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  • Drexk- I quit playing video games 25 years ago-drives you crazy
    And how about Tik Tok?
  • Gregory Copleys' take on peace in Ukraine-Zelinsky will have to get some kind of immunity-Ukranian generals want to throw him in prison;
  • AI-We'll make them just like appliances
  • If they try to bring back mask wearing I'm not playing...LOL
  • Virtual reality META nutters, look like blind clowns......Truly insane people, who want to escape the responsibilities of living in the world...and play silly games...
  • It is because some issues arising from this site is of both 'spiritual' and 'scientific' interest. It is especially so in the question of ETs, spaceship etc. So it must be treated as unorthodoxed kinda 'spirituality' or, equivalently, unorthodoxed kinda 'science'. However, i didn't find many 'scientists' here. I wanted to discuss with pple here, not to seem like an 'advisor' of some sort. In fact originally, I was a bit timid here, thinking that pple 'knows lots of science', especially when I read of QM, 5D, 'energy' and such. It was after some engagements that I got bold and come across more like a 'teacher' than a 'student' in science, lol!😆
  • I ignore the AI hype. It’s wiser to use our own brain more frequently and to train our memory instead of relying too much on technology.
  • I look upon RL as ACC's honoury "Mr Spock" scientific advisor....So feel free to put on the pointy ears, roaring and come on down....

    Moreover, the US involvement in the middle east will lessen, as the petro-dollar fades from their interests....That era, 1971-2021, is now over and the elites running USA corp, seek a great reset system and digital currency, which will (they think) operate without a petro-dollar...As they ban oil, gas, nuclear and replace these with wind and solar (I KNOW, TOTALLY BONKERS...)
  • Hi Roaring.....More ET craft data and scientific analysis...See my latest comment on the blog, here...
    Roaring Lovely and Drekx Omega Discuss ET Craft Science Classifications
    When science and esoterics combine, truth is gleaned...
  • Note that the Iran-Saudi deal also debunks the nonsense that U.S. has been peddling about Iran, especially to justify its ever presence in gulf. According to U.S., should it withdraw from the gulf, Iran will terrorize the region with missiles and terrorists and will try to export its government model throughout the region. However, we see that Iran is rational and can be reasoned with, not just coerced with military threat. Iran's use of weapons and proxies is just like those of other countries: to deter attack and to strengthen its position in negotiations, nothing more!
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Quantum Suicide

THE HORSE: The curiosity killed the cat..............................THE LION: But the satisfaction brought it back.............................................THE HORSE: It is no wonder they say the cat has nine…
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To imagine her as one.
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Like the one illustrated in this photo dating back to World War 2.
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You go from Padawan to a Sith lord or a Jedi master as the case maybe depending on your free will choice.
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  • Drekx Omega Why not cover a factual topic, which runs along similar rails....?? You could discuss the techniques of "chi" and "prana" used by a variety of eastern martial arts schools and devotees....
    Such knowledge and wisdom is only corrupted when it becomes…
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I mean Leonard Nimoy aka Spock in the original series.
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View Full Articles @ Use your own "Personal Discernment" on all content posted. What doesn’t resonate for you, May well be, a message for someone else. It is not your place to make choices for…
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"Climate emergency hoaxes have been promoted by a variety of nutty politicians, "scientists" and activists, for decades....Here is a very good summary of newspaper reports describing, for example, an ice free north pole, or floods, if actions are not…"
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