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  • New Virus will be appear wich is the so called Zombie Virus.
  • Trump works for Earth Alliance and is an American patriot, who wants to make America great again....Nuclear war is something he will not be starting, when he gets back into official office, as POTUS....

    How could any nation be "great" if living in a radioacative wasteland..?? Total bollox, to suggest that Donald wants nuclear war....NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO START IT....

    The "guardian" newspaper are a bunch of lefty trouble makers...🤖🤖🤖 nutters! 🙃
    Former President Donald Trump announces a White House bid for 2024 | CNN Politics
  • There are rumors that Trump will become president again in 2024 and that he will then use nuclear weapons.
    Trump: I would threaten Russia with nuclear submarines if still president
    ‘We’re a greater nuclear power,’ former president who previously praised Putin
  • I did see a strange Video on Tick Tock, but I can't find it anymore.
    In Turkey, some people have seen small lights in the sky. Probably the souls of the deceased. Everything happened so fast. Now these souls get lost there and don't know where to go?
  • Composer Burt Bacharach dies age 94.......What a great composer he was, making his mark in the 1960s.....
  • Hellen-here are some fools , some of whom will end up in The Pit-In my opinion there are purgatory spirit realms, a town across the river Styx,Hades-and The Pit, where the Lake of Fire is located. Being submerged in it just for a few seconds is inexplicably terrifying. People discount 'you're going to hell' as superstition. And the purgatory realms are completely dreadful.
    Strange unprecedented vortex spotted around the sun’s north pole –
  • All this speculation as to what, or "who" caused the recent earthquakes, can easily be answered by that most powerful of culprits....THE SUN....

    Of course, the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM is real, as I stated in my blog of late 2022....I'll quote from it here:

    "Solar flares can knock out satellite equipment, as well as terrestrial power stations..

    The last Grand Solar Minimum was historically noted as the Dalton Minimum; between 1790 & 1820...It did effect crops and food production, then, so another factor to prepare for...

    These cycles cause GLOBAL COOLING, rather than global warming, as the "man-made climate" hoax, is erroneously suggesting...
    Also, due to the lessening of the Solaris magnetic field, more cosmic radiation passes through to reach the surface of the planets.....including this one.
    The result is an increase in solar flares, hurricanes, volcanoes, storms, heavy rains, earthquakes and lightning strikes...

    Note the volcanic eruptions that have struck the Canary Islands for a long period and are still active in La Palma, causing absolute mayhem there...
    If the ETs had not made corrections to the effects of the solar magnetic field, enabling some strength to return to it, the whole of the chain of islands in that region would have been wiped off the map, by now."
    grand solar minimum 2023 - Bing video
  • It is important for pple to understand that neither religion ethnicity, culture etc have ever been the root cause of any major conflicts such as those that leads to wars. Whenever, for instance, you hear of 'Muslims vs Christians fighting', see to it that it occurs when it happens that Muslims lives on one side, and Christians on the other side, and with disputed resources.

    The conflict could have still happen even if the two groups were of the same religions. Iraqis and Iranis are all shia Muslims, but they fought a bloody war. Were they 'Christians vs Muslims', you would hear medias emphasising this religious difference, to the total misleading of pple, not without the intend of bashing religion! They fooled the world leaders into dividing Sudan so that to the 'south' we have 'Christians' and to the 'north' we have 'Muslims'! Then of course, led by US, the MSM worldwide propaganda bashed the north, well, just cause they are 'Muslims'. But after the division, the war went on in the south, indicating that the latter was the more war mongering, an historical fact known very well in the region! Same is the case in Somalia, where we have all Muslim Somalis ever fighting themselves!

    As you can see, the name 'volodimir' or 'Vladimir' suggests that Russia and Ukraine are so ethnically close, if not the same ethnic group. Or you can also consider 'Hutus' and 'Tutsis' to get a clue on how 'ppl of the same race/ethnicity' can so dehumanize each other. Also in ww2, the war far more dismantle ethnic divisions than doing the vice-versa! Several groups were more united in the end than before. China could not, for instance, fight alongside Japan even if stupid humans would categorize them as 'the same race'. Same was the case all over the world! There is no such a thing as 'race'. We should stop using this word completely!!
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There is a lie that goes with the idea that Africa so much depends on grain imports from Ukraine or Russia etc. It is yet another one of those seemingly endless propaganda spewing out of the Russo-Ukrainian war. This is readily accepted by the…"
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"Drekx-Nuetron bombs!
Supposedly Chicoms have neutron bombs and other weapons amassed in tunnels along their border with Russia-"
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