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  • And yet another theory of mine revealed when it comes to scientists finally admitting the truth about what is inside a galactic core. They still won't say the big bang is an all out misnomer of how the universe formed. They can't seem to believe beings exist beyond it, which is the reason they are so behind.
  • A case in point is Xinjiang, in Red China...Yes, they are rebelling against the manic CCP, "zero-covid" policy, being imposed upon them, with great cruelty...

    Good luck to those oppressed people, fighting their wicked government...👍🏻👍

    This people's anger is spreading to several cities....Xi must fall......KEEP PUSHING HIM.....Xi must fall...
  • I can’t confirm this, but I’ve seen this posted on Twitter:

    “Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro to invoke Article 142.”

    Note: Article 142 of the Constitution states that the armed forces are to „guarantee the constitutional branches of government and, on the initiative of any of these branches, law and order”.
  • in China a large number of people is on the streets against COVID Lockdowns, it's unusual for China that large parts of the population demonstrate against the government
  • I am trying to look for an animation for the alleged formation of the so called Hoag's Object (and other ring galaxies), but I am not finding it! I guess it is ridiculous! I am kin to see how the galaxy will knock off the galaxy and leaves out a neat 'nucleus' at the center! As you might see, it actually needs to collide with a smaller, ring galaxy. So we have an 'egg-chicken' scenario!

    Anyway explaining such magnificent structures as to be a result of accidental collision is silly! Imagine smashing two eggs on each other. Then instead of breaking into irregular pieces, you have a ring with an egg yolk left neatly at the center!. Make sense?

    That is how absurdities aboud when you try to force the 'prime-mover' of the universe into a series of accidents! Modern scientists have become that perverted that they can never feel that they understand anything in nature unless they figure out how it can have came about through some accident! But they end up never being able to explain anything!
  • Let’s say that Alex Jones isn’t wrong about the deep state and worldwide political scheming.

    And Info Wars should be taken literally when it comes to the COVID scam and climate change.

    ✨ Also, we shouldn’t stop sharing data on political scams and keep on disclosing facts and truths. This is just as much Lightwork as talking to angels. ✨
  • “Scientists Confirm COVID Vaccines Contain Nanostructures Colonizing In The Human Body.”
    Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is an elemental analysis technology capable of detecting most of the periodic table of elements at milligram to nanogram levels per liter.
  • et hugger-its the Wef gang spread out all over-ex gov intel agents spying as you said and in the msm manipulating the truth and protecting the perps
  • If you think that the Biden administration is corrupt, the same thing is going on in Europe. Let’s say that they learned from the ‘best’ 😄😄😄

    Any country, political leader, journalist, fact checker or disinformation agent should think if they still want to take part in this shady business. Some tiny fish may get away with it, but not the biggies.

  • I never would have guessed that the COVID scam would turn out to be this big. This means bad karma for those who implemented it, probably not just in this lifetime…

    Meanwhile in Europe: a huge Psyops operation has been discovered and is being disclosed by amateur researchers. Thousands of people must be employed to spy, manipulate and intimidate critical thinkers, journalists, activists and everyday people. It wouldn’t surprise me if the headquarters of this operation are in another country. But not Russia 😇
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"What is the meaning of the word Hell? In Hebrew, it means ''shoel '' and in Greek it means ''hades''. This ''hell'' simply means ''pit'' or ''grave''. However, there is another meaning of the world ''hell '' comes from the Greek word ''tartarus ''…"
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"I like this German language video.....If you can't understand it, just enjoy the film footage of a variety of beamship types....

Subtitles provided, but keep your eyes on the ships...."
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"The earthquake in Syria and Turkey was caused by weather modification. This is why the earth is not a safe place to live yet and space is also weaponized in astral, mental, etheric and physical the Light Forces are doing all they can to dismantle…"
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"It is coming from the Pleiades (SUBARU) Starsystem."
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"this considered to be the clearest UFO photo ever released (September 4, 1971, Costa Rica)"
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"The numbers of Victims after the earthquake in Turkey rises to 11,000."
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