2013 The Year of Cooperation

What Happened ?

The countdown was going and the ascension spiral spinning and then where was it?

Where were they?

What about the big bang both good guys and bad guys both anticipated.

How can it be explained....?

Well -- we need more cooperation.

You want to get off the planet earth because you just cant take it....

Its a dark place and it just keeps getting darker....

Well the light we all seek is within ourselves..


the external suffering continues....but being fixed in knowledge of the nature of

the spirit will help you to transcend the external circumstances..

Look within your self.Be at peace.

Be a bit more generous and more cooperative and hopeful...

We are the wayshowers all of us...we carry the light...


Stop the incessant arguing and move toward compromise and fair discussion

There is nothing to prove--

we are all eternal beings of Spirit and Light


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    Very well put Eddie,

    I agree wholeheartedly!

    Bless you for sharing such wise words : )

    Let's be the light we truly are...



  • Humans are the guardians and the protectors of the animals...

    They are meant to keep the garden nice for them so they can live their lives as peaceful as possible

    In less fear. Humans are suppose to keep the peace. 

  • :-) NICE !

  • this world of 3d and 4d is an ascesion school and it takes many lifetimes to cleanse your heart mind and spirit -it doesn't just happen because you ask for it-ask to join one of the Mystery Schools  -the Ring and the Cross-

    • Pet rock I think you're correct about this

      I have read and heard the same thing...

      See beyond designations of school they are just subdivions---

      • Thanks Eddie-I like to put spirituality into perspective -even though anything is possible-I like to believe there are methods to achieve ascension or anything else-we must be balanced  of heart , mind and ,spirit to rise to the next level(s)

    • Dose this mean all of Nature and our planet is in school too.? or just humans being lead astray. life is a manifestation of Spirit. not the other way around. Religions push school onto humans, not spirit.-- spirit is complete  -  nature is a testament to this. and thats just my spiritual Opinion.   " Its not nice to fool mother nature" LOL

      • When you decode the mystery behind the intention of religion you find the mystery school is at work.

      • Mystery Schools developed by those who've achieved ascension and or those who've achieved more advanced information-

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