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Sky replied to the discussion 'Crowley Thoth Tarot? Anybody with experience?'
"...Hmm...Lis...Hes A Bit Of An Irish Shite....Is Think Mr…"
1 hour ago
Andromedan - eVOLVED replied to the discussion 'FOCUS!!! Stargate 7D 8D 9D 10D 11D 12D Holographic Source Astral Projection Balancing-Energies Galactic Meditation by Ashtar + Now is the Time! Is it TIME? by Ashtar Pre-Launch 5-4-3-2-1!!!!!!!!!!!!'
"Do you post in your own comments and copy paste to ensure your blogs make it onto the main page?"
1 hour ago
Andromedan - eVOLVED and Acute Observer are now friends
1 hour ago
Kelly Lightchalice replied to the discussion 'Esoteric Sex'
"Oh Michael, I am sorry to hear that.  Perhaps it is a matter of timing, she may require time…"
1 hour ago
Kelly Lightchalice replied to the discussion 'Esoteric Sex'
"Agree wholeheartedly :-)  It's a shame the world is so messed up about it.  "
1 hour ago
Kelly Lightchalice replied to the discussion 'Esoteric Sex'
"Yes, so very true.  Love is the necessary ingredient, without it we cannot grow... Sharing…"
1 hour ago
Kelly Lightchalice commented on the blog post 'SOMA SOPHIA Wisdom of the Body'
"Very interesting, Hellen.  These beings sound a lot like deva's, which are on a parallel…"
1 hour ago
Michael replied to the discussion 'Drone pilot spies on old gaffer sunbathing atop a 200 foot wind turbine in Rhode Island'
"bugger , that is creepy"
2 hours ago

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How to have Amazing and Other-Worldly Dreams

Posted by SpiritualMasterFreeSpirit on August 28, 2015 at 2:09pm 0 Comments

New Worlds

Lucid Dreaming is a powerful tool for exploring reality on a deeper level including the non-physical astral planes and other worlds…


Sun Is A Portal For Hyperdimensional Space Travel Based On Sacred Geometry

Posted by Panacea on August 28, 2015 at 12:00am 18 Comments

Sun a portal for space travel

The sun is a portal for spacefaring civilizations using a form of…


Ascension Signs and You

Posted by AshtarCommandCommunity on August 26, 2015 at 10:43am 8 Comments

by Charmian Redwood

OmTimes …


Understanding the Root Causes of Suffering

Posted by SpiritualMasterFreeSpirit on August 24, 2015 at 11:30pm 0 Comments

Suffering is almost universal in this dimension – save for the most fortunate beings. However even the…


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