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  • The Galactic Federation of Worlds is here to help Humanity of Earth.
    The Galactic Federation of Worlds is here to help Humanity of Earth.
    This is a very important message, raw and real, directly from my heart. I need to speak this truth and stop sitting on my hands, frightened to offend…
    Donald J. Trump 45th President
  • So called Big Gray. Why said he us a new Species? Is this really FAKE? Wake up. We need to stop these Nuklear Stuff at all!
  • Marxist millionaires and billionaires-another good reason to emigrate
  • Joke
    BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors has purchased four lavish estates in wealthy white neighborhoo…
  • The highest timeline potentials I'm viewing don't have periods of enforced Martial Law, days of darkness, blackouts, return of Trump etc. Bitcoin is likely to crash again, since it's heavily over-inflated at present.
    Star Family and all Ascension-assisting beings are always working to bring change through as much peace, ease and grace as possible...including public disclosure of their presence.
    There's so much density swirling around in the 4D astral, it's full of imprints and illusions energized by collective focus, including lightworkers. Please consider that what is rippling around the collective telepathic/psychic field isn't necessarily real, no matter how 'activated' as astral/etheric imagery.
    Release release release....blessings, Joanna 💜
  • Change must come with minimal negative impact to humanity. Consider the impact to Catholics around the world if the Vatican news was just blurted out! Time is an imperative!

    Other things coming...Stock Market Crash, Bitcoin Crash, 25th Amendment, DEFCON 1 Scare, Trump Returns, Tribunals, Hollywood revelation, child trafficking. Epstein Island, Vatican, etc

    The Dam Was About to Break:

    U.S. corporation of American and U.K. corporation, both owned by the Vatican, were declared bankrupt in 2018. By early April 2021 both were totally dissolved. As such and combined with a pending destruction of the Three-Gorges Dam in China (where the headquarters of their money making human trafficking, organ harvesting, Adrenochrome production, gun and drug running and Bitcoin operations were located), now the Cabal was out of money.

    Three-Gorges was about to break under sonic waves inserted in the ground by the Alliance. In expectation of such the Chinese government has moved 48 million people.

    Sometime very soon the Emergency Broadcast System would activate the new Starlink Communication System that would take over all Mass Media worldwide. The new Starlink system went officially online Fri. 9 April.

    A temporary Martial Law would be enforced worldwide.

    Expect the Biden Administration to go out, Trump Administration to go in, along with a possible Stock Market crash, planes and trains grounded, Internet go down and occasional electricity outages as a switchover was made to the new Telsa Free Energy system.

    There would be Ten Days of Darkness where uncensored news about the takedown of the Cabal would be broadcast in three eight hour movie sessions per day (24 hours a day) on all Media networks worldwide. Sun. 11 April Whiplash347/6976 Military News: Iranian Nuclear Agency now openly says Iran's Natanz Nuclear Facility was hit by a "Terrorist" Act.
  • Hi Movella, I have a similar view of the Sirian stars...leonines and feline beings/paschata living around Sirius A, and human-type beings on the planets of Sirius B. I hear the planets' names as Atrami and Sowesi (we can hear/translate sound-forms sometimes differently according to soul alignments etc). I also see/connect with mer-beings and dolphins on Atrami, that originate from the dolphin/whale higher dimensional star Sirius C.
    All of the Sirius and Canis Major system is in a high vibration, it's all ascended, and there are no beings of the lower 4D/astral/etheric frequency bands there.
    Sirius is one of the stars I've connected with most strongly (since childhood), and see many lightships around, flowing their light here...the long emerald green lightships below, with three white 'pod-ships' moving to and from it, decloaked in the sky here on 2018, it's one of the clearest appearances in photos I've taken...this ship hails from Atrami, of Sirius B, with humans on board, and also some feline/lion beings from Sirius A (planet Toleka) accompanying them....
    Enjoy the vibes 💙
  • Hi Indigenous Alien, sounds like you're experiencing some amazing healing/realigning. I work with crystal companions a lot, and go with my intuition/inner guidance, when looking online or in places on the ground that stock them...:) Some of those who 'land' here are polished, others are in their natural raw form, if I feel so their raw form, they connect strongly with the polished form, their colours and structures are more revealed, for us to attune with, and when they're in specific shapes (pyramids, spirals, towers, spheres, eggs etc) they're also holding the vibration of that geometry/energy format...through their specific colour vibrations and consciousness vibrations...
    Hope this helps 💚
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"It is very bad to, after noticing a problem with mainstream media, one moves recklessly all the way to alternate media rather than 'going within'! It is like a pendulum swinging hopelessly between two extremes!

It is like, seeing a problem with…"
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Steve Hutchinson left a comment on Divine Upliftment For Spiritual Growth & Ascension
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"Some in the awakening communities believe, when it comes to media, politics, health, other areas, that it's a case of 'take the blue pill or the red pill - one will lock you into the matrix, one will set you free' - when this is just another…"
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"With you Hellen, on holding positive focus for humanity, and the Earth and all life here 💛🌏

I've used a visualization/affirmation practice called the Golden Apple for many years, as a focus for maintaining the integrity of my light-field...and…"
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You see that suing media for lieing is unreasonably difficult. This gives them a licence to lie.

When US first ammendment was made, they probably never had a monopolistic…"
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Roaring Lovely replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Using Vedic Knowledge...There Are There Are Three by Types Of Beings On Planet Earth
"So these 'reptilian', 'lightworker', 'ETs' etc are just yet other metaphors for 'the saints', 'the righteous', 'the sinners' etc?"
3 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
1st Type...are called Humans and they are living in the Mode of Goodness on Planet Earth. They do no harm to other living entities and mother earth. They are ligjtworkers. 2nd Type..are closer to Reptilians and are living in the Mode Of Passion.…
4 hours ago