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  • Take lots of immune building nutrients-magic Johnson the basketball player has had aids since'91 but has been on a natuaral nutrient regimen and is till alive-for one reaearchers say that vitamin c breaks down in the human body and releases electrons that zap bacteria and all viruses making viruses incapable of functioning-vitamin D aids the immune system in making killer t cells that morph themselves to fight any virus or infection as needed -human bodies keep data! on infections and viruses and retrieve that data to fight the virus etc!
    GENOCIDE in the U.S. continues: 3,848 DEATHS and 118,902 injuries following COVID injections – Chil…
  • Digirati : Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Oracle, Jade Helm, Futura Genetics, Ueritas Genetics Veritas Genetics, Singularity.
  • Many ascended master and others suffered persecutions while they were on earth.
  • There are ominous signs brewing between Ukraine and Russia including China and the U.S. this could result in cyber attacks, the electrical power grid could experience sporadic failure or completely shut down and famine could wipe out the human race.
  • Many aches caused by massive increase in high vibrations to ascend earth. See last 48 houes of Schumann Resonance
  • After listening to the Brighteon video I am staying away from vaccinated people or at least try to avoid them as much I can but this could be impossible especially if one is living in the cities.
  • In Hospital they test me if i have Corona or Noro Virus, cause i work with toddlers.
  • I've been able to sleep well now, the body hurts a bit, but I'm trying to take something for myself now. Last night I tried it with warm water. It was okay. Now in the morning I try to brew it with warm vegetables liquid.
  • Never get tested for the corona virus.
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