIDENT TRUMP GROWS A PAIR AND LEGALLY GOES AFTER THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR ELECTION FRAUD (and with real Justice Department prosecutors who are not affiliated with the Democratic Party), IT WILL BE A DEVASTATING BLOW TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DUE TO A CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY SITTING ON THE U.S. SUPREME COURT. ... and the site is Now let's look at some examples of the voting fraud and illegal voting acts that took's Project Veritas catching a Democrat campaign worker on hidden camera admitting  they have "tons" of illegal voters in and here's one case where voting machines are breaking down all across the country, especially in Georgia And this illegal sign appeared in Pittsburgh. The poll workers refused to take it down... 

And yes, there were those four Democratic party members arrested in Texas for sending pre-filled-out voting ballots to illegal aliens... click Of course, if you go to Google and look up "voting fraud" and "illegal voting," the first 3 - 7 websites will tell you it's a myth and doesn't exist. And we know from Wikileaks which political party Google's CEO has favored. But let's be clear... the Democrats stole the House and there was obvious fraud taking place. And the unfortunate truth is that President Trump will not address this fraud due to the Democratic Party influence in his inner circle that he will not fire. God save the U.S.A.........

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Malcolm:  You know, when anything is not a paper ballot they can do ANYTHING.

Thank you Darkstar...Here's another prediction....

why does the economy cause a break in the national security wall seems like bad design

I think the message is that Pelosi will return as Speaker of The U.S. House with two missions: destroy Trump's current successful U.S. economy and destroy Trump's plan for national border security.

yo were correct Malcolm-great prediction-now that sessions is gone the new guy Whittaker can address the massive voter fraus

a ltlle fun; Alex Jones confronts Beto lover who put his face on a glass candle and labled beto a saint-ha ha ha the new leftist 'dear leader' belly flopped;

I just want to know what the Democrats are going to do with the $87 million they raised via Beto's campaign about prepaid debit cards for MS-13 migrants with instructions on how to vote Democrat and address lists so they can murder Republicans????



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