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  • Everyday the souls of humanity continue to leave the planet earth for thousands of years they first go to the astral realms and some do reincarnate to other places including our planet earth and to the higher planes but theses places are protected by higher beings known as gatekeepers.
  • During the summer of July and August I was staying at a resource center it's a place where I stay for the summer. There was so much rain in July hot and humid for days and only 2 days of sunshine sometimes it would be just clouds and a lot of haze I was somewhat tired of the rain and humidity I went to have a rest then I began to go into a deep sleep I started to outside of my physical body but I didn't want that to happen I woke up and something told me to look at the screen door which was open at the time I got from my bed and saw this large yellow flesh of light go under the clouds so I went to close the door I knew didn't want them to take me on their space ship and I didn't know who they were and if they had taken me I wouldn't be able to continue to on earth the MIBs would be after me. That what is happened to me when I was in contact with Valiant Thor ''yes'' I did see him through this ciricular shaped halo holographic image I believe they use this to connect certain especially if they were in connection while they were still children. Valiant Thor says he use the energy of the 1950s during that time period I once heard him say this statement. I once had an experience when I was 10 years old they were always after me after that I said ''I don't want to go on spaceships!!!. They would have to show that I can trust them and not do any harm to anyone!!! Even some of these E.T.s wear masks of deception mostly it's the Reptilians they are in the lower astral worlds above the earth they have strong frequencies and they are physically strong when they are here on earth and they are usually aggressive. The Grey species from the star system Zeta Rigel is their home planet and they usually are in the company of the Ripoids and Reptilians they are in this solar system but have less influence here on earth now that all ground bases have been elimited and becoming less within the layer of this solar system.
  • This is the Sirian way, to be in joy, mixing business with pleasure....
    And now for some funky music from Tuxedo.......✨✨✨ ✨✨✨So More Good Vibes ✨✨✨✨✨✨👏🏻😁
  • Beware of False Profits.....💲💵🤑💰💱💸💲💵🤑💰💱💸
  • 🛸Just Teleport......Who needs airlines...??🛸

    ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨More Good Vibes ✨✨✨✨✨✨
  • Thanks for your inputs, my friends.....Time for another music break and this one is dedicated to a good friend/crew member and Shiratar from Samanet; Elina Bakunova and her awesome Sirian starseed energies...
    ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨Good Vibes ✨✨✨✨✨✨👏🏻😁
  • Elon: “The amount of pro psy ops on Twitter is ridiculous! At least with new Verified they will pay $8 for the privilege haha.”
  • A few weeks ago Anja Schafer announced the '' The Mount Shasta Conference on June 2023 - Omec Once will be attending this conference : Here is the website : Venus - Spirit .com
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"I like this German language video.....If you can't understand it, just enjoy the film footage of a variety of beamship types....

Subtitles provided, but keep your eyes on the ships...."
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"The earthquake in Syria and Turkey was caused by weather modification. This is why the earth is not a safe place to live yet and space is also weaponized in astral, mental, etheric and physical the Light Forces are doing all they can to dismantle…"
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"It is coming from the Pleiades (SUBARU) Starsystem."
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"this considered to be the clearest UFO photo ever released (September 4, 1971, Costa Rica)"
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"The numbers of Victims after the earthquake in Turkey rises to 11,000."
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"2023 Cobra Interview on Goddess Temple Project by WLMM, IGAG and Japan Prepare for Change Official"
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"Yes, Ben-Arion, it's okay. Good to see Ashtar Sheran."
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