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  • I think the worst thing would be not to have emotions. A Human is basically much more complex than many people might think. Remember how smart a Body can be and how powerful a Soul can be.
  • There is 'fear' as abstract noun, real noun and as a verb. There is
    the verb 'to fear', the 'fear' in abstract, and the 'fear' as 'the thing we fear'.

    When all these three meanings are used interchangeably, the 'fearing' as an emotion isn't getting well highlighted. For intstace we can't say 'falling down is a fear' since some people don't fear falling down. They can walk along thin ropes high above the highway!

    The real fear is not the thing nor the though but an emotion that has something to do with the attitude we have towards the thing. So there is no one solution. Some people fear silence, some fear thoughts, some fear crowds, some fear solitudes etc etc
  • Neither do I. The FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) factory churns out one thing after another, one 'side' or another, to keep people in their heads, when the Earth and the Light Realms are calling us to centre in love and inner peace...listen inside, with a settled mind and emotions...connect with the beautiful energies, let the rest go, so that the lower astral plane can clear and transmute in love.

    To all who are experiencing Covid now, or in recovery, breathe in Golden Light, let it flow through your whole body and aura field, creating a ball of Golden Light around you that naturally holds the integrity of your energy field, and keeps it strong and steady.
    And breathe out Golden Light to All, all around the planet, strengthening and uplifting and easing the Whole.
    If you're having difficulty breathing, 'crown breathing' could help. Imagine you're breathing like a whale or dolphin, pure light entering through your crown, flowing down through your whole central channel to your base/root, and back up. Hold the intention of this pure light clearing your central channel, then spreading out through your being, clearing every cell, every atom, of any and all misaligned vibrations. Let them go in peace and love and serenity. Bless them and let them go, to be transformed back into love.

    Same thing if you're in a situation where you need to have a vaccine. Breathe in pure light, let it fill your heart, and breathe it out like a radiant star all around you, clearing all toxins and unhealthy vibrations. Then breathe in Golden Light, and let it reset your field, steady and strong, in its natural, innate integrity.

    Violet Flame/Violet Light can be helpful too, whatever resonates in your heart and intuition.

    Heart Hugs around the Earth, and to all here who would like one! 💛🌞🌻✨
  • I see nothing Pet Rock...
  • Yes, we are one Family. Spacers are our Familys from the Stars. Brothers and Sister anyway. It's logical we are not alone.
  • Have heard that it slows down the aging process
    Cycloastragenol is a triterpenoid saponin isolated from various species in the genus Astragalus that is purported to have telomerase activation activ…
  • Sounds cool.☺ I love life, but I fear no death. Infact I long for it, but I love this life as well. Death is like a roaring lion, but which has no teeth.

    Spacers = space brothers and sisters?
  • Yes and we can't take anything with us. Just the memory. That's why it's important to collect positive memories, if possible. I wonder if I am ready to leave everything. This can also be done for another reason. Perhaps we need to be temporarily evacuated from this planet Earth. Thx to all Spacers who come to love. We are not alone.
  • Every day we should remind ourselves that we will die, even when we are healthy.
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