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  • You would not have known if you did not ask ... I hope that one we will meet ... Skyhawk
  • Ah, okay i did not know that...
  • SAN : I was given the name Skyhawk by a Cherokee shaman many years ago ... he knew of my connection with the star nations and my Pleiadian origins ... I also do energy healing ... gem elixirs , Reiki , and healing with rocks , gems , and minerals ( I use these items in grids ) ... I take pride in using the name since it possesses my connectedness to All of my brothers and sisters on Mother Earth and from the stars ...
  • Donald S Toth, is there a reason you always wride this Word (Skyhawk)? It's not because of the Figth jet's rigth? Just wonder why wride it in each post comment.
    Psychiatrist says the world is suffering from
    Psychiatrist says the world is suffering from
  • I forgot to mention that I’m supposed to be a ambassador between non terrestrial and extraterrestrials ... can’t wait till the shift to higher densities ... Skyhawk
  • Thank you SAN ... with the coming of new technologies ... we will soon be able to flit about in beam ships ... I’ll also have to ask the Command to install a translator so I can learn German ...! Skyhawk
  • Skyhawk
    Please translate this Webpage in your language
    Douglas A-4
    Die Douglas A-4 Skyhawk war ein einstrahliges Kampfflugzeug aus US-amerikanischer Produktion. Die Skyhawk war als preiswerter Jagdbomber für den Eins…
  • One of the best sightings I’ve seen ... as my generation ( 1960s ) would say ... FAR OUT ... no pun intended ... Skyhawk
  • So do I.☺
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is there anybody who can tell me how can i find out Aliens are truth?
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