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  • There was a thunderstorm last evening. I was happy, I would have missed it. It is so rare that there are thunderstorms. 💙SHAN our blue Pearl.
  • The social credit system took another step forward this time from down under and under the guise of the welfare system. Australia cashless card system that restricts non - essential purchases. This has been also implemented in China but under authoritarian system. Eons of time humanity has been under some kind a deja v'e for eons of time take and this pattern keeps repeating over and over again and get boring and one sometime keep finding a way to get out of the system if we didn't have mother nature humanity would sink lower into depravity, and insanity.
  • Could the Coronavirus also be called Rapid Imune System collabse? R.I.S.C. I have read in a prophecy about R.I.S.C. woud come, but it is to early. I had the thougth that it is a virus from the future.
    WATCH: Health Ranger talks with Jeffrey Prather about covid, pine needles, Native American medicine…
  • For Israel & Palestine, for all regions, all people in conflict...the Prayer of the Mothers... 🙏🌍💖

    Peace to the World ~ Wisdom to the World ~ Universal Love to the World 💙💗💛
  • Dr Joe's an inspiration, and good to see this doco's on Netflix, where it can reach so many people.

    Here's a short video about the Memory of Water too:
  • This is from the Movie:"Heal" on Netflix Channel. That are Life Storys.
  • You can heal a lot yourself with the self-healing powers of the body. It is mainly the diseases that occur due to stress. We sometimes take a lot of medicines and a lot of it causes even more illnesses. They just have to go into themselves and use a meditation to contact their body to calm it down and speak well or use the imagination to heal the body where it needs it. Try to slow down, try relax.
  • Marker, indeed, 'thoughts become things', everything is vibration and frequency, including thoughts and emotions...
    I had a vaccine in April for the first time in decades, put myself in a golden waterfall of light from the Source before, during and after (with some violet and silver light), following intuition, filling the vaccine with Love and transformation, and sending that out throughout that vaccine around the world...there were no holes in my energy field or other after-effects from it....

    Vaccines are fluid, and the 'memory of water' in all fluids responds to thoughts and positive emotions, just look at the work of Dr Emoto...the water molecules in our bodies, vaccines, in the water, air, soil, it all responds to love and peace instantly, filling with sacred geometries...natural harmonics of well-being...❄❄❄

    Vaccine shedding is most likely misinformation...if you research how the various Covid vaccines are made, none of them are made from live viruses; shedding can only happen from using live attentuated viruses...
    One of those little paper tigers...though I suppose if someone believed in it strongly enough, they could manifest symptoms in their reality...
    Sending Violet Flame through the fear-field of the human collective...💜

    San, what a beautiful outcome for the boy who had that same condition as you...the Golden Light is Infinite, from the Source (by whatever name) you feel that when we open as conduits for it to flow through, that it's perhaps not so much 'us' healing people, but their own inner choice to accept the Light that activates their healing...where we're a facilitator for someone's own healing activation?

    Happy Weekend All 💛💛💛
  • I can tell you a true Story of my life. How i heal someone. This Boy was a Child and i see he was scratch on the leg because he has neurodermatitis just like me. I ask inside me if my Mother can help me help this Boy and God maybe give me Power to help him or maybe heal this. My Mother w was always worry for me, because i have Neurodermitis. She try anything to heal it. I am have it not so strong anymore. So I cream this Boy with any cream i have. Nothing Special and oh no with perfume wich is no good for Neurodermitis, but I take the Risk and do cream him. When I cremated it, I felt a different energy in my hands, it feels warm. I often feel that in my hands. In evening his Mother call me and ask me what i have done? I say that I am sorry, because there was Perfume in and i shoud not do that. She say no it's nothing Bad happen. She say it is complete healed. She ask wich cream i use. It was a Fream she did try, too, but in the Past nothing happen. So it was diffently heal by my Hands. Do you think i heal him with the golden ligth from my Hands? Power from the love of God is the Golden Light.
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"Red Herring Fallacy

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