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    11 Of The Most Notable Reactions To The Supreme Court Decision To Overturn Roe
    Many people believed that the Supreme Court would never overturn Roe. v. Wade, but now it has happened.  It is one of the biggest political developme…
  • Nato is an org of stuffed suits-they get paid to do almost nothing. And -what a surprise-it;s 80% funded by US taxpayers-as is the UN-so much insanity-its time to shift to an alternate world permanently
  • NATO is well passed it's sell by date and festering in the kitchen, making for a terrible stink...
    I think that Finland and Sweden should not join this "HMS Titanic" style of collective debacle....

    I would prefer the UK to leave NATO and forge new alliances, that actually suit our national interests, rather than the post WW2, US led, western block's interests...All this "free world" tripe really needs to be exposed, as the illusion it has certainly become....
    Maybe during the actual cold war, NATO countered the Warsaw Pact....But now, it has become a liability and tool for globalism...

    Great Britain should return to the policy of splendid isolation.....We're sick of wiping Europe's arse......Well the people are...The elites want us to wipe Europe's arse forever, it seems...
    Splendid isolation
    Splendid isolation is a term used to describe the 19th-century British diplomatic practice of avoiding permanent alliances, particularly under the go…
  • This Turkey vs Greece standoff is funny. Now NATO's purpose is supposed to be 'to let the members fight together if one of them is attacked'. How about if one of the NATO member attacks another NATO member? This seems to be a question that these lamebrains did not ask themselves!😆
  • I wonder if any navy or merchant vessels saw activity over the Easter Plate area...?? That was Sandara's position on Monday, around midday, BST....It is just west of Easter island, off the coast of Chile...The survey then continued northwards...By the evening they were off California...
    nazca plate and south american plate - Bing images
  • Yes, they are Sirian craft and one of them is being piloted by Meretroseh, with Sandara directing the team of Science Clan scoutships...These are spherical, as the one I saw recently, in England...It's a double triad, with a couple of them transiting inter-dimensionally and back to the physical..As well as oceanic sea-bed, a deep ground penetration survey was made, of fault lines...

    On this very wall, at my post June 27, 2022 at 1:35pm....You will see this salient extract....

    "Hey Vash, where's Sandara today....??" And he responded; "on Pacific ocean duties, undersea tectonic plates, assignment...So currently over Easter island, conducting a survey.....!!" And then In and out of the ocean, knowing how these go..."

    "Sounds like fun and hard work I responded....!!" I smiled with delight at the thought...;-)"

    This pacific ocean survey has included much of the south America coast and the Californian costline and San Andreas fault, area also....Has anyone reported any inland sightings, as well...??

    Here is a map of the Pacific plate geography...
    nazca plate and south american plate - Bing images
  • (June, 2022)
    What were those mysterious lights seen across San Diego?
    What were those mysterious lights seen across San Diego?
  • 😘
  • Thank you Drekx Omega for your welcoming!
  • I see that a large tranche of new ACC members have arrived today......Welcome to you all...May your contributions be freely made, with unrestrained spiritual strength....📢

    Or as my Sirian kin and Federation comrades say; "selamat balik...!!" 💕🛸🛸🛸💕

    "Selamat kasijaram zau..!" (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏
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"The head of the preeminent scientific journal The Lancet’s COVID-19 origins Commission is ‘convinced’ that the virus came out of a lab and says that a real investigation is being blocked.…"
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"‼️ 🇷🇸 🇷🇺 A Russian military base will appear in Europe

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Belgrade Alexander Botan-Kharchenko said that a Russian military base will be established on the territory of Serbia.

He stressed that…"
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