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2012 was the best year in recent human history...seems things may be changing for the better

We have made some big strides toward elevating the poor and hungry this year. Balance is starting to happen across nations, we will need our economy for a while its actually balancing wealth right now.

I personally feel anything is possible from here on. I feel we are in the midst of a golden age, a revolution in spirit, abundance, soul, love, peace and balance on earth. The amount of fear based info and negativity this christmas is just a weak attempt to keep people in fear, in need, in want of protection. The (they) always have a scenario or possible future with a negative twist hoping we will give these ideas the power to manifest or keep us in fear of change or the future..dont fall for it, this is only the end of the dark ages, and a new era where we take our power as creators of a wonderful future where our experiences are only as limited as our imagination and best intentions and actions.

Thank you all...the people that keep a vision of a beautiful peaceful, loving, future for all are really the ones who made these changes possible, small steps and a little faith can move mountains in this time of almost instant manifestation. Lets ebolish war, drop all borders and just travel, live and eat from a renewed abundant earth, and love knowing everyone we meet is like our brother or sister in our huge family of humanity. After all we are all related whether through dna or through our soul connections with one another.

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This reminds me of the Shawshank Redemption, a movie where this inmate uses time and pressure to dig a massive tunnel out of his prison. Time and  pressure. A little here and a little there. Thanks for reminding me of how far we have come. 2012 has been pretty remarkable for me.

Your welcome Bonnie, time is just an illusion though and i think it will lose a lot of its meaning in the near future, its another way to keep us in fear, fear of death, fear of being too late etc. If u live in a truly creative state time seems to dissapear. Its like when your creating a painting or doing something u love...time just slips bye and u dont notice how long you have been working or creating. A moment can be forever, and forever can go by in a moment if u dont follow timelines set before you. I am glad u had a remarkable year, mine was fast but remarkable as well.
Check out this song, its by a local Canadian band, u reminded me of it lol, its called pressure and time.

OMG they sound great! Thanks.

Your welcome Bonnie, glad u enjoy it
Glad u like them Jana, i have been finding some really good local artist lately its awesome.
I dont have to dance like that anime girl do I ? I would dance with you...if we wernt geographically challenged lol. Speaking of people on here lifting our spirits....thats what you do for me Jana.

Thank you...much love
I like INXS too Jana, we seem to have similar taste in music as well. I will share new music with u when i find some more good stuff then. I am loving all the deep new music from this year, great bands got back together too, like soundgarden, big wreck, i mother earth.

This is extremely subjective.

Hi featherwinger....big hug....i was glad to hear statistically that this year was actually progressing toward change and balance after all. The poor gained more wealth than the rich this year. Glad u see it too, i feel it too, were moving into the aquarian age. I am an aquarius sign too lol, i had a prophetic dream in 2009, about these times and the progression of things leading up to the new aquarion age. Its a long dream story, i can tell u all about it in a message if you want to know about it. Thank you for the beautiful pics and music...I always love to hear from you are someone who brings a nice wise nurturing energy to this site, u were very curious, kind and helpful when we first spoke. I have always appreciated being friends with you. You make this site a better place, your always sharing and helping, giving good morning hugs and uplifting images. I came back because i missed people like you, and if u ever left i would seriously think twice about staying myself lol

Old energy dies hard.

And die it is. Flailing as the light smothers its oxygen supply.

We stand poised, about to take a step across the threshold into humanity's next Renaissance.

Tis truly a time for celebration.



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