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  • Pet said: "Drexk-The 'dark continent'? I'm not talking about skin color-self centered Satanic black magic vs 'Celebratory Magic' for the general good-as you know. Attack a child? Goes around..."

    Yes indeed. Of course, none of our commentary had race in mind. I did clarify to Roaring Lovely, why I use the term "Black Magician" and he appears to have removed his question. Actually I like questions, as he puts them, because they enable clarifications...Also, the term "dark continent," was used by European pioneers and globe sailing navigators, from various nations, including England, to describe a continent (Africa) who's vast interior had not been mapped and explored...The coastline had been recorded. But the interior unknown, so in darkness, in the shade, eclipsed....It simply meant, an unknown continent...No racial suggestions.

    Likewise, Antarctica was largely unknown by explorers, for centuries. Only waling ships ventured near it's vast coastline, seeing glaciers, snow and ice...In such circumstances, a description of "dark" would have seemed inappropriate, for that alternative unknown...As it is stark white in appearance...So they chose to call it the "frozen continent."

    BUT, they chose to call Africa "dark," for reasons described...innocent ones..
  • Marker Dragon-I guess those countries you mention have decided not to cull their populations-as you know 150 million Americans have taken the poisonous jab-China and India have outlawed the jabs. Not picking on average people but; large amounts of Indians and Chinese are moving into the East Coast-huge multi thousand unit rentals are popping up -in central Jersey, anyway- and have you noticed some youtube and tv commercials are all asian cast speaking American English? Conspiracy theory? For me it's pointing out the obvious-
    The $25 trillion land grab
    The $25 trillion land grab Ten megapolitans are poised for a boom that, by 2030, will dwarf America’s post WWII buildout. By Paul Kaihla and Krysten…
  • Drexk-The 'dark continent'? I'm not talking about skin color-self centered Satanic black magic vs 'Celebratory Magic' for the general good-as you know. Attack a child? Goes around...
  • If evil had a face;
    Pfizer CEO Says “Normal Life” Won’t Return Without Regular COVID Vaccinations
    "I don’t think that this means that we should be able to live our lives without having vaccinations."
  • Bach - English Suite no. 2 in A minor BWV 807 - Harpsichordist Bertrand Cuiller of the Netherlands Bach Society
  • I stick to traditions..Also I use the terms; white and black, in the same strain of meaning, as did the ancient Egyptians....

    Black = life and material existence.
    White = death (freedom) and spiritual existence (beyond illusion.)

    AKA.....The forces of materiality, versus the forces of spirituality....Some might say evil v. good, respectively....

    The idea of this funeral tradition, extends to the (living) mourners, wearing black and the dead (deceased,) wearing white...In Egypt, a white shroud, or wrappings of a mummy. It is a cultural tradition, often misunderstood...

    The forces of materiality can be equated with selfish desire. Black Magic is often associated, thus...To use magic for personal gain, for example..

    Moreover, the ancient Egyptians referred to their land as "Khemet," which means black lands...So called, because the soil of the annually flooded Nile delta was rich, in comparison to the harsher desert beyond...Black equaled life in the material world.....

    Note that Osiris, the god of death, was always depicted wearing white, in a mummified form...including his crown...
  • Great to hear this, Pet Rock and I'll be looking out for your next short story, about Atlantis...
    Speaking of psychic attacks, we Light workers and White Magicians, need to be proficient at protecting ourselves...Did I mention that my daughter was attacked several years ago, when she was a teenager, while in Kenya, Africa...??
    A Black Magician (Witch Doctor) astral attack on her...he was a paid agent...

    I had to conduct a cleansing exorcism ritual upon Movella and completely freed her from an astral entity, that the Black Magician had summoned..

    Now when she looks back at that incident, she regards it as a useful learning curve for her and has consequently become a very potent White Magician, in her own right...
    She is also highly psychic and advancing in her ritual magic work, tarot and healing...Like myself, she is Sirian starseed, GFL Ground Crew...Albeit, 2nd ray, rather than (my) 3rd ray. Mine are 3-7-4-6-7, Movella's are 2-3-4-4-7.....;-)

    Sometimes the school of hard knocks makes us stronger and more experienced...

    Regards to you my friend, Drekx
  • But the sun's rotation is the truely puzzling one. The equator rotates faster than the poles! Now ask: how can this be? Can't the friction equalize the rotations throughout the sun? There must a constant energy/ force that is spinning the equator against the friction. If you think carefully, you find that thus the sun's rotation is powered! It rotates more like a motor than a top. Its rotation cannot be explained by 'inertia' like the way we were taught!
  • Yes, Marker Dragon, Moon is now liberated, and Denmark, Sweden, and Norway declared, 'No more' 'Mask's or Jab's', and everything is to return back to normal.
  • And it's called Moon Base- operated by Americans and our Allies! I call it Moon Base Alpha after one of the 60s Supermarination programs like Thunderbirds Are Go
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Australian tyrants promise to FLOOD the country with virus-transmitting vaccinated people… global biowar aims to REMOVE humanity before the coming “big event”

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Archbishop Vigano: “The vaccine victims are sacrificed at the altar of Moloch.” We are in a war of good vs evil, the deep state and deep church conspire against humanity

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Natural Holographic Body

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