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  • Which chakra is blocked or disturbed if there is a slight curvature of the spine? Is it correct that it is the Solar Plexus Chakra? Or also the heart chakra? Can anyone tell me?
  • There is an experience of X-ray examination. So I have a spinal curvature. I have to do yoga or pilatis or other sports to cure it, or slow it down. I am still talking to the doctor today. I think this is happening to heal my Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Hej, just want to say Thank You for Your Prayers. I feel better. My Back not hurt now, i just feel a Irritation, like there is something i can't say what it is. There is no concrete result yet. It's all in Progess now.
  • If so, a hot desert winds are expected almost everywhere on Earth and worldwide power outages. You should have an Eye on the Sun Flares. Take Care 🙏
  • Solar Flares will become stronger in 2021.
  • The muscles in the back go through to the front of the body, it is always a muscle. When it is tense in the back, it pulls forward. I did not meditate while sitting, I tried to heal myself in the hospital in the lying with little success. Not much success.
  • Some intecostal muscles may be working to pull the rip cage, like accordion. Others are relaxed (relaxation induced by meditation ). Some of these working muscles need to rest (ie relaxation should be uniform), so to speak, but such a rest is difficult as we must breath incessantly. This is curable by breathing exercises. I know this because I too have experienced this survere back pain, then chest and then the belly!
  • Pain, both in the back and the chest, and sometimes around the stomach can be just in the intercostal muscles and other smooth muscles associated with breathing, eg diaphragm. It can be a side effect of meditation.
  • Thank You Joanna, yes i coud sleep a bit and that was help a lot, but it is not really vanisch. I have to finde out werde this Pain in my Back came from and what is going on there, why it hurt so badly. I can not heal evrything just by my chakra. My Intuition say what it is and i tell doctor my feeling about, they say it coud be any Infektion, but they not really sure. Today I have taken X-ray pictures. It could be herniated discs. I feel that the 3 and 4 thoracic vertebrae is not okay. Maybe an inflammation. I have become 6x Termin for physiotherapy. Will see what doctor say. I coud say my Solar Plexus Chakra is maybe not okay. This have many different reasons in my life. I have to work on it, because it do effect my Back, too.
  • San, hope you're feeling bettter soon, sending love 💛🌟 Anchor unconditional love and peace, dear Ashtar Command Crew peeps, tune into the high vibes, radiate high vibes, they're what the planet and collective will benefit from....and 'May the Fourth be with you', from my hometown 😍💖
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