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  • Only slightly lol I mean he's still not above killing innocent children, throwing political opponents in jail, and poisoning people unto death lol I mean again, only slightly better than the "globalists" lol He may not sacrifice children to Satan, but he'll blow them up lol

    To me, it's like two devils fighting over who's gonna rule lol When what we need to do, is get the devils OUT. I mean the common people aren't into any of this shit. That's why they're all flocking OUT of Russia now lol They don't want no part of this.They have to be forced to fight, even Ukraine, they all were flocking out before they were FORCED to fight. The people dont want this shit.
  • And I'll say it again, NATO put those missiles there for a REASON. And would you prefer, to have lived under Soviet rule lol Is that more preferable to you, than what you got now. I mean the SOVIET UNION, you understand what that is lol

    You talking about these people like they're great heroes, these are, basically, monsters. I mean again, pick your devil lol Putin is only slightly better than the NWO lol
  • Yea you falling for the Russian propaganda, I mean they propagandize too lol To make this seem more legitimate than it really is. They obviously have plans to annex all of Ukraine, not just two provinces lol I mean a fool can see that.

    I mean in their newspapers they say it lol They plan on eliminating Ukraine as we know it, no Ukrainian culture, no Ukrainian identity, no nothing. Back to Russia lol Ukraine was created by Russia, they say, and they want it back lol

    Yet you'll believe them when they say, oh it's just a "special operation' lol To "liberate' the two provinces, and that's it lol Well why did they go all over the place then, they didn't just go to the two provinces. I mean they went right for the capital, right away lol Wtf is that.

    They went for the capital, right away lol And you THINK it's just a small operation to liberate the two provinces. You believe all this hype about neo-Nazis ruling. The goal is nothing more than the total annexation of Ukraine back to Russia, and again, only a fool can't see that.
  • Also note that what makes Russian case seems totally different from say Turkic or Israeli case is western propaganda. Specifically, they lied to their masses that Russia was out to invade the whole of Ukraine, and possibly change the president etc! If they stick to Putin's own declaration, as just a (very limited) 'special military operation' aimed mainly at small eastern parts of Ukraine, then Russia's case fits perfectly alongside those of Turkic, Israeli or Saudi etc, and hence not worth the hype!
  • As a few examples of cases analogous to Russian entry into Ukraine war:

    1.)Turkey entry into northern Syria and Iraq
    2.)China's entry to Korean war
    3.)Israeli entry to both Lebanese and Syrian war
    4.) Saudi's entry to Yemeni war
    5.)Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia etc entry to Congolese wars.
    6.) Ethiopia entry to Somalia war
    7.) Even in ancient times, Cyrus The Great entered to Syro-Babylonian wars.

    This highlights that it is common for acountry to seem to invade a neighbouring country when that country gets into a messy war. The reason is simple: the borders are far more artificial constructs than natural ones. The presence of kurds both in Turkey and Syria, for instance, lends a Syrian conflict easily leak to Turkey (again remember how Burundi war lead to Rwandan war).

    The only entity that does wars of pure choice, in this world, is U.S. (and maybe Europe during colonial times). Neither Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Yemen or Ukraine are of any security interests to U.S., Which protected by the two largest oceans on earth. Their presence there is pure hegemonic and hence very illegitimate! So we should not lose the focus of condemning U.S., not Russia!
  • The problem is that the extreme hype about Ukraine in west has nothing to do with the love for peace. It has everything to do with geopolitical power struggles and 'supremacy' battles between Russia and the west. Otherwise I don't see any rational explanation as to why there is/was no similar concerns, among western masses, when it came to war in Yemen, Syria etc. Why, and yet Yemeni war was far more disastrous, with killing of over 10,000 children and subjecting of over 80% of the population to starvation!

    Furthermore, Putin is not the one who initiated war in Ukraine. Putin is trying to put an end to it. The war in Ukraine was on since 2014 and yet only 6% of the masses in U.S. etc could even locate Ukraine on the map, before the so called Russian invasion! Common sense should tell you that people this ignorant about Ukraine cannot possibly make a sound judgement as to who is doing wrong in Ukraine, yet the support the 'west' offer to Ukraine is underpinned by the popularity of the 'support for Ukraine' from amongst the ignorant masses, enhanced by the western media propaganda machine! Not even a good number is yet to know of neo-Nazis presence in Ukraine etc.

    So why now the 'concern for peace in Ukraine'?? Is it different when Russian kill than when Ukrainian does it? Why were we not concerned about peace in Ukraine during all these over seven years of brutal war in eastern Ukraine? Why was no one complaining about this apparent 'endless war'. Why was U.S. fuelling it? Why were U.S. masses not even aware that there is a country called 'Ukraine'. What does this country got to do with the distant U.S.? Can a U.S. person possibly know of the concerns in this region, especially without relying on third stage 'hear says' relayed by medias that we have no good reason to trust them?

    It is pure hypocrisy! What Putin does is to undermine the monopoly of 'west' when it comes to usage of violence and coercion. That is why there is the hype about Ukraine. It has nothing to do with the concern for peace, nor about lives in Ukraine.

    Then you can't compare Putin to Bush at all. Iraq is several miles away from U.S. but Russia and Ukraine share a very long border, plus they share a very long history as one country, tracing back to Kievan Russ empire. It is common for such countries to clash on the border, akin to how war in Burundi lead directly to Rwandan war and then to congo war. The presence of Tutsis both in Congo and Rwanda, for instance, lend to possible entry of Rwanda in Congolese conflicts, unleashing the famous Congolese wars, not different at all from the presence of Russians both in Ukraine and in Russia. In short, there is no biological nor geographical nor a natural boundary between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine was formed via agreements within USSR that did not concern US or Britain etc. Who knows what they agreed pertaining to treatment of Russians living in Ukraine, in thr exchange of recognition by Russia, that Ukraine is independent?
  • I mean if George Bush had to fight in the front in the Iraq war, you’d see trickles going down his leg lol No heart for the fight, Putin either, but they’ll be more than happy, to send YOU over there lol To play their geo-political games.
  • Vladimir, P-P-P-Putin lol

    Seriously I wanna see Putin on the front lol Until he does, you can’t take him seriously. Or Lavrov, whatever his name is lol Get over there. Most people in the world want to just live in peace, and these old goons gotta ruin it for everyone lol Btw that includes George Bush.
  • Ptoblem with Germany is that they actually believe in the lie of a "climate emergency" and so don't use coal or nuclear...Not certain if they gave gas reserves, but here is a map of British oil and gas, which are plentiful and could easily be tapped, when we ditch the green agenda, which has held us back, for far too long.......Now isn't that more logical than importing gas from Norway and pretending that we are being so "green...?" Now that Johnson has gone, we have shifted gears with our energy policies.....Let's get cracking on fracking, nuclear, oil and gas.....
    The prices will lower for people and businesses....We'll be like Russia, independent of high international trading prices...
  • I think I have found it. In Germany, gas is also used to generate a certain percentage of electricity (that is apart from kitchen or heating homes). I think it is this gas for generating electricity, that they are trying to substitute it with nuclear energy.
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