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  • I look upon RL as ACC's honoury "Mr Spock" scientific advisor....So feel free to put on the pointy ears, roaring and come on down....

    Moreover, the US involvement in the middle east will lessen, as the petro-dollar fades from their interests....That era, 1971-2021, is now over and the elites running USA corp, seek a great reset system and digital currency, which will (they think) operate without a petro-dollar...As they ban oil, gas, nuclear and replace these with wind and solar (I KNOW, TOTALLY BONKERS...)
  • Hi Roaring.....More ET craft data and scientific analysis...See my latest comment on the blog, here...
    Roaring Lovely and Drekx Omega Discuss ET Craft Science Classifications
    When science and esoterics combine, truth is gleaned...
  • Note that the Iran-Saudi deal also debunks the nonsense that U.S. has been peddling about Iran, especially to justify its ever presence in gulf. According to U.S., should it withdraw from the gulf, Iran will terrorize the region with missiles and terrorists and will try to export its government model throughout the region. However, we see that Iran is rational and can be reasoned with, not just coerced with military threat. Iran's use of weapons and proxies is just like those of other countries: to deter attack and to strengthen its position in negotiations, nothing more!
  • Frankly, AI is much overrated in it's abilities to control Human hearts and minds...It's truly a sci-fi pipe dream of ignorant elitists, who are so engrossed in fantasies, they fail to seperate them from reality...
    So, some tec "expert" may advise them, that this AI avatar will work, in some way, to control people...In truth, a person with a high IQ and high light quotient will easily evade the brainwashing......

    Even astral fragments, or ghostly demons, are easily neutralised by a good exorcism ritual...It works and always remember that astral fragments of past lives, left active upon the aethers, now on the lower astral, can easily be banished, using a strong ritual and will.......Learn magick, is my advise and learn computing technology, is another...........Nothing can control those in control of themselves...

    Currently, they may use lefty censors and algorithms, who are still just mischievious human beings, BUT, if replaced by AI control censors, bright opponents will find themselves even better placed to censor the censors...It's like so many schemes by governments involving technology...Utter cockups....

    Only those who want to be controlled by AI, will be...The rest of us can laugh at their stupidity....

    LOL....Dr Fauci (Faust) has his Mephisto and might want to sell his soul..
    The rest of don't need to do so....
    AZHRARN- THE DEMON AI FROM IO-by Mark Donnelly
                                                                        (More stories at the bottom of this page)                               ...
  • We need to dumb these things down;
    These “safety limits” recently became apparent to users of ChatGPT, a popular chatbot program based on GPT-4’s predecessor, GPT-3.5. When asked, ChatGPT offers typically liberal responses to questions involving politics, economics, race, or gender. It refuses, for example, to create poetry admiring Donald Trump, but willingly pens prose admiring Joe Biden.
  • 2016 shot of single beamship, travelling at 3600 miles per hour, is genuine Plejaren ship.....Scientific analysis is useful to cover....See video investigation...
    Note that in spite of sound barrier being broken, the sonic boom does not record, as the ship is protected by a plasma field envelope...So without a field interference, such an object, moving through the air, would create shock waves that can cause a loud, booming sound, BUT, the craft was not actually moving through air, as totally enclosed by an ionised field envelope...

    *Speed of sound in air = 767.269 miles per hour....
  • Absolutely!,...and understanding middle east is helpful in understanding Ukraine. Note that the scenario in middle east is approximately the same same as in eastern Europe. Russia is approximately like Iran, Ukraine is like Iraq, Syria is like Belarus, Israel is like Poland, the Gulf Of Persia is like the Sea Of Azov, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain are like Crimea etc. So it isn't a surprise that the politics are approximately similar.

    US has been trying to gang up all these countries to 'contain Iran' in a similar way it is now trying to create enmity against Russia in its neighbourhood. However, US's mission in middle east was a total failure! The middle east is now heading to peace but with Iran playing a central role in middle east. We now see Iran exerting influence in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen! It is almost like a revival of Sassanian Empire! So these countries like Gulf States, Saudi etc are now, following Iraq's prudence in realizing that there is no way of crafting a 'security map' in middle east that Ignores Iranian interest. So they are now defying U.S. and forging ties without the participation of U.S.!

    This should be imitated by Ukraine! Ukraine should, like Iraq, Saudi, UAE etc refuse to join alliances that target Russia, or try to create a 'security map' that ignores Russian interest, against US's aim, which is to 'contain Russia', not to create security there, or even advance Ukrainian interests. Ukraine should seek to resolve the conflict without the need to involve U.S. in it, just like Saudi did. Wisely, Saudi realized that any involvement in U.S. will only derail peace as the later neither has any 'security interests' in middle east nor can be trusted by Iran. U.S.'s presence there will only serve to attempt to push Iran to capitulate, even when such does not serves any interest of any country in middle east. The same situation is repeated in Russo-Ukraine conflict. Ukraine should simply ask, 'in what way does 'containing Russia' more of serves US's interests than Ukraine's?'.

    The Middle East has completely defied US's attempt to make it another 'Europe' where they bow to US even if such is completely detrimental to their interests, like we see Germany in 'bull's ring' but Saudi and UAE has absolutely refused to be like Germany. So US has diverted the sewage from middle east to eastern Europe and are also trying to move to Pacific! - This website is for sale! - similar Resources and Information.
    This website is for sale! is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what…
  • RL-lets see what Xi and Putins' meet produces this week-hopefully peace negotiations will begin
  • If Trump is convicted he cannot run again
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"What awakening sounds like… ✨🛸✨"
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"And with regard to numerology and name energies, the values of both "w" and "v" are the same...6
Numerological and Esoteric Meaning of the Name Drekx Omega - Spirit..."
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"I'm planning to rewrite the Sirian dictionary so it will be in alphabetical order.
I find Ja Ta the most awesome Sirian word 🙂
Ja Ta - Joy of Heaven: God/CreatorVa Ta - Thing of Heaven: Water
Do Sirians both use the V and W or does it depend on the…"
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