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I like Kubrick films-but this is weird/horrific;

The fidget spinner causes electromagnetic anomaly?

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First Video:  "taking the essence of children to make a clear liquid in order to retain their form" - OMG. 

did you see kubricks face change ? youve heard about pizzagate darkstar?

Regardless of the shapeshifting in question here, thats not Stanley Kubrick in the video, its an obvious fake which was debunked ages ago. It was filmed in May 1999, two months after Kubrick died by T. Patrick Murray who is an actor impersonating Stanley Kubrick, for a 27 minute mockumentary called Shooting Kubrick. At one crucial giveaway moment, the stress inducing interviewer blew it when he refered to the actor in question by using the actors real name, which is Tom.

regardless the camera anomaly shows something horrific

i saw nothing horrific and trumatizing in those vids. Luke is right , those vids are fake as much as Apollo  landing on the moon. ..........................sometimes I wish folks open their minds and take on mind opening journey ....................

I think the problem michael is the mind are TOO open. When this happens brains fall out.

I disagree with apollo not landing on the moon. There was alot of video shot on earth. But this was to be used to give the audience something to see. The 47 rolls of film that DOD destroyed showed far more then the government thought the population could handle

I dont know if landing on the moon was faked , however  there is enough videos and articles to suggest it was faked , and I wouldnt be surprised if Kubrick was behind faking it in a hollywood studio. in my humble opinion , it was........................and Adromedan , I disagree with you and your opinion that minds are too open ; majority of folks around us are still braindead and closed minded , or as suggested brainwashed to even accept a grain of truth ............

People and i mean everyone is dealing with their own way of opening their minds. What you should try and understand sometimes its not brainwashing. Sometimes. Very large portion its a psychological reaction which peoples fight of flight kicks in. They start to attack the truth and then fight tooth and nail to uphold their version of reality. Its not brainwashing. It survival. 

Slamming people down I have learned only makes their resolve stronger. The reaction stronger  the more you attack the more they dig in to their version of reality. Its a safe hold.

..........before we forget what is important in the evolution for man and women , this guy represents everything that is wrong with this country and I hope this will open up few more minds. CHarlotville incident represents Trump , Peance , Bannon and the rest of white supremacists in White House. This s*** is important , in case you forgot Adromedan !......and this idiot worshiped by bunch of brainwashed idiots represent America ? .............think again

........and under the new emperor of nazi party president , water cannons and rubber bullets   supporters only apply to black lives matter , secretely support nazi president and forget what he represents. I bet you wish your retarted leader would make some sense finally so red necks like you can have your say , unfortunately your beloved leader is an idiot who represents idiot brainwash idiots who voted for him ........anything else Adromedan you wish to argue about that fat fack , retard f*** you missed posts about ?

....please dont tell me you gonna wave confederate flag in the name of peace, you got to do better .......................we will not let loose on brainwashed people defending this newest Nazi come you dont defend water cannons on nazi party gatherings ? like you would on water protectors in native american lands, do you think its wrong to expose brainwashed idiots in right alt wing of Americana, like those hate filled coucassions marching in Virginia ?.after all it is easy to point the finger towards your president enticing this latest mess 

hahaha. That was a great rant.


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