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  • Biden losing his temper, as well as his faculties, if they ever 😉
    Grumpy old fart, should be his title, rather than "commander in chief..."
  • with this picture I want to make fun about the warmongers in Washington, D.C., not the american people!
  • There are several cabal scripts available, if one script fails they launch another. Covid > summer-break: BLM > Covid > summer-break: Afghanistan > Covid > winter-break: Ukraine…
  • yes Albertha, thank you
  • Then bad news
    Ghost World 2022-2032
  • A little good news-
    New Hampshire seeks to make ivermectin available as an alternative COVID treatment –
  • American intel agencies and the FBI have been hijacked by the cabal and have committed horrible crimes including false flags to start wars or terrorist operations -911-and made multi billions of $ smuggling contraband (slaves- including children, drugs, weapons) The cabal has also hijacked western (but mostly the US) govs by setting up blackmail operations like the Epstien pedophile island so the politicians involved do/vote as they are directed, etc.-media moguls and actors included.
  • The dark cabal are attempting to return to the 16-year plan they had devised before Trump disrupted it...So, the Ukraine situation has been re-ignited as it was in 2014, when they conducted a regime change in Kiev, under Obama and with the EU's support...
    The 16-year plan was supposed to be an Obama two terms, followed by a Clinton two terms...16-years...
    However, in 2015, the patriot, White Knights, recruited Trump tp disrupt it...So he ran for President and stopped Clinton in her tracks...2016.

    If you recall, back in 2014, there were many attempts to stoke a war with Russia...Putin did not respond in the way the dark wanted...He held back his forces...As he will do so, this time...He knows the Plan..

    The dark know this, so may try a FALSE FLAG and blame Russia...
    The cabal is not America. Real Americans do not want a war, only the corrupt elites do...

    Note that unlike 2014, this same attempt is not being supported by Germany, as they worry about Russian gas supplies..NATO is actually divided over Russia..

    If the Russian false flag is launched and the world condemns Russia, they might attempt to re-take the eastern region of Ukraine, to use as a security buffer...But have no plans of conquest, further into Ukraine, as the fake news want people to believe...

    Like mass vaccinations of covid jabs, this will also fail to produce the result, of leading the world to great reset...Albeit, many will die from the jabs, so a smaller world population to present numbers. Great awakening is happening too fast for the cabal to keep up with..

    Also, the Russian Federation is NOT the Soviet Union, in spite of all the propaganda spouted by western media outlets, that suggest it is....Sheer nonsense, but if they want that, they had better be careful of what they wish
  • It's not easy to think positiv when this World is like that. 😒No one woud be happy if the Erth Core Fire. 🤦‍♀️
  • Yes WW1 begun just like that! Russia Marshalled its army in readiness to prevent Austria-Hungary from expanding further into serbia. Then the fear or 'what Russia would do next' was enough to trigger reactions that caused WW1. So leaders must be very carefull, not to repeat history!

    Not knowing when Russia will join or innitiate a war has historically proven dangerous! Generally, it seems to all about a f*ck around black sea!
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