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  • I have defended Russia and Iran, despite both of them being vilified in west, after analysis of the situation and found some similarities worth noting. However, I am praised by Drekx only for praising Russia, just because I then implicitly criticized Obama's policy and maybe implicitly endorse Trump's. However, he doesn't follow carefully my arguments pertaining to Iran because thus I criticise Trump's policy implicitly, and maybe praise Obama implicitly!

    However Iran is in exactly the same situation as Russia, and even Putin agrees with me! Iraq is in the proximity of Iran just like Ukraine is, to Russia. West has toyed with Iraq, trying to make it its puppet, just like they have done, Ukraine. Consequently, Iranian national security is under a huge threat from U.S. Iran is far less powerful than Russia, so it is forced into a rogue behaviour to defend itself.

    These are similar situations. Lets not be blinded by our political bias!
  • Nevertheless no one ever said that either Afghanistan or Iran are 'wonderful exemplars of virtues'. This is a strawman's fallacy. I only said Taliban beat U.S., which is the truth. They also beat USSR and Britain. Perhaps only Drekx think that there can be governments that are 'exemplars of virtues'. My stand remain as usual: governments are inherently evil, from Britain to Namibia alike. Showing some things done well in Afghanistan, China, Iran or whatever doesn't mean that I have folders of 'good countries' vs 'bad countries'. These are problems that many Americans and Britons have, not me. I can learn something good from Afghanistan and ignore all the bad things. I don't think in 'demons vs angels' when it come to politics etc.

    Similarly, I haven't bought into this idea of 'Biden is the demon' and 'Trump is the angel' nonsense so entrenched in this site. I criticise Biden when he does wrong, and do the same to Trump etc. I criticise China, Japan, Britain, Kenya etc. Nations mean little to me. I don't see why someone should take me in circles when I criticise Trump, or Britain for obvious wrongdoings. If some here have thought that Trump is perfect, then that is a pervertion that no religionist can eclipse! Same applies to nations, If you think that pple should shower praises to Putin, maybe because Trump seemed to endorse him, and no one should praise Iran for anything, maybe because Trump was so down on Iran, then you have brought the mindset of religion into politics! What a sorry state!
  • Drekx said:
    "And ask yourself this, if Afganistan and Iran are such wonderful exemplars of virtue, for you, why are so many people escaping from them, wanting to come to Britain, or America..??
    "I-RAN." lol 😆Poverty and tyranny, maybe..?? Frankly I would not visit these places if you paid me to...."


    I ask myself such questions, but then, I go ahead and ask an even more daunting question: Why were Britons etc fleeing from Britain to America, Australia and even to Africa during the colonial times. Are you then agreeing that Britain, at then, was not such a wonderful exemplar of virtue? If yes, what were you arguing about all along? I mean I was trying to show you that banning of slavery on its own never meant that Britain stood for virtues?
  • This Screen is almost the best from this Movie.
    How we have to react in this Game we are already in from this evil Government.
  • Drekx said,
    "You seem to think that Iran and Afganistan are centres of excellence, when they are both absolute hellholes and nothing for you to be proud of."


    That is what I SEEM to think, when someone carelessly peruse my posts. But this is what I ACTUALLY think:

    Both Iran and Afghanistan are composed of people just like Britons are. Therefore they too deserve the dignity like everyone else. Their are not the toying grounds for Britons and Americans to create their own types of governments there. No one would be proud of Britain if it was a work of foreigners. You yourself never liked the idea of Britons having been illiterate when Iranis etc were erecting empires. Why do you like describing another country as 'hell hole'? You have tried so hard to vindicate Britain during its darkest periods of colonialism, and now you call a country, which has never sought to extend its jurisdiction an 'hell hole'?
  • Did You see all 3 Movies? The Hunger Games.
    Here is my Favorite Scene.
  • we are in this game
  • In other words U.S. politics has reeled hoplessly into non-issues!
  • I mean Trump literally said on live TV, he’d date, and I assume do more with, his frickin daughter lol I mean is that not off, is that not worse than anything Biden has done. If she wasn’t my daughter I’d date her lol
  • Well at least he didn’t say he’d date his daughter lol I mean frickin Trump, oh if Ivanka wasn’t my daughter, I’d date her lol
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