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  • Many aches caused by massive increase in high vibrations to ascend earth. See last 48 houes of Schumann Resonance
  • After listening to the Brighteon video I am staying away from vaccinated people or at least try to avoid them as much I can but this could be impossible especially if one is living in the cities.
  • In Hospital they test me if i have Corona or Noro Virus, cause i work with toddlers.
  • I've been able to sleep well now, the body hurts a bit, but I'm trying to take something for myself now. Last night I tried it with warm water. It was okay. Now in the morning I try to brew it with warm vegetables liquid.
  • Never get tested for the corona virus.
  • Thousands of trees being cut down to install 5G and I notice everything seems to go much faster not long ago a typhoon was moving across the ocean at the speed of 250pm and I am seeing black clouds not the navy blue clouds I used to see and there is a contrast in the weather patterns.
  • You can get rid of nanobots with epson salt bath
  • Since I got tested for the corona virus I cannot taste nor smell the food I eat. I did some research the cotton swaps and found they may have been contaminated with nano bots or some kind of technology that only be seen with a high powered microscope. Yes, I have already seen the interview on brighteon its important to see this video because many vaccinated people are making the unvaccinated sick.
    Situation Update, May 3rd, 2021: Vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick!
    For more updates, visit: NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain passion…
  • Many are feeling pain as they absorb light codes which transition the body from 666 carbon molecules to 616 carbon crystalline molecules. No doctor or hospital can help. Meditate. Ground often with mother earth. Give the light back to the earth and empty your vessel often. Blood pressure will rise as this goes forward. This is not an issue. These pains can be in many places but especially the higher chakras
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Indigenous Alien posted a status
I just provoked the administrators here to help organize a global prayer/meditation event to reduce violence, crime, hate, judgement, etc.
43 minutes ago
Indigenous Alien posted a status
I hope they join in at any level, I feel inspired and one way or the other this is gonna happen. Anyone else interested?
44 minutes ago
Indigenous Alien posted a status
As I watch those around me act out in anger, jealousy, hate, paranoia, and JUDGEMENT of self and others, I am saddened and frustrated... ;~(
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Lasarka Teiuliyn Hin / Lemuryk Project posted a blog post
Meditation for Noth Korean Liberation On behalf of the Galactic Confederation, Source, the Goddess, and the Ascended Masters of Light, I command the Peoples of North Korea to be freed from the dictatorial regime of tyranny that is the Kim dynasty.…
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judithfaye66 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Interesting... a bit overwhelmed... community looks great...used to run a business with husband and we had a website i worked on. also an educator...when i first signed on my eyes didnt know where to focus first. hope this helps.."
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In the 2nd novel the protaganist goes from B to A--Everything is controlled by an AI including birth and death-most activitiea are naughty to bad-Don't Bite the SunFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Jump to navigation Jump to searchDon't Bite…
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