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2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther

The time has come for us to wake up to who we really are.

This is an evening with Wisdom Keeper/Shaman, Kiesha Crowther, "Little Grandmother". Recorded before a live audience at Santa Fe Soul, here is information that helps make sense of the time
between now and 2012.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

part 6

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Part 9:

Part 10

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Ben thank you for posting this great TEACHING and sharing it with me.I am also sharing it on my site as well.For the message is. It IS.
Much peace back brother.Thank you.
thank you Ben
GReat Videos!!! Love it!!!! I resonate with the massage!

Thank you for the posting!

thank you...
Well, honestly, most of the things she said about to be found out this year are already there. They are not new. Then, changes... we will see (personally I don't think so). What if nothing she says happens? What will the excuse be this time?
Do we have another Blossom Goodchild in action?
Hard to believe this stuff but her intention is good though.
WE 'VE GO ONE WHO CAN SEE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!! GET EM !!!!!!!
LOL GOOD JOB can think !! :)
Thank You Kiesha,

This is great information and very true. I feeled the same way for years now. I understand the Native Spiritual Path as well.
My Hopi Brother and Father are Shaman's and have shared a lot with me.

AnantaAnandini ever dear Ben you are the brother with his finger on the pulse....hugz to that beautiful sharing heart of yours.......may we all continue cherishing each other and all that is.....

Kiesha’s message is kept simple so that it will appeal to a large number of people. In my view her message shines brightly. Light Beings plan to lift up a vision to be manifested through the minds of many. The vision is a plan for transcending the decayed into the new birthing opportunity and it will uphold the ideal of freedom through personal responsibility as this offers the true solution. People of different Light quotients resonate with different messages. Much information is true for you, but may not be true for someone else and it’s good to be aware of this. Those who choose to be Lightworkers transmute the high vibrating energies, concepts of expanded consciousness, into simpler terms that most people can understand. KISS ("keep it simple, sweetheart) is the "order of the day" for the entire project.

To keep her message simple Kiesha doesn’t explain clearly the Universal Law of Deliberate or Purposeful Intent. Intention appears as an attitude driven by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Our reality is actually shaped by our intentions. You get what you concentrate upon; your thoughts create your reality. Purposefully withdrawing your fear and fascination from the bad situation once you are aware of it, combined with the deliberate intent of doing so, constitutes the appropriate use of this law. You cannot do this by attempting to stop thinking about it, but only by substituting another thought on a completely different subject.

If the Law of Intention were better understood, it would be clear why Kiesha requests people to not pay attention to negativity in the world. Some people may think she’s callous when she tells asks them to turn away from negativity. There certainly is a lot of suffering in the world that people feel they can’t ignore because something needs to be done to help all the poor people who are starving and dying. And Kiesha is not asking anyone to ignore these problems. She says “I’m not saying that you ignore the world’s problems, I’m saying stop giving your energy to it. As you give your energy to something that is not right and not good it becomes not right and not good. You cannot expect it to change if you go along with it.”
Complicity with the rotten plan involves believing that its intent is for the good of all. Sympathy for the afflicted ones around the world is a form of complicity in disguise as it supports victim consciousness. You regard these people as victims of war, natural disaster or poverty. In this way you support their own feelings of victimhood.

Kiesha says that we must remember and understand the ancient ways, the ways of the ancestors. That in those days we used to live in our heart and not our mind. Now we are born and raised into a way of thinking, to live through our heads and that is not how it’s supposed to be. She says we now have to change this living through thinking back to living through the heart.

This is the one aspect of her message I don’t agree with. I believe that mind (as intellect and intuition) and heart, science and spirit will work together within a new understanding of the nature of existence. As the human species, we have been evolving and evolution is a forever forward motion. Even though many of the ancient Truths are resurfacing as we remember them, we are not going to return to the same way of being as the ancients. Over the centuries we have evolved the ego. The ego is the reasoning intellectual part of us.

Here is Seth’s insight taken from the book The “Unknown” Reality by Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts:
“Because the species (humans) was dealing with the creation of a new world of physical experience, it was necessary that physical manipulation be concentrated upon. The ego specializes in expansions of space and its physical manipulation. Now the success of that manipulation necessitates a broadening of focus - a new awakening into the larger existence of selfhood. Man now needs a more expansive viewpoint of past and future in order to help him deal with the ramifications of the present as it has evolved through experience.
The egotistical consciousness will expand to include hereto largely neglected data, then it will experience, practically speaking a new kind of identity; knowing itself differently. The consciousness you know can indeed now emerge into even greater realization of itself. It must recognize its power as the director of probable action, and no longer inhibit its own greater capabilities.
Man’s “unconscious” knowledge is becoming more and more consciously apparent. This will be done under and with the direction of an enlightened and expanding egotistical awareness that can organize the hereto neglected knowledge. Or it will be done at the expense of the reasoning intellect, leading to rebirth of superstition, chaos and the unnecessary war between reason and intuitive knowledge. When, at this point now, of mankind’s development his emerging unconscious knowledge is denied by his institutions, then it will rise up despite those institutions, and annihilate them. Cult after cult will emerge, each unrestrained by reason, because reason will have denied the existence of rampant unconscious knowledge, disorganized and feeling only its own ancient force.
This need not take place, for the conscious mind, having learned to focus in physical terms, is meant to expand, to accept unconscious intuitions and knowledge, and to organize these deeply creative principles into cultural patterns.
The individual self must become consciously aware of far more reality; it must follow its own recognition of identity to expand so that it includes previously unconscious knowledge.”

It is true that our egotistical consciousness contains false beliefs which we may have acquired through our family and friends, church, the education system and through the media. We need to release preconceived left-brain thinking and create a new paradigm based in the Universal flow of superior knowledge.

Ego consciousness developed for the purpose of physical manipulation and, therefore, for the development of technology. People will continue to use left-brain thinking to solve life’s challenges. Furthermore, many people enjoy thinking. They engage in mentally stimulating games, recreational mathematics and creating with computer code.

Kiesha says that “We realize that technology is not all it’s cracked up to be.”
Read Willaru Huate’s impressions of life on Venus where life exists on and above the sixth dimension:
I asked, (The masters of Venus) "What about the technology on the planet Earth with their machines, computers, airplanes and other technology?" One master said to me "The technology on the planet Earth is mentally retarded technology. You think you are civilized. You think you are on top of the world. What are you thinking when you make trips to the moon? This is a violation of cosmic law. When beings live in the spiritual culture, as they grow in the initiations, they are given the keys, the secrets, to make their own cosmic ships, but this technology is only learned in the spiritual culture. Interplanetary trips that are made are holy and totally sacred. In this way we shall travel. Everybody can travel in the universe. But traveling on only a mental/intellectual level is dangerous.” That's all they said.
They can make cosmic ships and there's a big, mother ship, very, very giant. There they have no weapons like tanks, machine guns, airplanes to attack or atomic bombs or anything like this because they say it is not necessary. They know another way to control, a superior way. They are the kingdom of the supermen. They are Gods and the Goddesses. They have a better way to control because they know electromagnetic science.

Kiesha asks us to imagine what our technology could become if it were taken out of the hands of government, power and religion and placed in the hands of the people who live from the heart and Willaru Huate’s impressions give us a glimpse of the potential we have. However, to create superior science we must raise our vibration. We must achieve the crystalline frequency of clear mind in our daily lives.
Here is an insightful quote (from a live Kryon channelling -
which is about new ways to obtain geothermal heat, new ways of desalinating water, the future of science and math called "Needed Science for the Times".)

“When these insights (for scientific and technological breakthroughs) are received by humanity, they normally land as inspiration on the planet in more than one place at a time. That is to say, epiphanies of discovery happen all at once, usually three to four places in order to assure that they will not be lost. It's like this: The vibration of the planet is like a big door that opens and closes with the vibration of an enlightened or non-enlightened humanity. If you chose to close this door by creating a low vibration of the planet, then information, invention, and discovery are lost. They actually go away, since humanity doesn't even care to look! However, when the vibration becomes higher, the door opens and discovery and invention just "lay there" ready to be seen. So Spirit does not dole out inventions, but rather the system you have created allows for it. For high science is always there no matter what, but the Human Beings on the planet temper how much of it becomes available by how high the planet vibrates with human consciousness. This explains how you have lost so much science in the past 50,000 years. There were societies who actually were far more quantum thinking than anything you currently have today.”

Kiesha says “The goodness in you can bring forth and manifest. Set the mind down, think of what you want and make it happen. You will see that you can bring into your reality all that you wish to create this year.” This is true, but it is not explained very clearly so allow AA Metatron to elaborate on Impeccability & the Crystalline Field: To be able to manifest our true desires we must achieve the crystalline frequency of clear mind in our daily lives. Everything that we have read, and been taught about how to manifest joy, health and abundance in our life can only be achieved in the detached state of the crystalline mind. Crystalline thought is above emotion, above petty feelings. It is achieved in detachment. Achieving the crystalline frequency, which is the resonance of impeccability, means living with integrity. We must take time to review our life to ensure we maintain emotional high vibration and develop a detached observer state of being. The stance of emotional detachment, as the observer, is not easy, yet it is the way of the Master. Within the detached state of crystalline lucidity we are able, and only then able, to access the divine mind, the multidimensional brain. The extraordinary state of clarity that has always been there, but never quite accessed in emotional attached states of thinking. It is the divine mind, the super subconscious that contains within it the aspect of man that is divine, the God mind. It is achieved through impeccability of clear thinking, of lucid mind, within the extraordinary crystalline field.



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