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    🇺🇸🥂🇪🇺 Via @rocknrollgeopolitics @strategic_culture
  • 😁Hello Alternative Earth, my dear chap, hope you don't mind me placing this techno vibe on again, just above your comment....? And at some stage we'll all get back to politics....But in the mean time, I'm still feeling the high of music vibes.....Cheers, bro...Drekx

    Soooo....!!🌌Seriously Siriusesque cosmosis incoming (again)...🌌
  • When I look at some of the weird orbs in the sky with my telescope (they are holograms or something of amoebas squirming in a petri dish under a microscope) near those orbs are similar sized circles-darkened a little- as if you could pop it out and push something the same size through. Sometimes what looks like asteroids are protruding through those with other very weird goings on.
    'They' say you can't fly beyond the moon. But I think in 4th octave their is a complete gigantic universe. This world- 3d- has been called 'the stage' for how long?
  • Selamat jarin, Randy....Well the great blue light of creation, is the literal driving force, that animates ALL galactic activities and planning, within a Logoic evolutionary framework.....It is the divine will of the Galactic Logos, Lord Surea and is summoned by the Nine, regularly, through what Sirians call a summoning ritual, or "Aktaiwa..." Thus the specifically named and salient stargate, which exists between Sirius B3 and B4, where the Council of Nine and the Great Blue Lodge of Creation, are based....

    The leading member of the Nine is a highest initiated Sirian, named Lord Aescapulus.....But all members are of the ninth cosmic initiation grade....They have to be, in order to absorb and relay the highly energetic great blue light, which is a pale blue spark that they absorb, having summoned it's divine presents, a "wa ta" of Heavenly blessing......The very will of God, Lord Sureya....
    So a galactic life energy, or consciousness potential of the moment, within the eternal now..The manifested desires, or the ordered coherence of co-creation and information packages of the divine plan, enabling it's evolutionary path definitions, to manifest in creation..

    So the Nine absorb this divine will, received from the Galactic Logos, at the galaxy CROWN CHAKRA POINT, which is the Aktaiwa stargate (the heart chakra being the core centre, of the galaxy's spiral body,) and then they relay it out across cosmos, having stepped it down, from it's high refinement, to manageable levels and it's received in multiple divine councils of Oryon, across cosmos, including our own Shamballa, which is received by the planetary logos here, Lord Yahweh and relayed to the various departments of Hierarchy and especially that of the first ray department, as the divine will, stepped down again and out to humanity....

    You may recall that the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth/Terra often describe Shamballa as the place where the "will of God is known," which is an esoteric truism...

    Terran astronomers will not see this daily flashing of blue light, in the vacinity of Sirius B4, as it is an energy pulsed at logoic levels and only the Nine can perceive it.....But if you could observe it, it's a pulse of pale blue light, with an indigo centre, radiating outwards, from an opening in space, near Sirius....

    I always like to use the analogy of a transformer, which steps down electricity, to manageable levels, lest circuits be burned out, in relay...
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