Hi guys

Not sure if you are aware that its the 11:11 Tenth Gate Activation on Sunday 11 September 2011?


I have been involved in the 11:11 since the early 1990's

Anyway, here is Solara's website so you can check it out




You will need to click the link '11:11' on the navigation bar


Love and light



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  • this is amazing , i always see on the clock or else where 11:11 and when i clicked on this page it was 11:11.. so there is a clear message here an such an amazing energy flowing through everything
  • '11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger set into our cellular memory banks prior to our descent into matter that when activated signifies that our time of completion is near' - Solara'


    In other words, the 11:11 is like a cosmic alarm clock - hence why many people keep seeing it


    I love Solara's books and tapes they taught me so much, especially Starborne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones that literally changed my life


    Here is the link on the website to the 11:11 mudras




    The NVisible: Videos - Mudras
  • Wow! woud you believe i was the 11th viewer of this thread? Coincidence? naahh... would love to learn more. Thanks for the info about the gate activation... peace and love!
    • Seeing as everywhere I look is showing 11:11, and I have even had a person in a cue say when I was at the till 'O look 11:11 spooky' I shall defo be checking this out, Thanks :)
  • Will you be joining in?  I will probably be doing like i did last year for the Ninth Gate and attuning - i have some of the 11:11 meditation/music tapes here so am going to play them - 11:11 - Through the Doorway, Starry Processional and Earth-Star Dance.    
    • I may, Sarah, but I also have a Triangles meditation group on this site and we are likely doing some work together on the special power days such as Sept 11 and Oct 28 and 11:11... you may like it, if you have time.  Please feel free to check it out.  Thanks for link, I like Solara. 
  • Yes, its very exciting isn't it? 
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