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  • What is the meaning of the word Hell? In Hebrew, it means ''shoel '' and in Greek it means ''hades''. This ''hell'' simply means ''pit'' or ''grave''. However, there is another meaning of the world ''hell '' comes from the Greek word ''tartarus '' which indicates the confinement of ''fallen angles '' but does not refer to humans. The fallen angels cast down down to hell and were chained in darkness. The author Danielle Trussoni mentions in her book Angelology mentions the fallen angels who live in the mountains of Bulgaria. Dwal Kul mentions these dark beings live between the borders of many countries and Earth does have many caves and tunnels this could be places where the fallen angels fell from heaven as say the scriptures and they were in the millions not thousands. Earth is still in quarantine we could experience a lot of unstable conditions on earth and who is in control scriptures mentions dark entities blackmailing nations, and leaders, involved in the dark side of the occult the world desperately needs benevolent leaders who put people first.
  • I like this German language video.....If you can't understand it, just enjoy the film footage of a variety of beamship types....

    Subtitles provided, but keep your eyes on the ships....
  • The earthquake in Syria and Turkey was caused by weather modification. This is why the earth is not a safe place to live yet and space is also weaponized in astral, mental, etheric and physical the Light Forces are doing all they can to dismantle all exotic weapons It's very sad what took place in those countries. ( Syria and Turkey ) . Getting rid of all the dangerous weapons both in space and on earth would take a long time because humanity has experienced a lot of conflicts here weather is its religion, race, resources, territory ..etc. In the book of Mattews 25: 46: The wicked will burned up - destroyed reduced to ashes. They will be extinguished. Their punishment everlasting - never to be seen or brought to life.
  • It is coming from the Pleiades (SUBARU) Starsystem.
  • this considered to be the clearest UFO photo ever released (September 4, 1971, Costa Rica)
    This Is Clearest UFO Photo Ever Released.
    On September 4, 1971, members of the Instituto Geográfico Nacional (National Geographic Institute) took photographs above Lake Cote for the Costa Ric…
  • The numbers of Victims after the earthquake in Turkey rises to 11,000.
  • 2023 Cobra Interview on Goddess Temple Project by WLMM, IGAG and Japan Prepare for Change Official
  • Yes, Ben-Arion, it's okay. Good to see Ashtar Sheran.
  • New design at the TOP of the website =) Hope you like it! It´s under construction, so i may change it again until i am 100% happy with it! *peace*
  • Prayers are needed;
    Situation Update, Feb 7, 2023 - Earthquakes, survival and ending human suffering
    0:00 Earthquakes13:35 Crisis19:45 Beyond Meat28:15 Turkey- Natural News announces large food donation for (mostly) hungry Americans- Globalists pushi…
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"Another front man for the cabal; Demented Biden and Zelinsky in heels.

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"The world's people continue to become more and more divinely discontented, with the status quo.....The dark cabal is losing it's grip and people are waking up to how wrong the dark agenda is....
WEF strategies are being rejected, as people do not…"
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"Germany wants to shut down the last 3 nuclear power plants by April 15, 2023 at the latest.

Translated with Google translator."
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