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  • is perhaps the military now in control?
  • could someone please decipher this:
    [USC02] 10 USC 252: Use of militia and armed forces to enforce Federal authority
  • Deep diving into herstory history from Sacred Sexuality to porn and abuse. What went wrong?
  • “I remember waking up one night and the room being awash with the most beautiful colours. I knew it was the aliens but I wasn’t afraid. I knew they didn’t wish me any harm.”
    Quoted from this article:

    Finland came across my radar some years ago, in regard to an Ashtar Command base. Apparently, ships and light phenomena sightings go as far back as the 1920s, though they weren't talked about for decades.
    A century later, those having contact encounters (and so much more) at least have spaces to share experiences, connect around the world, and be part of the 'people's disclosure'. I'm thankful for that...
    They came from outer Finland: the town where everyone saw UFOs – in pictures | Art and design | The…
    The photographer Maria Lax comes from a northern Finnish town where UFO sightings were common – so she set about looking for answers. Her book Some K…
  • Take off bumper stickers, yard signs-they'll be searching phones and chat rooms etc. and keeping files like the Stasi
    VIDEO: Biden Press Sec Says Federal Cops Will Work With Leftist NGOs To Perform ‘Threat Assessments…
    Actions taken by Biden's federal law enforcement minions to "disrupt extremist networks" will be partially based on analysis of conservative "extremi…
  • I find pple look very ugly in masks. Women appear as though they have beards
  • Perhaps 'artificial stupidity' is the better word.
  • Artificial intelligence is what inhabits ALL levels of government starting at more localized levels to the National level ... if you want to see artificial intelligence at work go to DC ... look what inhabits the White House today ... if that’s not artificial intelligence then I don’t know what is ... Skyhawk
  • 'Artificial intelligence' is an oxymoron. It is like saying 'intelligent stupidity'
  • Good news?And Pentagon officials would' nt let biden team in for briefing on current operations!
    Report: National Guard Turned Backs on Biden Motorcade
    National Guard members appear to snub incoming president.
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"Something to seriously consider: "Do not become involved in anything violent or hurtful for any reason...""
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