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  • The Telegraph (UK) has released an explosive series of articles documenting the psychological terrorism and biological warfare COVID campaigns waged against the British people by their own government.
    The world's top new source on natural health -
    The world's top new source on natural health -
    The Pfizer Effect: Government Reports suggest COVID Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome…
    Recent reports from the Governments of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and most of Europe have raised alarm bells as they confirm tha…
  • The art of war: "Appear weak when you are strong..!" The Plan is on schedule.....Trump is triumphant...Optics is important.....RETRIBUTION...
    Keep vigilant.....
    Ep. 3034b - Bait Taken, Hunters Now Become The Hunted, Precedent, Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened
  • AE,
    There is a lie that goes with the idea that Africa so much depends on grain imports from Ukraine or Russia etc. It is yet another one of those seemingly endless propaganda spewing out of the Russo-Ukrainian war. This is readily accepted by the corrupt, African leaders who find it a perfect excuse for their non performance.

    To put it in a nutshell, these so called 'grains' are temperate food that are never staple diet of many Africans. Africa's mainly eat food that are native to the tropical climate, eg millet, maize or such, never wheat or rice or such. Africans don't rely on bread or such. These are just snacks that they can do without it.

    Even in Arids and Semi arids such as Somalia, they never eat bread or such. They eat meat and drink Camel, goat or cow's milk. Sometimes they also drink blood or such!

    So absence of wheat, oil etc exports to Africa will only further reduce obesity, diabetes etc in Africa. It will never create any starvation!
  • Drekx-Nuetron bombs!
    Supposedly Chicoms have neutron bombs and other weapons amassed in tunnels along their border with Russia-
  • Red China's communist corporatist model of trade, VS Brexit Britain's liberal economics and capitalist, free markets model, for free trade....
    A commentary on CPTPP by Shanker Singham....

    "The significant thing is the UK is the first accession country, so it really is demonstrating its global state leadership..this is the first time the actual execution matches the rhetoric.'
    Shanker Singham on Britain's Trans-Pacific Partnership."👏🏻
  • RL
    Were'nt countries in Africa a large grain exporters into the '90s?
    Cicoms my broker a peace deal with Ukraine and the thought is one of the conditions would be that China would get more grain from Ukraine and the less would go to China
  • ...Trump indicted...
  • AE, I didn't get your question.
  • Thanks AE......And also, yes neutron warheads were secretly stored at Bentwaters base, which was one of two airbases, Woodbridge the other one, twinned also with Nellis AFB, in the US....So a lot of secret technology, including the early USAF stealth bombers, back in 1980, before being publically known...

    NATO was about to use neutron bombs against the Warsaw Pact, massing on Poland's border....They feared the massive Russian tank formations. It would have led to thermonuclear war, so the GFL made a direct intervention, confiscating the fissile material from the bomb casings at the WSA (Bentwaters base.)
    So the stealth bombers were never used in the planned attack...
    Drekx Omega ~ Rendlesham Incident Prt 3 - 3 Nights Merge Into One Summary
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"Thanks for saying so, Ivy.....Let's hope all nations can reach better times, but we all need to break globalism first...Of course, the UK now has a WEF puppet as PM, but at least we left the EU and they would find that hard to reverse,…"
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"This is literally a globalist scam rolled out in several countries at once.

Too bad that the UK is still suffering under a WEF puppet despite Brexit.

I wish you guys and the rest of the world better times 🤗"
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"Illegal migrants staying at a London hotel, display an incredibly arrogant sense of entitlement....British taxpayers are paying for these ungrateful jerks.....When will globalist Sunak sort this illegal migration mess out...?? 😡…"
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