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  • The buildings were blown up with explosives. This is false flag
  • What is the Iron dome it is an advance technology missile and then I saw a building fall so fast on the ground this type of technology can turn buildings into dust it happened in with the twin towers. Many indigenous people knew these kinds of technologies would eventually destroy mankind we can see this during during the galactic wars in space. I remember before my parents passed away they're ancestors told them there is a bomb that will not destroy buildings but will destroy humanity. Now days a it does not take much to destroy planet earth and may not be a bomb. Planet Earth has alway been under draconian law.
  • Some truths are truthier than other truths. Anyone who has actually been through an Awakening knows that passing through/processing negative energy/experiences is a necessary evil.
  • If one has daily communication with their spirit guides they are here to give humanity messages in all forms of communication. I am aware of this for example they can contact in a number of ways other times I hear knocking on the door, class falling on the floor, voice sounds, lights flashing everywhere, sometimes I see a green emerald with diamonds, sometimes I can see an green emerald with a diamond cross in the middle of the emerald gem and I know these messages well. Other times I hear my sister's voice. Usually my spirit guide talks to me when its quiet other times I use other methods of communication.
  • Before the Middle East conflict I had this vision of lights and explosions everywhere and I wondered what this message meant until I had this urge to go on one of news channels and saw bombs falling on the cities in the Middle East.
  • I agree with your statement Roary Lovely.
  • I believe Ashtar would Honor Free Will
    The Ashtar Command abide strictly within Confederation policy of noninterference with free will. While they may highlight the consequences of some of our decisions, they allow us to operate our lives and planets as we choose.
    BREAKING: ‘Significant Discrepancies’ Discovered In Arizona Audit, Ballots Off Up to 17.5%, ‘Likely…
    'They're hiding the disaster in which they handled this election, and likely, the fact that Joe Biden did not win in Arizona.'
  • Igodoflove - I agree that heart and mind should work together - I also would say that I am not judging anyone - I am expressing an opinion -but you may feel that) maybe lesson learnt in that this is not wise. Too many minds for me in my simple existence.!
  • We must adequately discuss and debate on things going on in the world, both the positive and the negative. Failure to do so, we find that we don't learn from say the negative things and hence we keep repeating things that give rise to those negativities. For instance, with regard to Israel-Palestinian conflict, we must close exermine if the conflict is about the Judaism vs Islam or it is conflicts about land comming in the guise of religion. Then compare it with the current, closely similar sectariat divisions in Nothern Ireland. Noting that catholics and protestant had been leaving in peace till some land issues arose. However the media likes to frame it in simplistic 'this group vs that group' (especially religions and /or ethnicities). The media leads to mis-diagnosis of the problems and hence wrong solutions. We must discuss about the role of British colonialistic land policies in creating endless conflicts around the world.

    All these will evaporate if we just 'focus on the positive'. We will lack understanding! Being spiritual does not mean seeking only magical solutions to all problems. 'New agers' have lied to pple that palestin-like problems can be solved all in a monastery!
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"Red Herring Fallacy

THE LION: Qm does not teach that when you see an empty table, money comes out of thin air.
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This fallacy is very rampant in this site!! The 'horse' doesn't…"
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""marker dragon June 16, 2021 at 8:34pm
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i have never even thought of an empty table

you get the gist

marker dragon June 16, 2021 at 8:31pm
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