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  • All governments must fall. There can never be a "ruling" government again. The only divine right is not to rule, it is freewill and divine individual sovereignty
  • UK Naval intelligence has gleaned much data about "Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy" submarine technology, during the recent carrier strike group trip, into the south China sea and Pacific ocean.

    Testing the superiority of our military technology, over China's, this expedition revealed interesting weaknesses in enemy boats...Two 7,000-tonne Chinese Shang class submarines, nuclear powered and armed with cruise missiles, were EASILY DETECTED by sonar specialists, in operations rooms aboard HMS Richmond and HMS Kent, both vessels flanking RN aircraft carrier flag-ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth II..
    This incident occurred as the carrier group left the South China sea and sailed into the Pacific ocean...

    Simultaneously, the Chinese navy was unable to detect our Astute class nuclear submarine (name classified) in the area, protecting the carrier group, while SILENT RUNNING.

    The military conclusion is that in spite of sheer numbers of vessels, the quality of the Chinese navy is very poor. Indeed, we venture to suggest, less than the quality of the Soviet Union's navy, back in the 1970s..

    In submarine warfare, it is critical that your presence is undetected and the noise-profile factor is essential for keeping stealthy and therefore a hunter, rather than the prey..

    Noise profile of Chinese type 093 Shang class submarines, is actually louder, than Russian Victor III class submarines, deployed by the Soviets in the late 1960s..

    Moreover, apart from Richmond and Kent easily detecting a shadowing Chinese sub, our allies in the Japanese navy also detected a Chinese sub, as it bumbled off the coast of south Japan's Amami Oshima island..

    Conclusion, China has quantity, but lacks critical naval quality...

    Moreover, our intel has confirmed that one in five Chinese submariners are suffering significant psychological stress, while in service with the navy. Especially when assigned duties in the south China sea...
    A crew with one in five depressives, is a dead crew, in operational effectiveness terms...

    Some military food for thought, when one opens the can of worms that is China's "prowess." They are good at propaganda under the "wolf diplomacy" bluster, but in truth; a PAPER DRAGON.....
  • We hope Justin- a lot of rumors too
    BREAKTHROUGH: Simple sunlight exposure can protect against severe and deadly COVID-19 infections –…
  • Dear music lovers, thanks for all your kind commentaries. I will resume this appreciated topic at some stage, but would like, for now, to cover current affairs..

    I note that the indefatigable Jeff Taylor has made a YouTube vid, on Macron's response to AUKUS and France losing their submarine deal and contract, with Australia...

    Having watched the attached vid and read the YouTube member's comments I must say, it caused me to break out in a broad smiley....😊
  • Just got done listening to the X22 report a little bit ago it appears John Durham has handed out the first indictment to the deep state cabal. Michael Sussman a cyber security lawyer who has worked with and has close ties to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation is the first to get an indictment. This is good news as this is the start of justice coming for the deep state as this will cause a domino effect which will lead to more indictments and then the eventual arrests. Even some mainstream media have reported on it and put it up on their sites, though they are trying their hardest not to talk much about the story and will for sure try to cover for their deep state masters. Good news though as this means justice is coming for them all of them.
  • I love music thanks Drekx- Bach is a good one too
  • Fema Camp Coffins Investigated
    Told about 12 years agao
    Fema Camp Coffins Investigated
    Told About 12 Years Ago. The FEMA camps conspiracy theory holds that the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is planning to imp…
  • Funeral director John O’Looney blows the whistle on mass deaths from covid
    MUST WATCH!!! Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid | The Crowhouse
    Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services John O'Looney's direct email: Support The Crowhouse: https://www.pat…
  • I want one of those harpsichords decorated with flowers 😊
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