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  • Today I feel loved. My heart is happy for no reason. I see the leaves falling in autumn and smell like the leaves from the garden. I feel the warm sunshine and I feel people loving each other. I see how the sun bathes everything in a glowing light. The chakras open and I feel my soul glowing and blessing everyone around me. Power from God's love, which I send to you like a ray of sunshine, so that you too are happy, apparently without a reason. But the reason is unconditional love from the one who created your souls, the only and true giver of all life. May the light of your beloved souls shine far into the night of Kali Youga. Be a sun yourself, be filled with the love of God that gives you strength to love when it seems impossible.
  • Also check this video with English subtitles:
  • Comment on YouTube about President Zelensky of Ukraine. I don’t I agree with the last line though. He is probably under a lot of pressure.

    “He is an actor dressed by a CIA wardrobe department in a khaki tracksuit & cheap polyester top. That's the look they gave him and his image is always in the press including Vogue.

    Notice there are never any marks, heavy creasing, no balling, no fluff nothing. How many of those T-shirts do they have in stock? The soles of his sneakers are always clean even in outdoor shots. It's as if he is just transported between sets for political photo opportunities and he apparently has the time to tweet all day...

    Isn't he supposed to be running a country in a war time situation? Does he look busy? His eyebrows are plucked, hair freshly trimmed and he often appears to have done a gym workout earlier that day. There are certainly no bags or dark rings under his eyes. He sleeps well...”

    Link to the video, it get’s interesting at 37 minutes:
    Vaccine Spike Found in Dead Man’s Brain, Says Peer-Reviewed Report
    Spike proteins specifically attributed to COVID-19 vaccination targeted blood vessels in the man’s brain and heart, says report
  • We noticed that again a member has posted the fake Sirian, known as SaLuSa...It is necessary that when an ostensibly "Sirian language" is presented, lacking truth, a truthful Sirian correction must be made, to fill the void of inaccuracy....

    This phrase and "language," is an erratic one and is not known to us.."Selatherin A-al Arjaten" is not Sirian....It is not known at all and is probably made up....These English-Sirian words, included in the sentence he gave, are well known Sirian words; "we" = za and "one" = sa...

    It is also worth pointing out, that the name "SaLuSa" is based upon actual Sirian words, in jest by the Earth human creator of this fictional Sirian...Either by design, or simply by accident, but the name means "OneToOne." And of course, no Sirian would adopt such a silly name, containing such a childish meaning....One reason I call this name a joke name...

    So again, truthful Sirian corrections must be made, to fill the void of inaccuracy....

    We do this now, through our vessel, Col. Omega: Banshrut Kalestra zaudan vin Samanet...

    "Because Yes, We Are All One" = Meladrin hi zabharin sa......(actual Sirian translation)
    Planetary Activation Organization
  • "Cop27 host Egypt warns UK not to backtrack from climate agenda..."

    Unusual diplomatic intervention prompted by fears over Liz Truss’s commitment to net zero....

    My advice is, don't get on the night🤣🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴
  • Don’t worry about the Red Army, folks!🪆🌹🪆🌹🪆
  • Check Elon’s comments on Twitter:
  • Missing Russian nuclear sub.....Scare event coming up....Remember not to be scared.....It's ONLY a deep state distraction as the October info comes out to scare the dark cabal...PANIC IN DC......
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Quantum Football

The crucial difference between quantum mechanics and classic physics is Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (HUP). If the momentum of a particle is certain, then its location is accordingly uncertain, and the vice versa is true. For our purposes,…

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"hear how to wake up (awakening moment)"
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"from vagabond to king"
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"always remember your roots"
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"sounds like a space ship ^^"
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