12.21.12 Why have I not ascended?

Yes, well that is an excellent question and fair indeed. So, let me ask you, dear heart, ARE YOU in the same old body? Please take a moment and ask this from within your heart, ask your Higher Self and you will surely be filled with a breakthrough of understanding and wisdom. You see, as we are in meditation/prayer, we are all feeling specific sensations, individual to each our own experience. These are upgrades to your DNA and to the physical make up of your body, changing the density of ALL that which makes up your body. Ascension is not a magical place or time in which we pass through. 12.21.12 marks a "place" in linear "time" in which the energies in our solar system are now fully into the Age of Aquarius. These energies will allow for an accelerated journey for all those initiates holding their Deliberate Intent and Divine Willpower towards returning fully back to Spirit in living form, eventually transcending those lower vibrational frequency patterns of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, moving beyond duality and fully grounding one's self into the 5th dimension here on Gaia. Ascension is an individual and personal experience that is vastly different for each and every single individual.

Do not fear, you are loved, you are looked after and you will succeed exactly as intended by THE ALMIGHTY ONE and precisely when your higher self has determined for you. Do not worry, you will not miss out on anything, dear one. You are currently living your mission and you are well on track with your individual ascension. Have Faith in addition to your hope and watch as your love for all that you are and all that is manifests into everything you have been dreaming for. All in due "time" as the eventual ascension into the 5th dimension will be of an expanded awareness, that of which ALL time is experienced at once. Through the Mastery of your own Heart/Mind, you will soon move forward, backward and even sideways through time. So do not rush, as in the grand scheme of things, dear heart, you ARE already there! Congratulations! Stay your Deliberate Intent and your Divine Willpower and continue to ask the Angels and your Guides for assistance and your individual linear pathway will lead you exactly and precisely where and when you desire. ..in love and adoration for all that you do and all that you are! Jacob

EDIT: Hello my lovely friends, I was led to suggest / request for others to share your Inspirational Wisdom from your Heart's Inner Knowing here in response. Let this be a chance for everyone to channel SPIRIT. What do you feel like adding to this? When you look to the future, what are the words that flow from your Mind's Knowing ...from your Heart's Feeling? Find your balance and share YOU ...share SPIRIT! Let this be a place of inspiration for the many asking this question!

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  • Thank you Divine Willpower, this is so beautiful.
    Since the 21/12/12 it is blindingly obvious to me that what pretty much every single human wants, what Gaia wants, what God/Goddess want, and what our friendly galactics want, is exactly the same thing, PEACE ON EARTH, and it feels like we can finally achieve this.
    So our hearts are all in alignment with the will of God/Goddess :-)
    So I'm imagining that there is a beam of light connecting every single person's heart with each other's heart, connecting our hearts to the heart of Mother Earth, connecting our hearts to the hearts of our galactic family, and connecting our hearts with the heart of God/Goddess, the heart of the Universe.
    That's some light grid! Whilst meditating on this it also becomes obvious that we really are ONE. :-)

    With prayer there are two bits of small print that determine whether our prayers are answered, so praying for Peace on Earth right now, for abundance, and for an end to all suffering, must also follow procedure:
    1. Is it for the Highest Good? YES
    2. Is it the right time? YES!!!!!
  • Perhaps WE are the "fat lady" ;) Sing! Dance! Play! Write! BEEE the change rather than waiting for the change! ;) -And together we will ALL Paint Gaia with the love and light of ALL THAT IS!

    BE YOU!

    SHINE! <3


  • 12/21/12 was just a window of time. Earth and all on her will ascend when she is ready, she does not set her time according to a people's calender. Although they (Mayan's & others) knew that much would come around this time period. It's not over yet, but don't hold your breath waiting for this ascension. Rather live each day as if it is a new day with a new beginning, because that is exactly what it is. Everything has its season, we just don't know when the fruit will be picked. Focus on the moment, we all know that everything is progressing, and that change is all around us. Work on yourselves, help others and be grateful for each new day and what it brings. Like Imus said "it's not over till that lady sings".  :-)

  • It ain´t over till the fat lady sings


  • “All “ --- LIFE,  not just humans are ascension Master’s that’s what we do as spirit to manifest life in all forms as we choose. 

      Nature is one big happy spiritual mass of ascended beings, except humans who over think it with there busy noisy minds.

    With out all the noise spirit has a shot at showing us just what life is.  A manifestation of spirit.  Spirit came first, we would not exist if it were not so.   Even a blade of grass would not exist if spirit didn’t manifest it as the germ of the seed, life.  

    The greatest revelation is not seen, because of the great noise of the mind that’s being listened too. Instead of awareness that is spirit.

    Spirit arises and instantly mind want to label it to death literally killing the insight of it.

    Finding ways of teaching this, is tough in a world caught up in everyone else’s noise.  TV, Radio, Books, Conversations with self, conversations with others, Governments, schools, Religions, social net working--- is all Noise behind this noise lie’s the unlimited eternal spirit world that manifest all life from that realm, and all this noise is the veil that hides this simple truth from  our awareness.

    From birth we are taught nothing else but thinking in all its forms.   We were never taught to just sit in silence and enjoy life as it presents itself in abundance all around us.

    We have lost the ability to communicate telepathically -- and I don’t mean with words.  Telepathic knowing is higher than word’s can convey.  

    Some spiritual monasteries actually practice this in a code of silence, everything is carried out in spiritual awareness, to the point that knowing another’s needs is automatic, in just being totally aware of each other’s surroundings in the moment as spirit presents itself.

    And if the story of the tower of babble is true, then that would be the point we were injected with a set of words for you and a different set of word for me, and who ever controls the words controls the planet.

    The teaching of the word is the killing of telepathic spiritual knowing of all things, and responding to it as it appears in us all. 

    Its against the law not to be educated in the word of men, and those who come to teach this spiritual awareness have been put to death threw out history, in favor of the teaching of the word.  And they do it so innocently by tagging  the word God to the Word and all the rest falls into place.    Veil


  • "Why have I not ascended?"

    To this I say... I'm working on it! Give me some time! xD

    I'm not done, yet! ;)

    Ascension is far from over, everyone. Don't start unbuckling your seat-belts yet. We are just now taking off!

    • :-)

    • Thank you for sharing this! I really love your aspiration! Such a beautiful, happy and shining day! :) 

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