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  • Thats absolutely true!☺ DIFFERENCE does not allude to SUPERIORITY/INFERIORITY. We don't treat a cow like a human not because it is inferior but because it is different. It is unfair in one way or another to treat different things the same way. Do they say a cow not being allowed to vote is 'speciesim'? Or should we say why stop there? Why not tax humans 'their' lands and give them to antelopes etc as a compensation? No! As usual, they will define 'speciesm' only to suit the vegetarian! They will ignore every other thing that would be incredibly unfair to animals if we were to say 'animals are just like humans and so should be treated like humans'. No, the animal is briefly 'promoted' to human only to serve the purpose of the vegetarian. Then it is immediately 'demoted' back to an animal before you screw the same vegetarian using his own 'animal is just like human' logic!!
  • UK Petition: "We want the Government to commit to not signing any international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness established by the World Health Organization (WHO), unless this is approved through a public referendum."
    Petition: Do not sign any WHO Pandemic Treaty unless it is approved via public referendum
    We want the Government to commit to not signing any international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness established by the World Health Orga…
  • The other thing these idiots fail to discern and fully comprehend, is the natural principle of food chains...The exchange of life energies, between a variety of forms....No form is superior or inferior, than the other, when it comes to feeding.....Humans are not animals, but we are part of the food chain, too....Due to our organizational skills, normally on top of the chain, BUT, when unfortunate, like a hunter who loses his rifle and gets eaten by a lion and hyenas....Or the swimmer, who foolishly swims too far out to sea and gets attacked and eaten by sharks....Or the many victims of parasites....Humans in the tropics, with a variety of parasitical afflictions, as you listed...
    Minerals and plants are the lowest on the food chain, because they cannot run away....LOL BUT, that does not place them as intrinsically inferior, as without their sacrifice, animals and humans would not receive minerals and vitamins...
    Part of the life and death cycle.....A natural cycle, that does not require crazy idealists to modify it, or judge it......It works, so they should leave it alone...

    Whatever, it is a survival instinct all creatures possess....None are actually superior, in these food chain exchange, terms, but obviously, one does not invite a dog to be President of a republic.....It just does not suit a dog's interests, to run a
    🐶Woof, woof...!! 🤣
  • The morons cannot discern that 'we are animals' cuts through both arguments! If humans are just 'other animals' and a notion of 'specism' has any meaning, then one can argue that the demand that human be vegetarian is 'speciesim' both against human and against the animals! It subject humans to a different set of rules that doesn't apply to animals, and as such, it is ironically an instant apartheid in a setting meant to place humans on the same par with animals! It condemns humans and patronize animals!!
  • I have also addresed this 'we are the animals' rhetoric. Why do they want us to be animals for just the purpose of persuing their vegeterianism agenda and then deny that we are animals when you ask them why lions, chickens etc are not condemned for eating other animals? So 'we are animals' only when it suits them, otherwise 'we are angels' for the purpose of condemning us!

    In summary, if you eat animals, wear their skins etc, then you are a parasite on the same par with ticks, roundworms, lice etc. If you eat plants and use them for furnitures etc, then you are a parasite on the same par with locusts, weevils, stock borers earth worms etc!

    What we eat or use has nothing to do with the thought of 'superiority' or 'inferiority'! Only a bunch of morons think that they are 'superior' to the host in which they are the parasite!
  • Hehe...!! As usual, Roaring....Impeccable logic...
    Yes, there are many of these nutty people who believe that humans are animals, even...The part when the quote reads; "worldview that regards other animals as inferior." So we are viewing "other animals," it seems to this weirdo person...
    Truth is, Humans are not animals.....In spiritual terms, a different kingdom expressed in physicality, in which the mind is much more present...
    Of course, most of this agenda is secular atheism, in which human beings are "equal" to animals....Maybe they want the vote for dogs and cats...??lol
  • Quote:
    "Every person who eats or wears animal-derived products plays a part in this abuse. The root of the problem lies in a worldview that regards other animals as inferior. We call this “speciesism”. This prejudice has led to the use of animals for food, clothes, entertainment, home furnishings, and even spare body parts."

    My reply:
    I have debunked this nonsense several times. Crocodiles, lions etc do eat humans too. Does it mean lions think that humans are 'inferior' to them?. Why don't we eat cockroaches, spiders, lizards and chameleons? Do we think they are not 'inferior'? Are parasites the 'superior' ones? Giggers use our feet as homes. Lice use our heads as their forests. Worms use our interstines as their homes etc. So do round worms, lice, giggers ticks etc think they are superior to humans? Should we, perchance eat plants because we think they are inferior to us? Does becoming a parasite in the plant kingdom means that you are 'superior'?
  • This "psychopath" probably receives some form of immunity from the police, as he is officially diagnosed as insane, it's on file in the medical reports, the local authority have been closing down institutions, in which he prior lived...He is returned to the community...
    This pattern is often observed in so-called liberal democracies, with left-wing governments, or local governments.....They can't afford to fund mental homes and they close....Or the owners do not wish to pay high taxes, so move to new locations, where taxes are lower...
    This could explain why the police do not take action....Moreover, he has to actually commit a crime first...Normally something violent....As even damage to property is not considered important enough to act, among modern woke policing methods....

    Have your local institutions for the insane been closed down...?? Your asylums...??
    Could be why he is living in a tenement and unable to cope...But ignored by police.
  • Maybe you don't have to look for the rich with the rich, or in Places were Rich Peapole use to live. You never know if someone is rich or poor just because they live in a tenement house. Maybe he has both house and apartmentMaybe he has both house and apartment? 🤔The police do nothing against such psychopaths.
  • One major factor that many are not aware of, is that because the Earth Alliance thwarted the "election" of Hillary Clinton, in 2016, letting Trump in...Then the dark cabal's plans were delayed during Trump's tenure...

    Now what this means is that the cabal and it's numerous minions, have been compelled to speed up their preparations for the green new deal and great reset....They have been furiously playing catch-up, since Biden took "office," in January 2021....

    Rushing through unpopular policies, they would have preferred the public not to notice. If it had been a slower process, they could have kept much under the radar...
    Now, because they are behind their 16-year plan schedule, all the policies we are seeing are out of synch with reality and that has placed them in a kind of "slow-motion," for the public to see, but in real time....One failure, after another....From a public perspective. Albeit, increasing poverty in America and Britain, is "success," from the cabal perspective...They want "equality" with the poorest nations on Earth...Not for themselves, of course, but for the rest of us...A world in which exceptional nations do not exist....
    Inflation, high crime, open borders, sending money overseas, woke teaching...The public hate it all and see it all, in real time.....

    I advise anyone who can afford to do so, at this juncture, to purchase gold and silver, while they are cheap....In the future, these two metals will sky rocket....
    Some like coins...Personally I recommend gold, or silver bar ingots....Make sure they are sealed and have a serial number....This makes for an easier sell, when you do so....
    Your hedge against inflation, as the fiat system implodes....
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