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  • The Catholic Church 100% reports to Vatican
  • Offending is meaningless. Only 100% truth matters in my opinion. A little white lie or exaggeration is the same low frequency as a lie that kills thousands
  • The Catholic Church and Vatican, the leaders only believe in Satan. They are the enemy of God
  • It is the leadership of catholic church that is evil. Many are involved with them as captured and tricked victims
  • On the InternetMany people on the Internet and privately have told me that Ashtar Command is a sect that belongs to Hinduism and I would have been advised not to come here. I'm here, right? I don't think Ashtar Command is a sect. There are also public statements that this is a so-called UFO sect. Ashtar Command is here on behalf of Jesus Christ? The mission is called Rama which means to love? If so, I don't understand why there seems to be no connection with Jesus Christ. As far as I know, Ashtar Command works according to Maxim Christi. I know Maxim Christi from the so-called Neocatechumenate, which also belongs to the Catholic Church.
  • I don't think it's very good to talk about people who believe in God. You can't just say that everyone is satanists, that's just cheeky of you. Impossible! I myself am baptized and am in a Roman Catholic church and have friends there who, like me, are normal people and just believe in God. Ashtar Command is not there to insult the Church or people who go there because they believe in God in this way. Somehow I feel offended here.
  • @deminorca, that is not strange. Catholic Church are all satanists. They do not support Source, Jesus or other beings of light
  • Having said these, note that this doesn't prove that Enoch was pseudepigraph. It only shows that Jews were reasonable in rejecting it. A book can genuinely get lost without influencing anyone, only to be rediscovered in distant future. 'God', (or angels or ETs or whoever might have revealed these books) might have intended it solely for a future audience and chose to reveal it in the past for reasons we don't know of.

    Muslims say that indead Enoch was more than described in the bible. He was a prophet, and Like Muhammad, he had a book revealed to him. The book, they say, is lost. They say even Adam and Isaac had a book that was lost.

    BTW Just to elaborate on reasonability of Jews, note that Jews did not reject a book because of what it said (a kinda attitude new age would have had!) Jews did not like being told they were stiff naked, wicked pple who fully diserved being driven to captivity and slavery! But almost every book in the bible insist so! All prophets ferociously railed against the top-most pple-priests, Kings, Queens and their families, so that it is hard to say that the bible was concocted by the Jewish Elites!
  • You can go on to look for other 'catchy' events recorded in one book and echoed in other books. Take for instance 'the parting of red sea'. We find it in Joshua 2:10, psalms 136:13, Isaiah 51:10, numbers 33:8 etc etc.

    This is important because it shows that when compiling OT, jews could not be easily fooled by a recent book pretending to have been written in antiquity. They had reliable ways of detecting such books, and one of them is that it is unthinkable to say that a book that has been around for centuries never influenced even a single other author!

    So when sceptics tell us that the book of Daniel, pretending to be an ancient book, was blatantly inserted into jewish canon, without even causing any debate amongst Jews, know that the sceptic's claim is very thin!! We must accept that Daniel made prophesies that were fulfilled, whether we understand how or not!

    Note that while the story of fallen Angels is failling to influence such past writers from Malachi to genesis, it definetly begines to influence NT authors, eg peter, jude and John! Yes even Jesus himself was definitely influenced by the book of Enoch. For instance 'blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth' is a teaching from the book of Enoch! This shows that Enoch must have been part of early Christian bible, just like is the case in Ethiopian bible!
  • "SAN 不滅 August 4, 2021 at 8:16pm

    In the so-called Catholic Catholic Catholicism book it says about the angels, that they are by nature spirit and serving in essence.
    I don't understand why angels can do a sin then. I always thougth only Humans can choose between ligth and dark or good and evil.
    Even this midrash i told you. That so called Satan was the strongest Archangel Sataniel and he migth say a No to God? How coud a Archangel say no to God? This is something wich made no sence to me."

    Maybe this is one of the reasons the book of Enoch was not included in Jewish OT. The story of 'sinning angels' is not echoed anywhere else in the Jewish OT bible. Neither do angels Azazel, Azza and Uzza, the angels mentioned in Enoch, mentioned anywhere in the Jewish OT. Contrast this with Noah and Soddom and Gomorrah. You find Noah in several places apart from Genesis. For instance Numbers 27:1, Joshua 17:3, 1Chronicles 1:4, Isaiah 54:9, Ezekiel 14:4 etc. Soddom and Gomorrah is also echoed in Jeremiah 23:14, Ezekiel 16:49-50 etc. But the story of 'sinning angels', so rampant in Enoch, is not found anywhere else in OT bible.
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