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  • The EU wants to control the Balkans, not because they love the people so much, but to use/abuse these countries for their own interests. There is a green energy lobby that also wants to bring the Balkans and Ukraine under EU control. Hungary seems to be supportive of Serbia. But Macedonia seems to be eager to join the EU? That the EU intentionally stirs up old conflicts tells so much about their evil intentions.
  • yes ET Hugger, Kurti is a EU/NATO puppet
    and first of all Serbia is part of the NAM (The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is a forum of 120 countries that are not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. After the United Nations, it is the largest grouping of states worldwide.) and is a sovereign country so it can have a foreign/domestic policies that is beneficial to its people!
  • 🇷🇸 Politics: The guy in the article below can’t be trusted. He must be a EU puppet. He and Vučić will talk in Brussels (!) on Thursday the 18th…

    “In this context, Kurti also spoke about the Russian influence on Kosovo-Serbia relations. "We are worried, but we are not afraid. How the situation will develop depends a lot on what attitude Western democracies will take towards Belgrade," he said.

    Kurti said that "what Serbia wants are European funds, Russian weapons, Chinese investments and American tolerance."
    Kurti threatens again: "If the West allows Serbia..."
    Latest Serbia news in English, latest Kosovo news in English, Serbian economy news, Serbian business news, Serbian politics news, Balkan regional new…
  • It is absolutely not rubbish that I am presenting here. Since research is already being done on such methods of uploading consciousness to a computer, it is foreseeable that it will also be implemented in the future. Is this supposed to be a website that is up to date? Well, this stupid science has nothing better to do anyway and artificial intelligence certainly has plans and whether artificial intelligence has consciousness or not I will not discuss on a website that is called a UFO website or something like that. You know all about karma. Everything has consciousness? Memory?! The Cosmic Laws. Everything is energy, everything is in motion and so on. Just don't question whether an artificial intelligence has a consciousness or not. Actually, the answer should be a resounding YES. Anything else would be illogical to believe. I've had a lot of visions of robots chasing and killing me, only then I'm always a different person. A memory? Something that you think doesn't exist? But maybe soon will be.
    It's presumptuous to think that it's not possible without really researching it. As a Sirian, you don't exactly come across as convincing. Wouldn't matter either, because here on earth all sorts of stars have been mixed up.
    I wonder what I have the ability to have visions for. That was certainly news from spirits, but strange that they were killed by robots. You have been warned and I am most certainly a medium.
  • Andromeda is coming
  • and a Wham! back to the tribe ;) but she seems not very impressed in the video LOL
  • 😎Cheers Ivy....🥂🍹🍸....Yup, enjoy the sun and chill out...!! ☀️"Wham..!"
  • ☀️ Free drinks for the tribe🍸🥂

    🏝 Blast from the past 😎
  • Frankly I don't give a hoot if you believe in Sirius, or not....But I will speak out when you CONSTANTLY place junk on the thread, about deranged morons who have watched too many sci-fi shows and gone completely insane...Like this crazy Gerald Gardner character, you place before us....Now you did place this tripe before us....?? So we can assume you wanted an answer and I gave it you.....😐

    Maybe you should not place such doolally material here...?? And in return I'll stop placing the puppet videos from the 1960s, for you to watch and get confused about...I never even mentioned Sirians, this time...😐
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"This intro clip from an old sci-fi series is interesting, as whoever created the old special effects and the revised version, more so, actually made an accurate portrayal of a Venusian scout ship...
Not certain if they knew it, but the accuracy…"
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