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  • 𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 , this particular comment wall is at the ACC community level.....BUT, many of us ALSO comment and discuss spiritual ideas and thoughts, on our own forums and blogs, as well...
    You are welcome to comment on my forum, if you would like to...Today I had a great group dynamic, chatting with friends about ashrams and the seven rays...It's almost like a family vibe we have....😊

    You're welcome to join us, if you want......Regards, Drekx Omega
    The Soul of Mother Russia Resonates With The Incoming Aquarian Ray - Like Attracts Like
    Selamat balik dratzo,   I would like to clarify that when I mention earth surface nations, such as Russia or America I'm not trying to place one abov…
  • Coronavirus and Vaccine, i read each Day in the News and then here again. Spread Fear? Maybe a little? In terms of medical care, simply saying that the best thing is not to take anything is somehow also wrong, since there are still diseases that can only be cured in this way. After all, it is not all bad, but also serves with certain ingredients for healing. You may have just been lucky that you are not dependent on medical care. Medications are used for healing and do not necessarily make everyone together sick. You can't generalize that.
    Oh no matter, these are topics here that made me a little Angry. Way to stressy then and of cause not good for me.
    Got no reason to stay.. don't know why..
  • Well, guess i only say nonsense here. Maybe i shoud leave Ashtar Command. I feel not very welcome and it's still very bring always talks about what is the news. I was try talk about Billy Meier, but Trump, Olivia Superstar or Biden is only what youre care for on a Webpage were you Welcome on Bord or something. Good Question what's Website is about. Turn into a Magazin or Newspaper 🤔? I read same in the News. It's like it has nothing to do with Peapole from other Planets like Sirius. We can not talk about? I Post here a real Picture of Sirius, but who cares it looks like Erth 🤷‍♀️. It's from Endariel, but well as you see, no one cares.
    Well, im not so sure what i shoud do here? So if i leave don't worry about me. I still feel the Golden Light inside me.
    Ben-Arion it's never rigth to follow a fake Sun, when anyone do so. Maybe shoud turn arround see the real sun.
    I woud look inside me for the real sun ligth. The sun wich always shine, because i am beloved by God and his beloved Son Jesus Christ our Crowned King.
    So maybe bye for now.
  • I heard that Biden is sick and Trump is depressed.
    RL Your stories bore me.
    Either way, you must always be right and always have the last word.
    As if I'm just too stupid to understand your strange descriptions. You would never admit that your words may be misunderstood. Maybe the choice of words wasn't the best. My goodness I never tell anyone that Way it's lives like a parasite. Of course, everyone will feel offended, but you should know that no one here wants to be compared to parasites.
    I am awakened about our Situation on Shan (Earth).
    What you say maybe in the other context is exactly what these reptilians or whatever they are in the government always say.
    The alleged climate change and that the Human is the problem on Shan (Earth).


    Whoever conquers the planet (shan (Earth) is a spaceship with wings cut off) has to take care on it. The running systems are made by those who figth the Pleiadians and wanted this so called Earth.
  • Trust Wray.....l!! lol 😉
  • Oh! I forgot to note that the problem with defining 'parasite' as strictly 'living inside the host' is that it neatly excludes cloths lice, bed bugs, mosquitoes etc from 'parasite' category. Clothes lice do not live IN us. They live NEAR us, just like we live near plants. For those who, liking being compared say to head lice of ticks, opt to define parasite as 'living inside the host' rather than 'living near the host', you only wind up being comparable to clothes lice or bedbugs.😆 Are you now comfortable with this comparison?

    We live near cows so we may milk them. Bed bugs live in our beds so the may suck our blood. Is there any biologically meaning difference? Nope!
  • Now, there are those who say 'parasite' proper must live inside the host, without killing the host. But still some people, me included, do not see two connected objects as two different objects at all. Thus 'parasite-host' dichotomy is also mistaken to a good extent. Same applies to seeing 'parasites' as only harmfull.

    It is even said that the mitochondrion was once a parasite in the now eukaryotic cell! So an organism can capture a parasite in evolution and henceforth becomes one with the parasite! In a similar way, we know that cows and other ruminants absolutely needs bacteria in their stomachs to digest raw foods! Same applies to morphogenesis even in humans. There are bacterial living in us thal helps in development of our bodies! Should we categories these helpull bacterial as 'parasites' because they live inside bodies? To me, yes. So seeing a parasite as only harmful is a drawing of a line in the sand! It is more of a categorization based on human concerns rather than a scientifically meaningful criteria! It is much the same way as categorizing 'fruit' such that Sodom Apple and other non-edible fruits are not 'fruits'. It was done for our own human convenience, not for accurate, biological understanding. It was like we wanted to avoid eating poisons alongside 'fruits', and so we opted to simply say 'those are not fruits'. In a similar way, we wanted to avoid harmful parasites, and so we defined 'parasites' to suite our needs!

    We live 'inside' the plantine environment, in a manner not much different from how lice can live in our heads! We need oxygen from plants but plants can get both oxygen and co2 from other plants! So we need plants but plants don't need us! We also harm plants but they don't harm us! We walk on grass, climb trees, dig vegetation off, fell trees, use them to fence, prunes them etc etc. So animal-plant relationship cannot be accurately categorized under 'sympiosis'. It is more accurately 'parasitic'!
  • When a reptile suckles a cow etc, we laugh off and call them 'parasites'. When human milk cows, we call it 'dairy farming' and boast about how good we are in the job! Whats the difference? Ticks suck cows, we use their skins for bags, shoes and jackets. We harm the cow more than the ticks does!!

    But I am not making the ridiculous 'vegetarianism' argument where they point a fingur to humans. That is how we are. It is not our fault! It is not the fault of a tick that it must make a cow sick. That is how it was created! If it is 'bad' to be parasites, then you are blaming God or nature! God created lice, tsetseflies, jiggers, flies, cockroaches, tapeworm etc! I mean it is not the devil that did these! If the same being that created louse is same one that created me, then it is not a surprise if I am similar to louse! All creatures are similar, and yes, we are parasites to a good extent, just like we are preys, predators, symbiots etc.

    When someone says 'we are all devine' or 'we are angels' or 'we are indigos', or 'we are starseeds' etc, no one complains that the comparison is inappropriate even though no one can explain how we are gods etc! I mean we are not manifestly 'omniscient', 'omnipotent' etc. How are we gods? But when I say we are parasites, people now complain yet I have give the definition of 'parasites' and explained our similarities with parasites. Granted, there may be differences between a tick and a human. But so what? Every parasite is unique. Some causes diseases, some don't. We can similarly say we walk upright, we wear clothes, we use tools, we go to schools, we listen to music etc. Does this mean that we are not mammals, given that no mammal does any of those? Nope! We must also consider our SIMILARITIES with mammals. Same applies when comparing ourselves with ticks. Yes, there is a difference between a human and what we normally call 'parasites'. But there are similarities that are of biological significance. Both a human and a tick relies on another living thing for survival. So for at least this particular characteristic, we must put a human on the same category with a tick, alongside 'living things that rely on other living things', especially for biological reason.

    For social reasons e.g. appearing in court, voting etc, a human is seen not to be an animal. But biologically speaking, a human is an animal. Same applies to the 'parasitic' category. Man perfectly fits the BIOLOGICAL characterisation of 'parasites'!
  • Quote:
    "I find your comparison very inappropriate, because a parasite behaves differently. It's not quite like you say. People live on earth and make a living from what there is to eat here. They don't make the earth sick because they eat"


    A human polutes the environment, damages ozone layer, releases toxins to the oceans, sprays crops with toxins to kill other pests etc etc. When we do all these as a necessity for our survival, we definitely 'make the earth sick'! So I find the comparison with parasites very appropriate!

    A tick lives on a cow, a Bird lives on a tree, a human fells a tree and uses it to build his house. He kills a cow and uses its skin to make shoes etc. So don't we harm other living things when deriving benefits from other livings? We definitely do that! We kill billions of flies when we drive cars. We kill billions of fleas, cockroaches, spiders, etc when we sweap a place. We sprey a place with insecticides and cares less if the insects were there before you. As far as harming or sickening the host is concerned, a human is arguably the worst parasite of all! So yes, a comparison with a parasite is very appropriate!!
  • Thank you, Lee. Many blessings to you and Valana’s friends and family 💖
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