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Where did the Hindu Gods really come from???..Let us have your comments Ashtar Command Crew Members

Now the veil between dimensions is slowly lifting we are getting a lot more knowledge especially from the Internet. Some of the information is from Lightworkers ...Starseeds, some from Inner Earth and some from Extraterrestrials. The Whole History...the Blueprint of this Planet Earth is with the Arcturians and excess is available to Higher Dimension Beings. Also Inner Earth Beings have all the information in their Library of Porthologos looked after Mikos an Inner Earth Being of Love and Light. There is a lot of Channeled Messages and some are genuine. Also Transmitted Messages, Automatic Writing and past regression more under hypnosis and some are beginning to remember their past lives.

Now my question is where did the Hindu Gods come from as they seemed to have played a big part in the history of Planet Earth and they are still a lot of temples dedicated to them and lots of followers.

The Hindu Gods were very attractive so it is very easy to become their followers and the knowledge that they brought was out of this World.

I personally believe that they were Extraterrestrials and some sent from Inner Earth but can anyone come up with the truth.

Remember 2012 is the year of Truth and Righteousness to unfold so we accelerate into the Golden Age.

Let us have your comments and then we will see which is the best one.

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I have wondered where all the different dieties from different religions come from because they are all real. Bodhisatvahs come from the same places as angels, are depicted differently in each religion, but all the same. I think that they are from another world as well, the ascended master realm? I think that whatever they are called Extraterrestrials, Angels, Gods they are not human, now where they come from I am not sure......all from the same place or each from a different planet, or dimension, realm? They exist beyond our space and time and can be anywhere at anytime in the middle earth or in a stream.....middle earth or in a dream....


Hindu gods where do they really come from???

good question....

We need to know the truth from which Dimension or part of the Universe they came from and where are they now?

Were the all benevolent beings of love and light?

Were the Arch Angels and Angles which some of the Christians believe in higher then them?


In this Video it states that all the Hindu Gods originated from Arcturas and spent much time in their home planet....@ 2.37

cool I checked it out....thank you

But tentinyturtles we need more proof that this Video is 100% truth


 Beautiful video Ravinder and it contains the answer that you sought for any other info on the

 question you askedon this post  is surely from third fourth and fifth hand sources. This answers many questions I

 had especially on the ancient names in the heavens as recorded by Bullinger. We now know where the

 Illuminati stole the All Seeing Eye from. Thanks for all your work Ravinder. Blessings Kingjeff 

Yes i agree the Arcturan Video kingjeff is good but when i told some devotees that the hindu Gods come from Arcturas they disagree it is not easy to prove that this video is 100% i am back on the drawing board trying to find an answer with solid proofs

Were they from the Aldebaran or Alcyone star system


The Chariot Riding Sun God Surya

His brilliant banners draw upward the god who knows all creatures, so that everyone may see the Sun.
The constellations, along with the nights, steal away like thieves, making way for the Sun who gazes on everyone.
The rays that are his banners have become visible from the distance, shining over mankind like blazing fires.
Crossing space, you are the maker of light, seen by everyone, O Sun.
You illumine the whole, wide realm of space.
You rise up facing all the groups of gods, facing mankind, facing everyone, so that they can see the sunlight.
He is the eye with which, O Purifying Varuna, you look upon the busy one among men.
You cross heaven and the vast realm of space, O Sun, measuring days by nights, looking upon the generations.
Seven bay mares carry you in the chariot, O Sun God with hair of flame, gazing from afar.
The Sun has yoked the seven splendid daughters of the chariot; he goes with them, who yoke themselves.
We have come up out of darkness, seeing the higher light around us, going to the Sun, the god among gods, the highest light.
As you rise today, O Sun, you who are honored as a friend, climbing to the highest sky, make me free of heartache and yellow pallor.
Let us place my yellow pallor among parrots and thrushes, or let us place my yellow pallor among other yellow birds in yellow trees.
This Aditya has risen with all his dominating force, hurling my hateful enemy down into my hands.
Let me not fall into my enemy's hands!

This hymn is a mixture of verses about Surya and verses spoken to Surya. By its reference to the rising of the Sun we might guess that it was meant to be recited at sunrise.

We all know that is one God and all these Hindu Gods must be in fact be Demi-Gods near to God but not having the full power of God. Nevertheless they were Multidimensional Cosmic Beings and very powerful.

  However this does not solve the question ...Where did they all come from??? Could it be the Great Central Sun beyond the Sun we see??? Could it be they are from a particular Planet in this Universe??? We need proofs

They come from 'The Realm of The Gods' created by The Creator of All and each Light or Dark God or Goddess has certain aspects that they can help you with, basically.  For instance Saraswati can help you with comprehending spiritual studies or other school work and music.  By contrast a Dark God or Goddess can help you in other ways .  Followers of Kali are ravaged and made semi-insane and she uses them for unseen mystical purposes.  Her followers wipe away negative karma this way. Each of the Gods and Goddesses are a minute aspect of The Creator.

That is quiet a good answer jumpin'jupiter where is the REALM OF THE GODS situated? it in this Universe if so where? Where is the Creator of All situated? is it a Planet in this Universe?


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