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  • Our collapsing timelines and the significance of what happened in 2012 is the topic of this discussion. Also discussed here are the numbers 13, 20, and 52 and the significance they have.
  • Good speech by Nigel. He knows what's going on just like the rest of us and I think he might know what is coming soon to.
  • From what has been said a lot of these so called elites are gonna try and take the easy way out once their corruption is fully exposed.
  • And here is another fine speech at CPAC, recently, by the indefatigable Nigel Farage, who has been going to that conservative conference for the past 10 years and makes pertainent comments, about how it's international appeal is growing...

    And a reminder to back Donald Trump.......‚úĆūüŹĽ
  • Yes and regarding the death of Lord Jacob Rothschild, a gentle reminder that on the 7th Feb, upon this very thread I did state the following:-

    Some people are of the opinion, that the so-called "elites" have special access to exotic healing technologies, that mean that they are able to "extend their lifespans, using "off-world" technologies" and "secret Atlantean" remedies and spells....
    Of course, not true, as anyone observing the recent King Charles admissions anent his cancer and general ill health, including an enlarged prostate, etc, can testify...

    And one can also observe various members of Illuminoid families, as well as George Soros, Bill Gates and multiple others, to confirm that they are far from "immortal beings." Some suggest that they are clones, who age rapidly and the originals are safe and tucked up on a holiday vacation island....I say, they are not and in fact, because of their decadence, probably more at risk of death from excess eating, VD, drugs and alcohol abuse, than most "ordinary" folk...
    (They might use body doubles, if they feel at risk, but not clones.)

    Certainly, their sugary diets do not aid them.....and many of these "elites" do not keep in good shape, nor eat proper food, nor fast.....Just look at the state of Klaus Schwab....Yes, he's old, but does he need to age so rapidly...?? They all age rapidly......They are not in contact with "super beings," providing them with luxury off-world treatments, at all....The elites are simply human beings evolving, along with everyone else...Maybe some of them more slowly than others...

    King Charles is just as vulnerable to illness, as any other limited conscious human being...Being rich does not mean, high light quotient....with access to healing of the highest order....
    But actually, one does not really need access to vast wealth and a retinue of experts, to prevent and survive cancers....A simple discipline to fast properly, should help.......Let nature and spirit guide you, King Charles....And give up the WEF promotion, while you heal.....
  • Woah I see one of the Rothschild's died. Welp cant say he will be missed lol.
  • yes AE, even he can't cheat death LOL
  • Hooray-Rothchild is dead! I saw a pic of him recently poking King Charles in the chest in a public forum
  • I heard years ago English is the most spoken language in this Galaxy
  • Lord Jacob Rothschild dead with 87 years
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"Wait till people find out that the fraud Barry and the wicked witch Hillary are also involved in crimes like this."
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Much of the old is disappearing as it has served its purpose and makes way for new energies that herald the beginning of a new era. You are seeing the effects all around you and it is causing upheaval, bringing about changes that will eventually…
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"ūüö® BRICS Will ACCELERATE Launch of Its Financial System Following Russian Asset Seizure, Sanctions"
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"ūüö® BRICS Will ACCELERATE Launch of Its Financial System Following Russian Asset Seizure, Sanctions"
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