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  • SAN,

    No need to stop such developments because the developments are not what you think they are! You are failing to discern mere metaphors are ridiculous exaggerations presented in the article! Is an hologram of a person conscious? Nope! No more than a picture is! The hologram takes the information only pertaining to the SURFACE of the body. Even more, the reconstructed hologram is not the exact 'surface'. Holograms are just like pictures. The 'skin' appearing in a picture is not the same material as the real skin. It is inert chemicals and dies that merely looks like the skin. The picture has very remort chance of becoming like a real skin, with leaving cell etc. The same thing applies to hologram.

    However, we can, IN PRINCIPLE make a 'living hologram'. But I think such a technology is way into the future. When it comes, we must first check if you can reproduce a stone before you worry about reproducing a human, let alone their soul! You are worrying about something that be possible only in 6000 years to come!!
  • Stop this development immediately. No one wants to live as a hologram slave forever. The dark side plans to enslave us all as a hologram. Stop this development immediately. No one wants to live forever as a hologram slave. Forced to be alive forever as a Slave. By the way, the so-called elite does not become a hologram. She will make sure that no one rises to the light here anymore. You won't be asked if you like this or not.
    These Hologramm can do Time travel, but not die. They think it is the correct Way manifest Peace. This is too much experience for any soul, they become overloaded. It will harm every soul that lives on as a hologram. You don't die because the heart and brain organs are artificially kept alive, because this is how holograms are created from humans.
    Meet the Humans of the Future: Holograms, Digital Humans, and Deep Fakes
    With AI and 5G developing faster, we will soon experience reality in new ways, through technologies that will make us question what real…
  • Following drills with allied forces, in the east China sea, UK Royal Navy warship; HMS Richmond, today travelled through the Taiwan strait, as a challenge to Beijing and en route to link up with allied ships of the Vietnamese Navy...."over the top....??"
    Cover story is North Korean sanctions enforcement....
  • I believe Rowan Atkinson foresaw the decline in humanity's intelligence; after Black Adder he created Mr. Bean and it worked. You saw the movie Idiocracy? LOL
  • Over the top, chaps....!!!
  • Fair enough Roaring...You have your list of do's and don'ts...We all do....I must suggest to you though, that "dark" does not mean simply means hidden or unknown, in the shade...For example, we call the dark cabal that, because, like a vampire, it withers in the Light....the glare of publicity would totally expose their agenda...Dark continent, likewise...In shadow, eclipsed...that's all is implied...
    Some words are in need of common use interpretations...Meaning the same for one, as the other...Sometimes, even English gets swayed by certain uses it is put to, by certain quarters...that may confuse other quarters..
  • Drekx,

    But you must understand that I always tell pple not to used words in such a way as to cause ambiguity. I have wrote here over and over against:

    1.) Using 'energy' to mean 'spirit'
    2.)Using 'love' to mean 'God'
    3.)Using 'heart' to mean 'part of the brain'
    4.)Using 'left brain' to mean 'logical'
    5.)Using 'logics' to mean 'science'
    6.)Using 'Newtonian physics' to mean 'classic physics'
    7.)Using 'fear' to mean 'hatred'
    8.)Using 'dark' to mean 'evil'
    9.)Using 'nature' to mean 'not man made'
    The list is endless!!

    I am always for using exact words and I discourage metaphors as they cause confusions. There is nothing special about using 'black magics' to mean 'evil magics'. As you should see it joins a long list of incongruous usage of words that I always rail against!
  • It is good to see Acute Observer back. Of course I disagree with him about the "cure." Please do tell us that you had both covid shots and intend taking a booster shot, every year, in perpetuity.....?? lol
  • The people of Idaho seems to be listening to your antivax crusade. Their morgues are full of people who were afraid of the protection against the thing that killed them. ;)
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