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  • Even Dogons talked of visitors from Sirius, yet they never met the so called ACC. I think, yes, something fishy is comming from Sirius. Dogons even knew that sirius has a companion star, they knew that jupiter has more than four moons etc, several centuaries ago.
  • I think visitors come from half the universe here because Shan (the Earth) is not an insignificant planet in space either. I don't know how many Star Nations we have here. I don't know the planet Laniakea. I met someone i think i was here at the beginning of 2006 and knowing from that time someone with the Name endariel or something. He was maybe not from Shan (Erth). 😉Even Ben is not from Shan (Erth) 😅, maybe he comes from Sirius who knows. ✌️🖖🤝
  • You mean the planet in Laniakea?😉😃.

    Any way why are these starseeds not talking of shapley, Pegasus, virgo, hydra, coma, perseus, borealis etc. Or do visitors only come from Laniakea? I mean I only hear of pleiadians, sirians and andromedans.
  • 😅Oh no, not for all Spacebrothers. Hoova is a very special Planet. Jesus was there, too. Hey beloved wich Planet youre come from 😜? Maybe they can not say, because of the Rouls they have. I know some say tgy are from Sirius 🥰
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  • I am not finding viversum. But planet hoova=home of some of the spacebrothers?
  • Viversum's website once had so-called UFO reports. I read these reports and there was something about Planet Hoova. The spacebrothers said this to the people with whom they had contact.
  • I have never heard of planet hoova, and I am not finding one online.

    I always thought God was like a sun, as well as like a lightning. That is with several glowing 'legs' that are like bikeland currents. I thought we are connected like the spokes of a bicycle. We are on the rim and God is in the axle and glowing a lot. This image brings euphoria to me.☺
  • We are all not really from Erth 😜It's anyway mixed up with all the Star Familys here on Shan Erth Terra 😅
  • Okay. Have you heard of Planet Hoova? What I read somewhere was that God is the Central Sun of all universes and that there are four universes. There was also the universes separated by so-called Universal Gates, which not everyone can just pass like that. Unfortunately, this information is no longer available on the Internet. I think it was there sometime between 2006 and 2012.
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