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  • ET Hugger said:

    "It seems that the energy has shifted from obedience, anger and judgment to sadness and compassion, especially in women. This is not a bad shift because this will eventually lead to inner and hopefully outer peace 💖"

    My responce,

    Problem is that it is still emotional manipulation based on how MSM potrays the conflict, or even worse, it may still be hypocritical. The war in Yemen has killed 10,000 children!! Last year, Israel killed 192 civilian in just 11 days in Gaza. Russia has, so far, killed 342 civilians. In the war in Ethiopia, it is even a more terrible disaster!!

    Now I ask, why this so much attention is paid to this Ukrainian thing? from how I see, it isnt a bloody conflict at all. It is not because there is a humanitarian disaster. There was, in Syra, and Yemen and Libya, a desert where starving pple get stranted. But instead of eliciting compassion in these regions: Hungary, Poland etc, it create hatred to refugees, 'immigration crisis' psy-op, fearce anger and divisive politics in Europe and eventually US!

    No this is not compassion! Compassion is not discriminatory. Compassion comes towards any suffering person, especially the poor one. This is geopolitics!! Ukraine is a fuse because it is about 'containing NATO', not because there is a humanitarian disaster. So this is not true compassion.

    BTW this discriminatory show of 'compassion' to different people in the world has infuriated Indians and middle easterners! This will eventually undermine the 'west' influece in Eurassia. Take for instance UAE, Saudi and India and Turkey, the traditional western allies (all stood for Kuwait, for instance), have supported Russia!
  • 🧐? He have different Faces??
  • I think there is nothing better than helping people learn more
  • The sheer volume of fake stories, surrounding what Russia is purportedly doing in Ukraine, would surprise you......Is there anyone here, who trusts what the western MSM is telling them.....?? I suggest that you wake up soon.....
    Using past footage, video game animations, CGI and faked stories, plus incidents that never happened...Or happened, but in a different place and time: BE ON THE ALERT FOR FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA....MARCH MADNESS....

    The fake news in Ukraine storytelling, is listed here......
  • Ukraine's special operations command just issued a warning to Russian soldiers that they will not be taken prisoner and will be "slaughtered like pigs" without the option of surrendering.

    That is public admission of a war crime.

    this is the link to the original post on facebook:
  • ‘The first poll that came out showed that Putin’s ratings have soared to over 70%’

    Reporter Owen Matthews says the majority of Russians are backing Putin, amid the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • Looks like even the People in Russia do not want this War.
  • San- well said..beautiful video:)
  • We all a Part of one World. We all can share the same Dream...
  • Oh, that was a classic movie, with Chaplin as the Great Dictator." Nice one friend....!! 😁

    And Zelensky keeps all the deep state loons guessing....Good job, good acting....👏
    While all that goes on, various bio-labs and Nazi bases are being dealt with by Russian special forces..👏

    And as AE intimates, NATO has become an arm of dark cabal aggression, rather than a merely defensive organization...

    And for anyone who seeks to look a little bit deeper, behind the Ukraine-Russia conflict I would recommend this video, which is a genuine outlet, (rather than one, among numerous disinfo outlets...)

    The Plan that Dave speaks of, is real....It is the same Plan, as that one which Q & Q+ work towards...The overthrow of the current global/western central bank system...

    WWG1WGA........Red pill and awaken.....😎
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