I am a 60's child, so apparently a Wayshower, yay! lol :) This sits well with me, explaining why fear and anger really freak me out and that they feel totally unnecessary, why I am not having children, why I really didn't want to be here all my life, and why I have hermit tendencies. It took a long time to work out that I was here to stay and to get used to it, and make something out of it. Everyone's emotions always seemed to take precedence over mine, which has been quite a phenomenon, yet I have realised over time that I have always been protected and despite my weaknesses I had more strength than the really scared and angry ones. I wonder if anyone else here has had similar experiences..

This is from 45 years of regression and progression hypnosis of clients, and everyone says the same things from their subconsciousness. Now is the time to make the choice - Fear, or Love? To most of us it's a no brainer, but to others, perhaps it's an addiction to old habits?



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  • I didn't know that, Kat! Will have a look xxx

  • isn't it great when it leaves, and then the white snake rises from within us..

    The Australian Aborigines talk about the Rainbow Serpent, who is a powerful creator mother who protects nature and people, which reminds me of the Kundalini that is spoken of in India, a maternal energy that when activated travels up through our purportedly rainbow coloured chakras, and confers upon us a maternal instinct as well as a balanced, healing, creative, intuitive energy :)

    At one place (Keep River National Park) there was a painting of the rainbow serpent (see below) as well as a human sitting there crosslegged, with a snake coming up and out of the top of the head.. just like in the video above. I didn't have a digital camera at the time unfortunately.

    I'd learnt about the Kundalini rising spontaneously at times, as well as how to raise it in a safe, controlled manner through Sahaja Yoga. Anyway within a week of trying it in a short daily exercise, I felt totally free from guilt, past mistakes, and knew that we are all equal. According to the Aboriginal People the snake has been sleeping, curled in a coil, but will awaken again when it is time.   



  • You would probably really like her book "Three waves of Volunteers and the New Earth" it goes into detail about whats in these videos. I to am a child of the 60's and 70's and have never wanted to be here even tho my childhood was a pretty good one. I can also look over my life and see how I have been watched over and protected. One time I had a visit from a Galactic who I think belongs to my family. He didnt say anyrthing b ut pointed to my heart then faded away.  I keep going with the hope of the new Earth and hope that it will come soon. The cases she puts in the book say the same thing that the shift is coming and when it does some will not make it but those that do will be in the 5thd our true home. I for one cant wait to go home but until then I will do what I came here to do, raise the vibrations of the planet to help us get there.

    • Thank you orb seeker - what an experience with the Galactic. The world needs to heal its collective heart. I know that  justice being served and stolen wealth returned would be a huge step along the way!

      It has felt like prison at times! But we can escape when we want to by thinking and feeling at a higher vibration, one of forgiveness and releasing the past, of compassion and kindness, and then the world looks completely different... quite magical really.. and that's also the truth. Thanks for sharing orb :)

  • Excellent videos. Thanks for sharing.

    • my pleasure Bonnie.

      @Frank and 1 darkstar, it helps to know that we are not alone. I've met so many people who feel the same.

      Dolores says it will improve greatly, and it has already started, and since everyone says the same thing under deep hypnosis, I believe it.

      Namaste :)

  • Yes, can't stand it here. Find it unbearable.

    • Yes, thats what makes the waiting so intolerable.

  • These were shared from Intergalactic Teaching Press


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