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  • In my opinion, whenever such incidences as this Russia Ukraine thing happen, people should discuss analyse and debate it carefully, especially those from war mongering countries. Failure to do this, you find that we repeat the mistakes we did or those that others did. For instance it is ridiculous that US repeated the mistake done by USSR in Afghanistan and expected different results! Even school children predicted that US would fail! There was no way U.S, all the way from Pacific ocean, could succeed in doing what USSR failed just at its nose!

    Of course there were also hubris like ' .. we defeated Japan...' or even 'we went to moon',.. these tricky situation is the reason we must discuss well. Why did US succeed in Japan but failed in Vietnam? A correct answers would have obviated the Taliban thing. Also it is tricky! At first beating Taliban looks a no march as compared to putting man on moon! But when you close exermine, you realize that it is dubious! It can be far easier to kill an elephant than to kill an house fly, especially if you think that a machine gun will help you with it!!
  • ET Hugger-good call-we should all start anti vaxxing, anti masking, and especially anti social credit score posting while this crisis is going on
  • I for one am convinced that Putin will succeed in his mission. The westerners are again getting trapped the same way they did in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. The false premise in the west is that the 2014 revolution that toppled a pro-Russian president accurately depicts the Ukrainians in general. This is an exact repetition of the error they made in Iraq! Iraq, so they said, 'are just like westerners'. If freed from a dictator, so they thought, an Iraqi is basically like a Britton. He is 'capitalistic', 'materialistic' and 'individualistic'. Indeed that is how they think all people are! The reason we don't have capitalism in east, is because they are suppressed by totalitarians and authoritarians!! So 'remove them' and we have a uniform liberal world! That was the naivity reigning supreme in early 2000s.

    But this so called 'liberalism' is a western calture that developed over centuries. It did not erupt in a single protest! This is while easterners were developing their own socialistic culure! So Russians, for instance are culturally socialists.

    In Iraq, you could not use a 'capitalist' identity to rally Iraqis against Iranis like you could, to rally west against USSR. Neither could you rally Iraqis using Arab identity against Irani Persian identity. Yet the deep reason is still not the more powerful Shiite identity shared between Iraqis and Iranis. Rather, it is a cultural identity that got entrenched in the region over centuaries of Persian Empire, Islamic Carliphate, Parthian empire etc. This cultural identity made both Iranis and Iraqis to readily embrace Shiite Islam.

    Now come to Russia. For similar reasons, you might rally Ukrainian against Russians based on ethnic identity. But if Russians plaid the game with the wisdom that Iranis plaid in their campaign in Iraq, Russians will be able to use the common culural identity to overpower Ukrainian identity. This common culure is the one they developed during the centuaries when they were both under Kievan Russ empire.
  • The thing is that the 'west' is loosing both its economic and military force and worst of all, in its ever spiralling divisive politics, endless disastrous wars, how they handle 'immigrants' and 'foreigners', they are losing the MORAL force as well! They are nolonger widely seen as 'the good guys' like they were in 1990s! All this undermines the west's grip of Eurasia, even as Russia and China rises!

    This is a world totally different from 1990s. The 'west' promises have been weighed and 'tested', and so 'the writtings are on the wall'! 'Democracy' and 'capitalism' has not transformed lifes. Attempts to impose them have only created an array of failed states: Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan etc! So their method: 'lets intervene to spread democracy and capitalism' have only created untold disasters!

    All these are watched silently by 'non-westerners'. So they know, for instance, that their other 'social engineering' in Ukraine is perharps a move towards yet another failed state! Putin knows this very well! His intervention is well timed, and he knows that his popularity in those regions is on a rise and that of the west is on decline!!
  • ET Hugger said:

    "It seems that the energy has shifted from obedience, anger and judgment to sadness and compassion, especially in women. This is not a bad shift because this will eventually lead to inner and hopefully outer peace 💖"

    My responce,

    Problem is that it is still emotional manipulation based on how MSM potrays the conflict, or even worse, it may still be hypocritical. The war in Yemen has killed 10,000 children!! Last year, Israel killed 192 civilian in just 11 days in Gaza. Russia has, so far, killed 342 civilians. In the war in Ethiopia, it is even a more terrible disaster!!

    Now I ask, why this so much attention is paid to this Ukrainian thing? from how I see, it isnt a bloody conflict at all. It is not because there is a humanitarian disaster. There was, in Syra, and Yemen and Libya, a desert where starving pple get stranted. But instead of eliciting compassion in these regions: Hungary, Poland etc, it create hatred to refugees, 'immigration crisis' psy-op, fearce anger and divisive politics in Europe and eventually US!

    No this is not compassion! Compassion is not discriminatory. Compassion comes towards any suffering person, especially the poor one. This is geopolitics!! Ukraine is a fuse because it is about 'containing NATO', not because there is a humanitarian disaster. So this is not true compassion.

    BTW this discriminatory show of 'compassion' to different people in the world has infuriated Indians and middle easterners! This will eventually undermine the 'west' influece in Eurassia. Take for instance UAE, Saudi and India and Turkey, the traditional western allies (all stood for Kuwait, for instance), have supported Russia!
  • 🧐? He have different Faces??
  • I think there is nothing better than helping people learn more
  • The sheer volume of fake stories, surrounding what Russia is purportedly doing in Ukraine, would surprise you......Is there anyone here, who trusts what the western MSM is telling them.....?? I suggest that you wake up soon.....
    Using past footage, video game animations, CGI and faked stories, plus incidents that never happened...Or happened, but in a different place and time: BE ON THE ALERT FOR FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA....MARCH MADNESS....

    The fake news in Ukraine storytelling, is listed here......
  • Ukraine's special operations command just issued a warning to Russian soldiers that they will not be taken prisoner and will be "slaughtered like pigs" without the option of surrendering.

    That is public admission of a war crime.

    this is the link to the original post on facebook:
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