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  • The muscles in the back go through to the front of the body, it is always a muscle. When it is tense in the back, it pulls forward. I did not meditate while sitting, I tried to heal myself in the hospital in the lying with little success. Not much success.
  • Some intecostal muscles may be working to pull the rip cage, like accordion. Others are relaxed (relaxation induced by meditation ). Some of these working muscles need to rest (ie relaxation should be uniform), so to speak, but such a rest is difficult as we must breath incessantly. This is curable by breathing exercises. I know this because I too have experienced this survere back pain, then chest and then the belly!
  • Pain, both in the back and the chest, and sometimes around the stomach can be just in the intercostal muscles and other smooth muscles associated with breathing, eg diaphragm. It can be a side effect of meditation.
  • Thank You Joanna, yes i coud sleep a bit and that was help a lot, but it is not really vanisch. I have to finde out werde this Pain in my Back came from and what is going on there, why it hurt so badly. I can not heal evrything just by my chakra. My Intuition say what it is and i tell doctor my feeling about, they say it coud be any Infektion, but they not really sure. Today I have taken X-ray pictures. It could be herniated discs. I feel that the 3 and 4 thoracic vertebrae is not okay. Maybe an inflammation. I have become 6x Termin for physiotherapy. Will see what doctor say. I coud say my Solar Plexus Chakra is maybe not okay. This have many different reasons in my life. I have to work on it, because it do effect my Back, too.
  • San, hope you're feeling bettter soon, sending love 💛🌟 Anchor unconditional love and peace, dear Ashtar Command Crew peeps, tune into the high vibes, radiate high vibes, they're what the planet and collective will benefit from....and 'May the Fourth be with you', from my hometown 😍💖
  • Take lots of immune building nutrients-magic Johnson the basketball player has had aids since'91 but has been on a natuaral nutrient regimen and is till alive-for one reaearchers say that vitamin c breaks down in the human body and releases electrons that zap bacteria and all viruses making viruses incapable of functioning-vitamin D aids the immune system in making killer t cells that morph themselves to fight any virus or infection as needed -human bodies keep data! on infections and viruses and retrieve that data to fight the virus etc!
    GENOCIDE in the U.S. continues: 3,848 DEATHS and 118,902 injuries following COVID injections – Chil…
  • Digirati : Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Oracle, Jade Helm, Futura Genetics, Ueritas Genetics Veritas Genetics, Singularity.
  • Many ascended master and others suffered persecutions while they were on earth.
  • There are ominous signs brewing between Ukraine and Russia including China and the U.S. this could result in cyber attacks, the electrical power grid could experience sporadic failure or completely shut down and famine could wipe out the human race.
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I just provoked the administrators here to help organize a global prayer/meditation event to reduce violence, crime, hate, judgement, etc.
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I hope they join in at any level, I feel inspired and one way or the other this is gonna happen. Anyone else interested?
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As I watch those around me act out in anger, jealousy, hate, paranoia, and JUDGEMENT of self and others, I am saddened and frustrated... ;~(
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Meditation for Noth Korean Liberation On behalf of the Galactic Confederation, Source, the Goddess, and the Ascended Masters of Light, I command the Peoples of North Korea to be freed from the dictatorial regime of tyranny that is the Kim dynasty.…
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"Interesting... a bit overwhelmed... community looks great...used to run a business with husband and we had a website i worked on. also an educator...when i first signed on my eyes didnt know where to focus first. hope this helps.."
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In the 2nd novel the protaganist goes from B to A--Everything is controlled by an AI including birth and death-most activitiea are naughty to bad-Don't Bite the SunFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Jump to navigation Jump to searchDon't Bite…
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