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  • What colour was the blood of that ugly predator in that Schwarzenegger's movie? Was it blue or green? I remember it seemed to have been glowing like a glow worm. That was the only beautiful thing about that ET!😆
  • Well as spiritual beings we are way beyond our genetics, but as spiritual beings evolving in physicality, it is in our individual and collective interests, to safeguard our genetics, so that we may each ascend to higher physical perfection, as galactic humans/ascended masters, with full consciousness...

    Why the baddies spend so much effort trying to destroy our genetic health...We must resist them...
    Anyone who regularly visits airports and allows themselves a full body scan, before boarding a flight, remember your genes....These are terrahertz waves they beam on you...
  • Drekx said: "Human DNA is being impulsed by cosmic rays"

    Agarther question: but parts of the DNA can also be activated/deactivated with intent/will, we are not determined by our genes?
  • The idea of human angels, is actually a misnomer, as I stated last week.....However, as Agarther pointed out, about Islam, and archangel Gabriel meeting prophets, the idea of "angels" providing "virgin births," was actually an Essene community practice. The tribe of Levites held this conviction and practiced this ceremony, within their community. To impregnate a virgin, using the "archangel Gabriel." This "angel" was actually a high priest of the temple, or tabernacle, who made the chosen woman pregnant, through his "divine genetics." A gift from God, it actually was...her children would be chosen....And so it was, in those days...
    The mythos being that it was immaculate....In genetic terms, there is meaning to this, albeit that meaning eludes many religions, who forgot the original meaning...And then, by the time that the Romans modified the original meaning, with their church, nobody remembered what the idea was really all about....The virgin birth....
  • The third strand of DNA would be sent to Earth by the Galactic Federation in so-called Human Angels. I kind of read that somewhere. It's been a long time. Isn't that the Bringer of Dawn?
  • Not certain of their percentages, but the developing third strand, far from being "junk," or detritus, (the medical term,) is an increasingly active, communicator strand, activating transformation to eventual 12-strand DNA........The galactic human configuration....
    Human DNA is being impulsed by cosmic rays...The correction that has allowed this to proceed, was made upon an isolated and experimental test group of people, (tribes) isolated for 40-years, in the desert, then allowed to return to various lands and capitols and mix that corrective genetic aspect, with all nations.....

    GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY, SAYETH THE LORD....!!! (and for good reason...;-)
    So most nations have now had a correction to their genetics,which allows the eventual activation of the third strand, to twelve strands....In all people....
  • and Drekx is it correct that the Human Genome Project mapped only 5% of the genes and 95% were classified as Junk DNA because inactive? I read something like that, since you mentioned the limiter gene
  • The Anunnaki were definitely not benign in ancient times....They did create much ancient propaganda about themselves as "saviours" of humanity, and always depicted themselves with wings, on tablets....It's the Sumerian language and myth....“those who come down from the sky." THey did aid the post flood reconstructions, but only so they could control a limited gene humanity....These gods had different names, in different nations and cultures, but they were the same evil bunch.....
    Now they have reformed.....I speak of ancient times....They have appologised to the GFL and learned from their mistakes...They no longer call themselves Anunnaki....
    It was their mythology that they were "creator gods." Pure ancient propaganda...
    anunnaki - Bing
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  • The Anunnaki. All i know about them is they are not part of the Galactic Federation. Have heard that the Anunnaki believe that they have blue blood, which supposedly makes them belong to a royal family and this is a lie.
  • The Anunnaki advanced homo sapiens, with DNA experiments..?? Well, not so....The limiter gene caused the opposite effect...As I inferred, von Däniken is amusing, but way off beam...Attempts to rectify the limiter gene were made by the Sirians, as per the biblical story of Exodus....At that time, some 1500 BC, the gods (Anunnaki) were in conflict with God....Lord Yahweh, the Logos, supported by the GFL...
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