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    Sandy Hook Lawyer Attempts To Force Alex Jones To Undergo Communist Struggle Session
    Weaponized judicial system being used to eviscerate First Amendment and shut down Infowars, but Alex Jones won't go down without a fight!
  • The most reasonable explanation as to why Russia advanced to Kiev from Belarus is as 'diversion tactic'. It forced Ukraine to stop its shelling in Donbass and concentrate on defending the more strategic cities such as Kiev. It is like putting the king in a 'check' in a chess game, so that the next move of the opponent will be to move the king off the check position thereby failing to rescue a rook at the corner!😆

    So I don't just 'follow propaganda'. I listen to all sides and draw a view that can rationally explain the situation.

    Also that Russia's mission is a 'special military operation' is not a 'media propaganda'. That is the gazetted order from Russia's commander in chief of armed forces. That is what armies are officially ordered to do, and they know what operation is 'invasion', 'annexation' 'demilitarization' etc. Putin's statement was formal, not a media briefing, or something like that.
  • Try traveling to or from Canada without being vaccinated… 🛫

    This was still impossible two or three months ago, I don’t know if that has changed.

    Trudeau is a globalist who is close buddies with globalist leaders in Western Europe.

    Under Trudeau Canada is not a free country, unless you live deep in the Canadian forests 🌲🌲🌲

    The protests in Europe and Canada have much in common and in spite of the large distance, the protesters support each other.

    Canadian, British and Australian reporters visited Germany and Holland this summer to film the protests and interview the farmers.

    The (grand)parents of some Canadian farmers’ were born in Western Europe, this could explain the mutual support.
  • Haha! That's funny, but yes, I will respond with some knowledge.

    JJ buys into the western propaganda claiming that Putin's aim is to annex the whole of Ukraine. He falls into it due to the carefull crafting that takes the advantage of the fact that originally, Russia invade from the north all the way through Chernobyl as if in an attempt to stage a quick coup in Kiev.

    But this näive comparison with U.S. invasion of Iraq that marched from the Gulf of Persia all the way to Baghdad fails to take a crucial fact into consideration: The coalition forces had to use about 200,000 troops to overthrow the tiny Iraq but Putin only sent around 50,000 troops to Kiev from Belarus.

    Now who is here buying into propaganda without thinking? Someone who beleives that a country of over 40 million pple can be annexed by just 50,000 gunmen or someone who reasons that a complete annexation of Ukraine could not have been the true aim of Russia? The crowd can decide this for themselves!
  • Maybe the Canadian truckers could try harder to get rid of Trudeau, next time...?? lol And you think you live in a "free country," John..? With people's bank accounts suspended by government....?? That's globalism, that's communism, that's fascism, and you my friend, live in a country run by one of the WEF's best agents.....And he's brainwashed you into believing that 2+2=5......

    And as for "imagining Joe Biden invading Mexico," I admit he is too much of a coward, but he is good at letting Mexico invade America....

    As for Roaring Lovely's counter arguments to yours, I totally agree with them....He runs circles around you, John....And you were wondering where he comes from..?? Kenya, in the heart of Africa....And he's educated, so choose your words carefully, as he will respond with knowledge, that you can only dream of acquiring.

    As for your support for Zelensky and his Nazis, did you not view my video, on this very thread, showing actual photos and footage, of Ukrainian Nazi flags, "black sun" units shelling Russian people and anti-semitic school plays..?? If not I suggest you do, before claiming that Ukraine is innocent and Russia is the aggressor....Indeed, Ukraine was innocent and peaceful, until the wicked OBAMA ADMIN installed a puppet government, using Victoria Nuland, who was instrumental in the Maidan coup, supporting it, financing it and getting Petro Poroshenko "elected" into office as President and later your hero, Zelinsky...BOTH CORRUPT....
    And as soon as they established Nazi units in the Ukraine military, like Azov Battalion, they started a genocide against Russian-speaking people...

    So get your facts straight, before coming on this website to lecture us, with your wagging finger, matey....

    All you have proven to us so far, is that WEF/MSM globalist propaganda does actually work on some people and that you are one of them...

    With sympathy, the Colonel
  • I don't know where yall live lol Britain, Germany, wtv, but HERE, that'd be unheard of lol For a leader to do that.

    But we value freedom here lol You people might be used to being subjugated lol But over HERE, we have a strong personal love of freedom lol And for someone to force the population, by edict, to fight in a war, is just the worst thing imaginable, I mean they'd march to Ottawa and throw Trudeau out if he tried to pull something like that lol

    People here didn't even want to wear a MASK during a global PANDEMIC lol That's how much we value freedom lol Europeans might like a strong leader that tells them what to do, here we don't like that lol Putin could never rule over here, people would not take him seriously.
  • I mean can you imagine Joe Biden invading Mexico lol And frickin forcing everyone to join the army and go fight, I mean can you IMAGINE that lol It'd be the biggest scandal in the world lol He'd be called a rotten tyrant and worse.

    Yet when Putin does it lol Ohhh that Putin lol What a great man, that Putin lol Just ugh. For some REASON, you people completely look the other way.
  • Only slightly lol I mean he's still not above killing innocent children, throwing political opponents in jail, and poisoning people unto death lol I mean again, only slightly better than the "globalists" lol He may not sacrifice children to Satan, but he'll blow them up lol

    To me, it's like two devils fighting over who's gonna rule lol When what we need to do, is get the devils OUT. I mean the common people aren't into any of this shit. That's why they're all flocking OUT of Russia now lol They don't want no part of this.They have to be forced to fight, even Ukraine, they all were flocking out before they were FORCED to fight. The people dont want this shit.
  • And I'll say it again, NATO put those missiles there for a REASON. And would you prefer, to have lived under Soviet rule lol Is that more preferable to you, than what you got now. I mean the SOVIET UNION, you understand what that is lol

    You talking about these people like they're great heroes, these are, basically, monsters. I mean again, pick your devil lol Putin is only slightly better than the NWO lol
  • Yea you falling for the Russian propaganda, I mean they propagandize too lol To make this seem more legitimate than it really is. They obviously have plans to annex all of Ukraine, not just two provinces lol I mean a fool can see that.

    I mean in their newspapers they say it lol They plan on eliminating Ukraine as we know it, no Ukrainian culture, no Ukrainian identity, no nothing. Back to Russia lol Ukraine was created by Russia, they say, and they want it back lol

    Yet you'll believe them when they say, oh it's just a "special operation' lol To "liberate' the two provinces, and that's it lol Well why did they go all over the place then, they didn't just go to the two provinces. I mean they went right for the capital, right away lol Wtf is that.

    They went for the capital, right away lol And you THINK it's just a small operation to liberate the two provinces. You believe all this hype about neo-Nazis ruling. The goal is nothing more than the total annexation of Ukraine back to Russia, and again, only a fool can't see that.
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